It was thought that by 2020 there would be a high speed train connecting London to Beijing and that’s the least craziest prediction. Predictions From The Past In one article from 1967,  it was suggested that by 2020 us mere humans would have apes as chauffeurs and butlers. Yes, seriously. The article was first published […]

10% of the world’s ocean is plastic and Australia produces so much we have to ship it to other countries to get rid of. Can you go plastic free for July? Can You Be Part Of the Solution? It can be difficult to absorb the amount of information we are constantly bombarded with each day. […]

Day Zero has been looming over Cape Town but now other cities around the world are quickly running out of water. Global Water Crisis Here in Australia we have been struggling through droughts on and off for a long time, however it hasn’t gotten to point (yet) of disaster like it has in South Africa, […]

It’s about as morbid as it gets. Travelling to places that have been devastated by tragedy and enjoying it. Would you pay to visit a forest in Japan that’s a known suicide spot? Probably not but as it turns out, there are a lot of people flocking to dark places for kicks. What Is Dark […]

Every so often a new buzz word takes over, at the moment, gut health is all the rage but do you know how a happy tum can improve your life? What Is Gut Health? It might not be the most glamorous of topics but according to health experts, the key to a healthy life sits […]