2020 has been one of the toughest years for most Australians in living memory. The year started with a horror bushfire season which by March was overshadowed by the impending global pandemic. Has anything positive come out of 2020 or should we just chuck it in the bin? A Renewed Appreciation for Our Animals   […]

2020 has been wild to say the least and now social media and mainstream news media has been bombarded with wait for it… #transmittingthevirus. What Are Protesters Saying? 5G towers might look like an alien beacon but simply put they make internet faster, more efficient and lowers latency. It means businesses, games and all-around internet […]

In a few years from now you might look back and laugh at the fact that in 2020 Aussies were rushing out and panic buying loo paper. Researchers that focus on how social media impacts an audience’s perception of incidents recently said that what’s happened in regard to mass purchasing of toilet paper appears to […]

Adaptogens and mindfulness are so 2019, make way for circadian health and energy medicine. Health used to be about making sure you got enough fruit and veggies. Now, in 2020, health encompasses everything from meditating for anxiety to acupressure for insomnia. It seems like health and wellness trends just keep getting wilder and wilder. Here […]

The call to change the date of Australia Day has been heating up for years, so what does it mean to celebrate Australia in 2020? Australians have had a rough few months. Unprecedented natural disasters have left families without homes and an estimated half a billion animals have perished. So celebrating Australia as nation has […]