pill testing in nsw

It’s been making headlines over the last 12 months but what exactly is pill testing, and could it potentially save young lives? What Experts Say Young people will always take risks, some greater than others but rebellion can be part of growing up and becoming an adult. Taking illicit drugs is obviously illegal but could […]


It’s a controversial issue that has divided countries, is it ethically wrong to assist someone who wants to die? Countries That Allow Assisted Dying It might surprise you to learn that there are quite a few countries around the globe that allow assisted dying. They include, Switzerland, which actually has a long history of allowing […]


You’d be hard pressed to find a kid under the age of 10 these days that doesn’t have either a tablet, smart phone or personal computer. But is too much technology dangerous for developing brains? Benefits and Risks of Screen Time for Kids Learning is now interactive, it’s pretty common for school aged kids to […]


It sounds like a simple question, where does the food you eat everyday come from?  Whether it’s the bacon and eggs you had for breakfast or the chicken parmigiana for dinner, do you know how it got from the paddock to your plate? Food Production in Australia Australia produces large quantities of fruit, vegetables and […]

woolly mammoth de-extinction?

If you were given a chance to go back in time and right a wrong, would you? Most of us would a agree with a resounding “Yes” but what about when it comes to righting extinction wrongs? Well, the answer is definitely not unanimous. What Is De-Extinction? For extinct creatures like the Tasmania Tiger (although […]

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