In case you missed it, Marie Kondo mania has gone into full affect since the start of the year. Her method of tidying and decluttering has prompted people around the world to get rid of things in their lives that don’t spark joy. But can decluttering really be life changing?

What Is the KonMari Method?

Although her fame is peaking at this very moment, Japanese tidying guru Marie Kondo has actually been slowing making her way into our lounge rooms for a few years.  In 2011 Kondo’s debut book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up had people rushing to get rid of everything that didn’t immediately spark joy. She was also named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People of 2015. However, it was the Netflix special Tidying Up with Marie Kondo that truly cemented her influence around the world. Essentially, the KonMari method is simple. All someone has to do is sort through all their belongings and decide whether or not the item sparks joy in the person. Then it’s all about finding a place for each item. She even has a specific folding method (yup apparently just tossing undies in the draw isn’t great).

Decluttering Guru Marie Kondo

What Are the Benefits of Decluttering?

There are plenty of reasons to declutter your home. According to a number of psychologists, having an organized home can help reduce anxiety, alleviate stress and can also be a bit of a workout. It’s also a great way to sort through clothes and items that you can possibly donate to charity or potentially sell. If you find yourself susceptible to dust allergies then tidying up can help stop nasty piles of dust settling behind books, boxes and cupboards. Something that Marie Kondo has been criticized for not addressing is the emotional toll and underlying behavioural issues that excessive hoarding and clutter can point to. People who find it difficult to throw away certain things like old mail or newspapers will have a hard time adopting the KonMari method. Book lovers in particular have voiced their outrage at the fact she even suggests culling their favourite books.

How You Can Be a Decluttering Guru As Well

So, you’ve been inspired by Marie Kondo and want to give it a go for yourself. Now, you don’t have to start throwing away every single thing you’ve ever brought. One of the biggest criticisms of the KonMari method is that it doesn’t really take into consideration parents with young children, who cannot simply throw out a onesie because it doesn’t instantly spark joy. Instead, make decluttering your own. Tweak and adjust the KonMari method to suit your lifestyle. For example:

1. Consider donating clothes that you haven’t worn in the last 12 months

2. Invest in good quality storage boxes to keep things organized in

3. Start to practice minimalism by limiting frivolous purchases

4. Use the KonMari folding method to save space in your draws

5. Stay on top of your paper trail. Regularly sort through bills, invitations, statements and letters so it doesn’t build up


Have you tried decluttering your life LiveTribers?


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