Would You Ever Visit Hydra, The Greek Island For Dreamers?

Hydra is surrounded by the clearest water you will ever swim in. There are no sandy beaches, instead it’s a place of pine-scented coves, warm creviced rocks and crystal water where jewel-coloured pebbles shine up at you even when you are well out of your depth. On Hydra, the cockerels crow all through the night. The morning has many bells. Though the island is only 10 miles long and most of it is uninhabitable, there are more than 300 churches, most with bells, none of them beautifully rung. After a while you learn to sleep through it. What do you think LiveTribers? Would you ever visit Hydra, the Greek Island for dreamers?

Posted by on 18 Jun 2024

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    Updated;. They did pay me a voucher, probably after I complained. Lol So, I guess they have issues at times. Still not entirely convinced by this site though.. yet.

    Posted by MS on 09 Jul 2024

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    Gosh I would love to visit there especially reading about the clear water.

    Posted by Enchantress on 01 Jul 2024

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    Well done Anna and CO! I just read some very bad comments about you people, and it wasn't just on TRUST PILOT. It was on aussiesurveys.com.au. Why are so many people complaining about not being paid, or waiting more than two months or whatever? You people are truly a disgrace! You kept removing and reinstating my points, only when I complained. You now blame it on the technical issues. Typical! I gave you numerous chances but it's still happening. I'm off this shit site. Congratulations on running a scam site! I was proven right after all! This has been going on for many months apparently. It's not so much about the points, but that you have done this to others as well. Go look at yourself in the mirror you evil- people. You wasted too much of my time and to think I thought that this was a legitimate site. Now I know you are just taking advantage of people. Only out to make money for yourself a. I'm off this crap site. Underscribing today! Good riddance!

    Posted by MS on 30 Jun 2024

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    Definitely.. We love visiting Greek Islands and Hydra for 2-3 days would be on our wish list for our next trip.

    Posted by Bob on 28 Jun 2024

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    I would love to visit for the day but I do not think I could stay any longer than a day. Clearest waters, jewel-coloured pebbles and churches, sounds lovely to visit. But I could not sleep through the sound.

    Posted by HRDE on 27 Jun 2024

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    It doesn't sound like my sort of place to holiday at all.

    Posted by Paula on 23 Jun 2024

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    In a word NO.....clear water or not the remainder sounds like the island like TV Doctor Michael Mosley died on......a rock strewn oven!!!

    Posted by mact on 22 Jun 2024

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    I think a day visit would be lovely but living with birds and bells cacophony is not my idea of a nice holiday.

    Posted by coaster on 20 Jun 2024

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    Whatever you are taking Anna it's damaging your brain cells.

    Posted by ere on 19 Jun 2024

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    If the bells are beautifully rung it would have been fun. I guess I will leave it for the dreamers.

    Posted by Richard on 19 Jun 2024

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    Sounds like something you could only dream of but all in all in my opinion I would rather stay in my own country as I can't speak any other languages and I wouldn't understand anything that is being said to me or about me on other countries that don't speak fluent English

    Posted by Donna on 18 Jun 2024

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    It seems like Anna is dreaming of far away islands. When are we going to get a more important discussion on here?

    Posted by MS on 18 Jun 2024

  • [1] [0]

    Sounds nice but it sounds too much like the island Michael Mosley was on and lost his life.

    Posted by sulter on 18 Jun 2024

  • [2] [1]

    How can anyone dream with all those bells ringing out? I think I would probably leave this island to the young adventurous group rather than go there myself. The recent death of Dr Michael Mosely might have put a lot of people off going to the Greek islands now as well.

    Posted by CILLY0 on 18 Jun 2024

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    The man was old and foolish enough not to take his mobile. Don't blame the island for his death.

    Posted by MS on 18 Jun 2024

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