Day Zero has been looming over Cape Town but now other cities around the world are quickly running out of water. Global Water Crisis Here in Australia we have been struggling through droughts on and off for a long time, however it hasn’t gotten to point (yet) of disaster like it has in South Africa, […]

dark tourism

It’s about as morbid as it gets. Travelling to places that have been devastated by tragedy and enjoying it. Would you pay to visit a forest in Japan that’s a known suicide spot? Probably not but as it turns out, there are a lot of people flocking to dark places for kicks. What Is Dark […]

gut health

Every so often a new buzz word takes over, at the moment, gut health is all the rage but do you know how a happy tum can improve your life? What Is Gut Health? It might not be the most glamorous of topics but according to health experts, the key to a healthy life sits […]

human micro-chipping

We microchip our animals to keep track of their whereabouts, but would you implant one into yourself for convenience? A Microchip For Humans Imagine a world where wallets and purses are obsolete and you no longer have to carry around multiple cards to access public transport or money. Thanks to the microchip (dubbed wearable technology) […]

time to save the bees

Love your morning cup of coffee? Do you love to snack on chocolate or blueberries? Well, all those little luxuries are at risk of disappearing if the bee population continues to decline. Fast Facts: -          Around 5% of bees produce honey but all bees are pollinators of various grains, fruit and vegetables -          There is […]

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