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Everyone knows the saying, ‘Money doesn’t buy happiness’. But what does ensure a happy life then? According to Buddhist philosophy it comes down to avoiding comparisons, having close relationships and practicing generosity and kindness. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

If Buddhism isn’t your thing, there are some other ways you can get on the track to a happier life. Here are just six daily practices you can easily integrate into your busy life.

Drink more water

Your body needs water to keep functioning but it’s also important for your mental well being. Being dehydrated can lead to poor concentration and fatigue. So, even if you’re already chugging a litre or two of the good stuff a day, try to up your intake.


Move your body

No, you definitely don’t need to be smashing out hours of exercise everyday to reap the benefits of moving your body. Going for an evening walk after a hectic day at work can clear your mind and help you refocus. That means you’ll be thinking less about that work deadline and more about spending time with the people you love. Exercise is also great for setting goals, which in turn leads to a feeling of accomplishment which is great for your happiness.

Spend more time offline

We live in a time where people find social media more appealing than real life relationships. According to psychologists this can negatively impact our happiness. Mainly because we become stuck in a constant cycle of needing positive feedback from others. While it’s near impossible to completely rid yourself of social media, enforcing offline times into your day will no doubt help your real life relationships.


Help those in need

Not everyone can volunteer at the RSPCA or homeless shelters every week but there are things you can do to help people in need. Donating to a charity close to your heart (even if it’s $5 a week!) or signing petitions that can be sent to your local MP can have a positive impact on the world around you. If you do have the time to dedicate to a cause you are passionate about then that’s an incredible way to spend your spare time.

Try new things

Whether it’s a new restaurant or picking up a new hobby, learning and trying new things does wondrous things for our mental well-being. As people age we find it harder to pick up new skills so making time to keep your mind sharp will have a flow on affect to your happiness.

Declutter your social life

Do you have people in your life that instead of bringing joy  just bring unnecessary stress? Well, it’s time to chuck them out just like you would an old pair of shoes. Even one negative person can be detrimental to your long term happiness. If you spend time worrying or stressing over someone else, that’s time you could be spending working on yourself and your happiness.

What makes you happy LiveTribers? Do you find joy in exercise or spending quality time with loved ones?

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