It’s that time of year again. People start making deals with themselves to lose weight, find love and overhaul their lives. But how many stick to them? Here are five resolutions, everyone can stick to!

It’s estimated that around 77% of people make some type of resolution in the new year. Those people also manage to stick with it for on average, about a week. Only 8% of people continue with their resolutions into February.  The most popular new year’s resolutions typically involve: exercising, diet, losing weight and saving money. Basically taking away all the joy in life, right? Turning over a new leaf and making positive changes in your life doesn’t always have to surround changing the way you physically look. Many experts agree the key to long term change is focusing on how that resolution makes you feel. Nobody feels joyous when they cut their favourite snack out of their life completely do they?


Try New Things

Not every new thing you try has to be skydiving or ax throwing, it can be trying a new restaurant or television show that you’ve never tried before. Instead of pushing things away, embrace new experiences and say yes to giving something a go. You just might find yourself with a new hobby or pastime.

Get Checked Out

That mole you’ve been staring at for the last year? 2020 is the time to get it checked out. Getting on top of your health should always be your number one priority. Little things like regular blood tests and having your blood pressure checked out are small steps you can take that will significantly improve your well-being. You never know, you might find out why you’ve got a a niggle knee or persistent sore throat.


Add Vegetables

Sneaking in a couple extra veggies into your diet (and not excluding other things) is an easy thing everyone can do. If you’re making a spaghetti bolognese why not add some mushrooms and spinach? Or top your normal peanut butter on toast with some banana, delicious and healthy.

Plan a Break

Everyone loves going on a relaxing and extended holiday but sometimes that just isn’t possible. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take a short, well earned break every now and again. Maybe a weekend away or a staycation is just what you need to push reset. If a long weekend isn’t in your budget you could always opt for a mini break like a day at a spa.

Consume Less

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean consuming less of your favourite foods! More like, consume less and produce less waste. Everyone can stand to be a bit more environmentally friendly. Bringing your own containers, coffee cups and cutlery is an easy way to consume less. If you really want to challenge yourself you could always choose not to buy new clothes and opt for op shops instead. And if second hand isn’t your style why not spend your money on brands that are making a positive impact.

LiveTribers, what are your New Year’s resolutions?

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