It sounds like a simple question, where does the food you eat everyday come from?  Whether it’s the bacon and eggs you had for breakfast or the chicken parmigiana for dinner, do you know how it got from the paddock to your plate? Food Production in Australia Australia produces large quantities of fruit, vegetables and […]

If you were given a chance to go back in time and right a wrong, would you? Most of us would a agree with a resounding “Yes” but what about when it comes to righting extinction wrongs? Well, the answer is definitely not unanimous. What Is De-Extinction? For extinct creatures like the Tasmania Tiger (although […]

What started as an underground movement has slowly become one of the most popular hashtags on social media. The body positivity movement celebrates all bodies whether they be big, small, able-bodied or not. But is body positivity celebrating fatness and contributing to the obesity epidemic? Fast Facts: –          One third of Australian adults are considered […]

Our forums tackle hot topics, controversial issues and sometimes, the debates can get intense! LiveTribe members have strong opinions and we are proud to be able to facilitate their discussions. Here are some of the best responses to forum questions this year: Who Should Be Punished? Me09 said: Who should be punished? Perhaps it is […]

You’ve heard of DNA testing, but do you know that the results can sometimes be devastating? Discovering one’s lineage is no longer reserved for hardcore family ancestry fanatics. Everyday people are now spitting into a tube, sending it off for testing and anxiously waiting to find out whether Grandma was telling the truth about that […]