Everyone knows that rubbish ends up in the ocean, but did you know that there is a patch of garbage twice the size of Texas floating between Hawaii and California? Yup, that’s right. A large collection of mostly plastic items like discarded fishing nets , plastic bottles and polystyrene cups is currently swirling it’s way around […]


In case you missed it, Marie Kondo mania has gone into full affect since the start of the year. Her method of tidying and decluttering has prompted people around the world to get rid of things in their lives that don’t spark joy. But can decluttering really be life changing? What Is the KonMari Method? […]


Eurydice Dixon, Jill Meagher, Toyah Cordingley and Aya Maasarwe. Just four of the women  murdered in Australia. In 2018, 69 women were murdered around the country and 2019 will likely follow a similar pattern if things don’t change. What Is Violence Against Women? While assaults like king hits and coward punches are clear examples of […]


Australia is a lucky country. Blessed with beautiful beaches and full of welcoming smiles. But when it comes to learning and education, Australia might as well be in the dark ages. The OECD Global Education Rankings Explained If someone told you that Australia sat behind Bulgaria, Slovenia and Mexico when it came to global education […]


When you think of binge drinking you probably think of rowdy teenagers downing countless alcopop concoctions. When actually, binge drinking is classified as consuming four (or more) standard drinks in one sitting. Alcohol is heavily embedded in Australian culture. When convicts arrived part of their payment included rum and excessive drinking has been a problem […]

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