Why Is A Rainforest Project Creating New Generation Of ‘Super Trees’ On Rural Property Near Lismore?

A groundbreaking project to help rainforests meet the challenges of climate change is beginning in northern New South Wales. The Science Saving Rainforests project has collected more than 10,000 leaves from 60 plant species from Far North Queensland to southern New South Wales as it aims to increase the genetic diversity of rainforests. In the same way zoos breed animals from other sites to reduce health risks, diversifying the genetics of plants makes them more resilient to disease, pests and climate change. What do you think LiveTribers? Why is a rainforest project creating new generation of ‘super trees’ on rural property near Lismore?

Posted by on 10 Jul 2024

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    Under useless and rubbish iLink management, Livetribe has gone worse, and finally I stopped attending surveys and decided to quit. Recently, from a mail from Livetribe, I came to know a company called PureProfile had acquired Livetribe. Let me see under the new company how things are going.

    Posted by Claudia on 21 Jul 2024

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    I quit Pure Profile ages ago, and I am quitting Live Tribe as well.

    Posted by Emmanuela on 22 Jul 2024

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    I-LINK LIVETRIBE Surveys, rewards and customer support

    Posted by James on 20 Jul 2024

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    Will these Super trees be able to Feed our Koala's?

    Posted by Richard on 16 Jul 2024

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    The koalas will turn into Super koalas and take over Australia, killing us all.

    Posted by ere on 18 Jul 2024

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    We might not have our rainforests much longer as they are being cut down in order to install windmills to provide renewable power.

    Posted by Paula on 15 Jul 2024

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    Whenever mankind interferes with Mother Nature it usually comes back to bite them on the bum. Leave things alone tree huggers and things will eventually fix themselves. We don't need to mess around changing trees as it'll be a sure bet that something as unnatural as that will have adverse side effects somewhere down the line.

    Posted by ere on 14 Jul 2024

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    The project is a great project, it's a positive one. I commend it. The project will help to develop resilient tree species that can withstand the challenge of climate change, by breeding stronger, faster-growing, and more adaptable tress, the project aim to restore degraded land, promote biodiversity and support carbone sequestration, helping to mitigate the impact of climate change

    Posted by Oliver on 14 Jul 2024

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    Posted by Heike on 14 Jul 2024

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    According to a mail dated July 8, 2024 from LiveTribe, a new company acquired LiveTribe. Without any consent from the members of Livetribe, they sold all members entire personal data to the new company. With the old company itself, members personal data was not safe at all, and for each issue related to a data security breach, they say "minor technical glitch, and we are actively working to resolve this issue." But always, the issue will be there, and they are not bothered. They always handle sensitive data very carelessly, never pay reward redemptions, and are money-minded. I don't want to keep my personal data with these companies and want to delete it from their server, but they only offer unsubscribing from their site.

    Posted by Ben on 13 Jul 2024

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    @Ben. You think it's bad now, wait and in a short time, if Livetribe gets swallowed up by PP you'll be experiencing surveys that crash 1/2 way through and no payment. Surveys that you complete and upload and no payment. Surveys you complete and upload but don't get paid and there's no record of you ever completing them. Long surveys that you end up only being paid 5c for instead of the $3+ promised. Plus a wait of up to 1 month before you even get a bot written acknowledgement that you had issues with a survey.

    Posted by ere on 14 Jul 2024

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    The climate has been changing for ever, like a pendulum, gets cold, then gets warm, why do those in decision making think we need to interfere with nature. How about spending the money stopping chem trails and the use of pesticides and fertilizers first, then we will have a healthier planet. Not too mention stop geoengineering the weather. Check out stopworldcontrol.com/coldtruth

    Posted by LeafyGreen on 11 Jul 2024

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    I'm not really qualified to answer as I don't know much about this subject. We need to be careful messing with mother nature though.. too much. It's like mother nature has a genetic memory, mess around with it too much or rearrange things too much, and you could upset the balance of nature. The thing to remember too is that it could affect the species of animals in a negative way . Would they be able to adapt well? Just dunno!

    Posted by MS on 11 Jul 2024

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    Rainforests have survived for many years by themselves. Why do they suddenly need intervention from humans? This money may better be spent elsewhere? Like putting a roof over the homeless people.

    Posted by sulter on 11 Jul 2024

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    A new company acquired Livetribe? Under the old management, this survey site was very bad, and the people were very unprofessional and useless in handling their members and their reward claims, so I stopped attending surveys.Wait and see what will happen in the future.

    Posted by Yan on 10 Jul 2024

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    It'll only get worse Yan. You'll be lucky to get paid the full amount even if you do manage to get through one of the new company's surveys.

    Posted by ere on 18 Jul 2024

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    I agree....waiting up to 8 weeks for an EFTPOS card is bank behaviour!!!

    Posted by mact on 13 Jul 2024

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    Will it actually create biodiversity or will the super trees take over what naturally grows there?

    Posted by Spiderwoman on 10 Jul 2024

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    This is a great idea as change is needed in a changing world - to survive.

    Posted by Jodie on 10 Jul 2024

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    Well..... it's a laudable project but you can bet the taxpayer will be llining some clever dicks pocket over this!

    Posted by mact on 10 Jul 2024

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