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time to save the bees

Love your morning cup of coffee? Do you love to snack on chocolate or blueberries? Well, all those little luxuries are at risk of disappearing if the bee population continues to decline. Fast Facts: -          Around 5% of bees produce honey but all bees are pollinators of various grains, fruit and vegetables -          There is […]

pill testing in nsw

It’s been making headlines over the last 12 months but what exactly is pill testing, and could it potentially save young lives? What Experts Say Young people will always take risks, some greater than others but rebellion can be part of growing up and becoming an adult. Taking illicit drugs is obviously illegal but could […]


It sounds like a simple question, where does the food you eat everyday come from?  Whether it’s the bacon and eggs you had for breakfast or the chicken parmigiana for dinner, do you know how it got from the paddock to your plate? Food Production in Australia Australia produces large quantities of fruit, vegetables and […]

body positivity

What started as an underground movement has slowly become one of the most popular hashtags on social media. The body positivity movement celebrates all bodies whether they be big, small, able-bodied or not. But is body positivity celebrating fatness and contributing to the obesity epidemic? Fast Facts: -          One third of Australian adults are considered […]


Eurydice Dixon, Jill Meagher, Toyah Cordingley and Aya Maasarwe. Just four of the women  murdered in Australia. In 2018, 69 women were murdered around the country and 2019 will likely follow a similar pattern if things don’t change. What Is Violence Against Women? While assaults like king hits and coward punches are clear examples of […]


Australia is a lucky country. Blessed with beautiful beaches and full of welcoming smiles. But when it comes to learning and education, Australia might as well be in the dark ages. The OECD Global Education Rankings Explained If someone told you that Australia sat behind Bulgaria, Slovenia and Mexico when it came to global education […]


Native animals have it pretty tough here in Australia, with frequent 45-degree days and predators around every corner, the Australian outback isn’t for the faint of heart. Throw in climate change, deforestation, poaching and it’s near impossible for some of our animals to survive. More than 80% of our flora, fauna and reptiles are unique […]


The definition of the term sexism is as follows: sex·ism ˈsekˌsizəm/ noun prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.   Somehow, in Australia in the year 2018, that definition seems to be about the only thing that most people agree on when it comes to this topic (and even then, […]

Iconic Moments

If nothing else, Australians are a patriotic bunch. We enjoy cheering on our athletes even when they fall short (looking at your Socceroos!) and it’s instilled in us to give everything a go. Here are just some of the moments that shaped our history and culture. Dutch Exploration. Everyone knows that the British were the […]

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