Christmas is a special time of year, reserved for family, friends and celebrating. But it can also be stressful trying to please everyone. Here are some top tips for a (relatively) stress free Christmas.

Delegate Responsibilities

If you find yourself designated the role as hostess this year then be sure to rely on those around you. Divvy up responsibilities like decorating, gift wrapping and shopping to your kids and partner. When it comes to cooking don’t try to appease everyone’s tastes, ask those with dietary restrictions or guidelines to bring a plate of food to share. In any case, most people are pretty happy with the standard salad, roast or BBQ!

Secret Santa Success

Whether it’s just immediate relatives or the whole clan getting together for Christmas, gift giving is one of the trickiest things to muster. What does your 10-year-old niece like these days? Does your sister in-law really need another Myer voucher? Well, one way to tackle the monstrosity that is Christmas gifts is secret Santa. Although it’s typically reserved for office Xmas parties, secret Santa is a great way to ensure presents don’t get out of control. Capping it at a certain amount means that nobody feels left out!


Forget Perfection

Everyone has a specific vision for their Christmas. Maybe it’s a relaxed day enjoying the sunshine with friends or an extravaganza complete with a three-course dinner. However, forcing perfection on a day that comes around every year can mean you miss out on what’s most important, spending time with your loved ones.

 Plan Ahead

It’s not like Christmas coming around is ever a surprise but it does seem to spring up rather quickly. Preparing the things you can, like recipe ideas is an easy way to plan ahead for the big day. If you’re someone that always seems to be frantically rushing around Kmart on Christmas Eve, aim to have your shopping done at least a week before Christmas.

Enjoy Christmas!

Remember that Christmas is meant to bring families together, not tear them apart. Try to avoid conflict as much as possible and if you need a break, ask one of your loved ones for some help. If you have family staying with you make sure to take time out for yourself, take a walk and enjoy the festive season!

LiveTribers, what’s your best tip for avoiding Christmas stress?

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