Why Is Your Eye Health At Risk In The Warmer Months?

Unprotected UV exposure like going outdoors without proper sunglasses can cause or exacerbate several serious eye conditions. Our eye health risks spike in the warmer months. In summer, optometrists see more solar keratopathy, a painful eye condition that is “basically sunburn to your cornea”. And pterygiums - milky, fleshy overgrowths on the surface of the eye also known as “surfer’s eye” become inflamed in the hotter, drier weather. What are your thoughts LiveTribers? Why is eye health at risk in the warmer months?

Posted by on 05 Feb 2024

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    Thanks for sharing!

    Posted by Evamie on 12 Mar 2024

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    Eye health is more at risk in the warmer months due the sun's Rays can actually burn your eyes You need to wear protection like sunglasses that have UV protection when outdoors

    Posted by Anne on 28 Feb 2024

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    The sun is a constant danger to our health in warmer months especially the eyes so we must do as much as we can to protect ourselves.

    Posted by Jibberman on 22 Feb 2024

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    Eye protection is ok, but it is overrated. Eyes must be trained a little bit too. Protection is more important if you spend long hours under the sun.

    Posted by Guntis on 22 Feb 2024

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    Best Man

    In the warm months, the level of UV danger will increase and eye health will be at risk if we don't have any protection

    Posted by Best Man on 17 Feb 2024

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    As stated in the questions, it is due to several factors: UV Exposure, allergens, dryness, infections, and possible insect exposure. It's essential to wear sunglasses with UV protection, use artificial tears or lubricating eye drops to combat dryness, avoids rubbing your eyes to minimize irritation, and maintain good hygiene practices to prevent infections.

    Posted by Jay on 17 Feb 2024

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    Everyone needs to wear sunglasses every time they are outside. There are also too many sunglasses that do not have sufficient protection because people are more concerned with fashion than with eye health.

    Posted by merryl on 17 Feb 2024

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    Sunglasses need to be worn everyday you go outside to save your eyes.

    Posted by sulter on 07 Feb 2024

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    I did not know there was any difference in the seasons as far as eye health js concerned. I wear sunglasses all year round as that is what my optometrist suggested and I always heed advice from those who are qualified.

    Posted by Kay on 06 Feb 2024

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    It may have something to do with the abundance of fake sunglasses freely available from $2 type shops,eBay, and other online Chinese sellers. People buy them thinking that all sunglasses are the same not realising that these knock-offs and misrepresented 'sunglasses' fail to block UV light and they allow more UV light into the users eyes.

    Posted by ere on 06 Feb 2024

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    People are becoming more careless probably. Kids playing outdoors without protection. Just like your skin needs protecting. Maybe government needs to spend money on education .

    Posted by MS on 05 Feb 2024

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