You’ve heard of DNA testing, but do you know that the results can sometimes be devastating? Discovering one’s lineage is no longer reserved for hardcore family ancestry fanatics. Everyday people are now spitting into a tube, sending it off for testing and anxiously waiting to find out whether Grandma was telling the truth about that […]

egg happiness

Everyone knows the saying, ‘Money doesn’t buy happiness’. But what does ensure a happy life then? According to Buddhist philosophy it comes down to avoiding comparisons, having close relationships and practicing generosity and kindness. Sounds simple doesn’t it? If Buddhism isn’t your thing, there are some other ways you can get on the track to […]


It might seem like we are constantly scrolling, tapping and clicking our lives away. It appears that way because evidently, it’s true. What Is Social Media Addiction? Feeling the need to constantly update your social media platforms and checking to see whether your latest post has been received well by your friends are just some […]


Everyone knows that rubbish ends up in the ocean, but did you know that there is a patch of garbage twice the size of Texas floating between Hawaii and California? Yup, that’s right. A large collection of mostly plastic items like discarded fishing nets , plastic bottles and polystyrene cups is currently swirling it’s way around […]


In case you missed it, Marie Kondo mania has gone into full affect since the start of the year. Her method of tidying and decluttering has prompted people around the world to get rid of things in their lives that don’t spark joy. But can decluttering really be life changing? What Is the KonMari Method? […]

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