Medicinal marijuana gives relief to people suffering from illnesses including cancer and chronic pain, so what’s the harm in legalizing recreational marijuana? A Brief History of Marijuana Use It’s likely that the cannabis plant was first used for it’s medicinal and homeopathic properties in as early as 500 BC in Central Asia. It then spread […]


2020 is about a month away so it’s the perfect time to reflect on the last decade. 2010 to 2019 has been full of tragedies and triumph and now more than ever, social media is playing a central role in all our lives. Fukushima Nuclear Disaster What would become the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl […]


A decade ago, vegan options were limited to beans, lettuce and the odd burger patty but now, it seems like every man and his dog are opting for plant based. But is it better for the environment and your health? Fast Facts: -          Pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan are all variations of […]

Christmas tree

Christmas is a special time of year, reserved for family, friends and celebrating. But it can also be stressful trying to please everyone. Here are some top tips for a (relatively) stress free Christmas. Delegate Responsibilities If you find yourself designated the role as hostess this year then be sure to rely on those around […]

horse racing

One of the biggest sporting events in the Australian calendar is also the most controversial. But how bad is the horse racing industry, really? The Race That Divides the Nation The rise of animal activists and militant vegans has recently overshadowed a normally fun day out at the races. Most people enjoy dressing up, having […]

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