We microchip our animals to keep track of their whereabouts, but would you implant one into yourself for convenience? A Microchip For Humans Imagine a world where wallets and purses are obsolete and you no longer have to carry around multiple cards to access public transport or money. Thanks to the microchip (dubbed wearable technology) […]

Love your morning cup of coffee? Do you love to snack on chocolate or blueberries? Well, all those little luxuries are at risk of disappearing if the bee population continues to decline. Fast Facts: –          Around 5% of bees produce honey but all bees are pollinators of various grains, fruit and vegetables –          There is […]

It’s been making headlines over the last 12 months but what exactly is pill testing, and could it potentially save young lives? What Experts Say Young people will always take risks, some greater than others but rebellion can be part of growing up and becoming an adult. Taking illicit drugs is obviously illegal but could […]

It’s a controversial issue that has divided countries, is it ethically wrong to assist someone who wants to die? Countries That Allow Assisted Dying It might surprise you to learn that there are quite a few countries around the globe that allow assisted dying. They include, Switzerland, which actually has a long history of allowing […]

You’d be hard pressed to find a kid under the age of 10 these days that doesn’t have either a tablet, smart phone or personal computer. But is too much technology dangerous for developing brains? Benefits and Risks of Screen Time for Kids Learning is now interactive, it’s pretty common for school aged kids to […]