Where did all the koalas go

Koalas are about as Australian as it gets. Right up there with Akubras, magpies and of course, the loveable wombat. Australia without koalas just doesn’t make sense! Koalas can live for 15 years or more under the right conditions. Unfortunately, the “right” conditions are becoming more and more rare these days. Since 2012, the Australian […]

Water wastage

Clean water is one of the cornerstones of our daily lives – as a species that is made up of mostly water, this should come as no surprise. But what may be startling – is the current state of our water supply across the globe. According to one recent study, a massive 844 million people […]

Lab meat

As a concept, lab meat, also known as fake meat is manufactured in a laboratory that does not involve the slaughter of livestock in any way. It is certainly nothing new, however, a number of recent trends have seen the topic return to the minds of both farmers and consumers with increasing regularity. There was […]


Gambling addiction doesn’t discriminate, it can happen to a millionaire or the average Aussie – but according to a number of recent studies, us Aussie’s seem to have it worse than most. Studies suggest Australians lost more money per person in 2016 than in any other developed country – to the tune of about $990 […]

Is Vaping As Safe as Some Claim?

Earlier this year we challenged LiveTribers to quit smoking with World No Tobacco Day now we look into vaping, something people have started to call a healthier alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. Vaping may have entered into the public consciousness a few years ago as a fad, but it has long since proven itself to […]

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