Why Has Italy Banned Lab-Grown Meat?

Italy's right-wing government has backed a bill that would ban laboratory-produced meat and other synthetic foods, highlighting Italian food heritage and health protection. "It is the world's first country safe from the social and economic risks of synthetic food," said Agriculture Minister Francesco Lollobrigida. The vote in parliament was met by rallies for and against the ban. The head of the big Coldiretti farmers’ organisation, confronted two MPs from the opposition More Europe party, calling them “criminals” for opposing the ban on lab-grown meat with placards that condemned it as “anti-scientific and anti-Italian”. What are your thoughts LiveTribers? Why has Italy banned lab-grown meat?

Posted by on 12 Mar 2024

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    With the track record scientists have of inventing all sorts of goodies without revealingwhat nasty side effects an invention might have I am not surprised. Lab grown meats may well have certain properties that are not as healthy for us as those who would be flogging the item claim.

    Posted by John on 19 Apr 2024

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    I fully agree with their stance. If you want to become a vegan, then just eat vegetables - these synthetic foods are not good for the planet or for anyone's health. We are always being advised to eat natural foods that have not been processed, so what do they think that laboratory -produced synthetic 'meats' would do to one's health?

    Posted by CILLY0 on 12 Apr 2024

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    I agree with them. There is too much artificial food already with producers putting goodness knows what into our bodies.

    Posted by sandra on 12 Apr 2024

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    There are at least 2 Australian companies producing lab grown meat and very opposite to Italy the Australians I know support it. It has the same flavour and texture, it will save the slaughter of many animals, reduce animals needing large tracts of pasture and land that can then be used for other things.

    Posted by Carol on 03 Apr 2024

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    fair enough to ban now and they can lift the ban if they ever need to buy the frozen lab grown meat as other countries will most likely stockpile it

    Posted by Reznor on 03 Apr 2024

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    Because they have a culture and heritage of outstanding food

    Posted by Frank on 03 Apr 2024

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    Perhaps protecting their primary industry in the way of meat producers is the motive? Usually right wing government bans are more likely to be motivated by self interest.

    Posted by John on 03 Apr 2024

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    Italians love their food and want only the best so I can understand this but unfortunately this attitude is a thing of the past.

    Posted by Jibberman on 03 Apr 2024

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    Normal meat also can contain health risks. The ABC has reported on this and said the safety risk is low. They are not far off selling it to consumers. If you don't like something then just do not try it. Let others be and mind your own business.

    Posted by MS on 19 Mar 2024

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    There would have to be safety regulations and you just cannot ad anything to it. There already is fake alternative meats in supermarkets.

    Posted by MS on 19 Mar 2024

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    There is nothing healthy about lab grown anything. They could add anything too it and the long term effects on human health has not been looked at because the experiment is still ongoing. Some large take away food companies are already using it. I don't eat meat myself but any fake anything is not on my menu, I do not eat those packaged plant foods either. Keep it real and eat wholefoods and you will get all the nutrition you need.

    Posted by LeafyGreen on 19 Mar 2024

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    People should mind their own business what others eat. Have we become this PC now? Telling people what they can or cannot eat? Only small minds think that way.

    Posted by MS on 18 Mar 2024

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    There's no proof that lab meats are be bad, not yet anyway. Do your research better before you attack something you know nothing about.

    Posted by MS on 16 Mar 2024

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    I think it is better to stick to the nutrients natural foods but if some people said they want synthetic foods they are free to go with it but it is still better to go for natural plant foods than lab grown meat

    Posted by Grace on 16 Mar 2024

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    I believe in the freedom to choose what you want to eat. If people want to eat synthetic meat then that's their personal business. Much meat also contains hormones as well these days.

    Posted by MS on 15 Mar 2024

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    Not so in Australia. It is banned from use in chickens for instance, grass fed or organic stock and supermarkets such as Coles and Woolies and Aldi have Hormone free beef however, is is apparently not illegal to use hormones in beef but Aussie beef is basically hormone free. The EU has banned it also. However it occurs naturally and some plants which are consumed either by stock or humans have higher levels of hormones.

    Posted by coaster on 16 Mar 2024

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    Hormones have been used in poultry in Australia.

    Posted by MS on 16 Mar 2024

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    Nutrition wise I think food should be grown outdoors in the sunshine and soil. It sounds like it would be much tastier than than lab grown and much healthier too.

    Posted by sulter on 14 Mar 2024

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    We are often told natural food with less preservatives are healthier..... But if the bullshit Green Dream of renewable energy taking over good farmland is the future then indoor factory produced frankenfoods may be all to look forward to.......good on the Italians!!!!

    Posted by mact on 13 Mar 2024

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    Why has Italy banned lab-grown meat? Because they worked out that real food, while having minimal additives and chemicals isn't like fake food full of chemicals and additives we aren't even told about. Lab grown fake meat shouldn't even be called meat as it isn't. Good on you Italy, it's a pity synthetic food isn't banned here but the vocal woke minority would start their usual pack of lies if it was.

    Posted by ere on 13 Mar 2024

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    Italy is know for great real food, it makes sense to keep it all real. There is enough food for all, it’s just not distributed fairly.

    Posted by anniet on 12 Mar 2024

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    Looks like Italians and their right-wing leaders are smarter in comparison with other countries' sheep/rams and their corrupted governments.

    Posted by Guntis on 12 Mar 2024

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    It's the right thing to do, too many synthetic foods at the moment.

    Posted by Zi on 12 Mar 2024

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    They have to do what is right for them

    Posted by Joshy79 on 12 Mar 2024

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    My 2 cents worth..Good on you Italy. We need to keep things real ..the next thing is that only the very wealthy will be consuming real food ,the rest of us will just survive on fake food. Food is a basic need for all living beings. Not just the privileged. That's where this could end up . And don't get me started on the demise of culture or employment for the masses

    Posted by Lipsonstar on 12 Mar 2024

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    I don't really care what ITALY does. It's their country so it's up to them to decide. So what's this got to do with Australia? I'm not for or against it either way. Time will tell what countries are for or against it.

    Posted by MS on 12 Mar 2024

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    Italy is the first country to stand up and say enough of this fake garbage corporations are foisting on us. We evolved eating real natural food. If you want to eat fake chemicals named meat go right ahead. For me, I want the real thing. It is all just about money. I hope we in Australia make the same decision.

    Posted by coaster on 13 Mar 2024

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    this is just going to far all these unnatural ideas are making it worse for the health and well being of the population.

    Posted by mary on 12 Mar 2024

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    Bravo Italy for keeping real food "real". Lab grown meat and genetically modified foods, including insects like cricket cannot be good for our long term health!!

    Posted by Elandra on 12 Mar 2024

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    this should help the farmers

    Posted by goodies on 12 Mar 2024

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    Mary Cole

    That's a great idea. I am sure not many people buy these products anyway.

    Posted by Mary Cole on 12 Mar 2024

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    Finally a government showing some common sense why eat something made in a lab when you can have the real thing.

    Posted by Turbotom on 12 Mar 2024

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    How refreshing to find a government that governs for the people and not for a handful of nutters who get their jollies by annoying anyone that disagrees with them, or whatever they've thought up this time, while at the same time enjoying the benefits of living in a modern society.

    Posted by Nuffie on 12 Mar 2024

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    Commitment to preserving the nation's culinary heritage and public health

    Posted by SagoLeo on 12 Mar 2024

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