horse racing

One of the biggest sporting events in the Australian calendar is also the most controversial. But how bad is the horse racing industry, really? The Race That Divides the Nation The rise of animal activists and militant vegans has recently overshadowed a normally fun day out at the races. Most people enjoy dressing up, having […]


Are coffee cups recyclable? What can go in the green bin? When it comes to recycling Australians don’t even come close to global recycling standards. Just a few decades ago Australia’s recycling system was quite straight forward, the majority of milk came in glass bottles and were reused. Cardboard boxes were picked up and taken […]


From online petitions, mass marches and social media campaigns, it seems as though there is a new reason to protest every week. But just how effective is activism? Activism or Slacktivism? At it’s core activism is about encouraging social, political or economic change. The way people and groups go about that change varies. Some choose […]


Uluru holds a special place in most Aussie’s hearts, but for Indigenous Australians it’s sacred. The History of Uluru Uluru is estimated to be 600 million years old and human settlement began around 10,000 years ago. It has always played a large role within the Indigenous communities surrounding it and the first recorded climb was […]


At first glance, trophy hunting seems barbaric and unnecessary but there’s actually a lot more to it. What Is Trophy Hunting? Trophy hunting essentially allows people the opportunity to shoot (either with a gun, arrow or spear) big game like giraffes, antelope, wolves and more controversially, lions. It tends to be tourists travelling specifically for […]

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