Why Does Your Dog Hate The Postie?

Each week about 50 postal workers are victims of dog-related incidents. But worked-up dogs are a problem for families too, with some redirecting their aggression in the home. When dogs react to the presence of a postman or courier by barking, growling, and lunging, that is called fear-based aggression. That can be for several reasons including them being unfamiliar people, wearing high-vis, and travelling on motorbikes, things that add to the fear and anxiety because of how they look and sound. What are your thoughts LiveTribers? Why does your dog hate the postie?

Posted by on 16 Apr 2024

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    Perhaps our pet dogs associate postmen with meals on wheels and in fact do not hate them but regard them as tasty mobile treats that need to be run down before they get away.

    Posted by John on 23 May 2024

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    Nah. Mine are fine.

    Posted by Cameron on 17 May 2024

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    Dog doesn’t hate the postie, does not like threats to the home he’s has. Also barking and going for people can be entertaining for a bored dog. In any case the owner is the issue.

    Posted by Sam on 15 May 2024

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    I think dog hate the postie is mainly because they see them as an intruder encroaching on their territory they may interpret it as a potential threat.

    Posted by Jay on 05 May 2024

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    I do understand fear-based aggression and hard for dogs who just want to protect their property and owners but I was amazed to read that 50 postal workers a week are victims of dog related incidents. If your dog suffers from this then he/she should be appropriately restrained. We live on a rural property and no delivery but my rescue dog who had a difficult start to life suffers fear-based aggression and I always keep her and visitors safe by putting her in her own yard when necessary.

    Posted by sandra on 05 May 2024

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    Minh-Hai Henry

    I believe they are just trying to protect their home from potential invaders

    Posted by Minh-Hai Henry on 05 May 2024

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    Personally I don't have a dog, so I don't have this problem. Many dogs are not walked regularly. This causes boredom and trouble for the postie.

    Posted by tassiegirl on 05 May 2024

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    Mt dog doesn't hate the postie. He loves everyone and the only thing he has ever bitten is his dinner!

    Posted by Chazza36 on 01 May 2024

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    It is rare for a dog to be naturally aggressive and attack people. Usually, the issue is people and how they take care of or train their dog. Dogs should be restrained appropriately to your private property. Mail should be able to be delivered from the street without going near the dog. There could be a child in the street who ends up the victim of a poorly trained or restrained dog. Your dog, you are responsible for training and restraining.

    Posted by Amirah on 01 May 2024

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    It's not rare at all. It's very common.

    Posted by MS on 07 May 2024

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    I don't have a dog anymore, so this isn't a problem for me. I always thought they were just protecting their territory.

    Posted by CILLY0 on 26 Apr 2024

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    Our dog does not come into contact with the postie but I think he would be pleased to meet her as he is friendly to everyone.

    Posted by sulter on 22 Apr 2024

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    My staffy loves the posties he welcomes them everyday and loves when they talk to him and even come in for pats and cuddles. It saddens me that our postal workers have bad experiences everyday with dogs.

    Posted by stephanie on 21 Apr 2024

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    We are talking about DOGS, not people.

    Posted by MS on 21 Apr 2024

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    People are more dangerous than the DOG

    Posted by Laxmi on 21 Apr 2024

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    Dogs are doing their jobs.

    Posted by Zi on 19 Apr 2024

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    If you have a dog you should make access for the postman and parcel delivery van workers safe. We no longer have a dog but when we did she was always in the house or in the back yard.

    Posted by vlee on 19 Apr 2024

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    Maybe coz they come near to the house

    Posted by YvetteP on 19 Apr 2024

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    I think we should do our best to have the postbox so the postie can get to it without being in danger of getting hurt.

    Posted by Tammy on 19 Apr 2024

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    After reading the above, I think that post office should send education materials for the dog owners to respect the safety for posties.

    Posted by bmlglp on 19 Apr 2024

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    It must be scary for posties, never being sure if the dogs are restrained or not. Just hearing a dog barking like mad makes one jump and even though they do it 5 days a week, I'm sure they'd still get a fright. Owners of unrestrained dogs should be fined. It's not safe for posties or anyone.

    Posted by sandra on 19 Apr 2024

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    We do not have a dog so the postie comes with no fear. I guess some dogs just get excited that somebody has come by.

    Posted by allandiana on 19 Apr 2024

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    My dog barks at our posti not from fear but because he is telling us his friend is coming. Our posti is best friends with our dog as we introduced them a few times and our posti is a dog loving person. Owners need to take responsibility for their dogs and squash any sort of negative reaction to others by training their dog.

    Posted by ALEXANDRA on 19 Apr 2024

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    Probably means it hasn't been trained properly or is just bored as it's been left alone all day.

    Posted by Kittykato on 19 Apr 2024

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    Our dog loves everyone, especially people who talk or pat it. She has been well socialised so isn't easily frightened by strangers. I feel sorry for both the Posties, just doing their job and the bored, frightened dogs that react aggressively.

    Posted by Ann on 19 Apr 2024

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    I don't have a dog, but I can imagine that some may be a worry for posties sometimes

    Posted by xbexx on 19 Apr 2024

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    Tara Rata

    It comes down to how a dog is trained and their instinctual behaviour

    Posted by Tara Rata on 19 Apr 2024

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    wrestling collector

    Posties cop the most problems with dogs I agree,however other service providers like meter readers need to enter these properties which is even more dangerous.Responsible dog owners have warning signs & notify energy providers that there is a vicious dog on the premises.

    Posted by wrestling collector on 19 Apr 2024

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    Dogs are territorial

    Posted by Jigsaw on 19 Apr 2024

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    I don't have a dog. Many dogs have not received a sufficient level of obedience training and often are also not walked regularly. This means that they are over excited when they see posties and other people.

    Posted by tassiegirl on 19 Apr 2024

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    Is it because dogs see red and are imstantly aggressive towards anything sporting that colour? Is it because the postie has traditionally delivered the annual vet check up reminder for Fido and he knows whats coming - who likes the doc animal or human? Is it just because the postie is a slow moving target and dogs see them as good sport? Are dogs just getting back at the owners indirectly for leaving them home alone

    Posted by stratman on 19 Apr 2024

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    Dogs doing what dogs do. Protecting their owners, their territory. Probably hate the sound of the motorbike as well. Who could blame them?

    Posted by SagoLeo on 19 Apr 2024

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    Since when did dogs get more rights than humans?

    Posted by MS on 19 Apr 2024

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    Minh-Hai Henry

    Because they are seen as intruders.

    Posted by Minh-Hai Henry on 19 Apr 2024

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    I don’t have a dog, but most dogs I see in my area lack training. They bark and try to lunge at you when you are nowhere near them or their property. People need to take responsibility for their pets.

    Posted by tutti_cutie on 19 Apr 2024

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    I don't know because I don't have a dog.

    Posted by merryl on 19 Apr 2024

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    Because the postie is a stranger who he doesn't recognize so he tells me by barking.

    Posted by Jibberman on 19 Apr 2024

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    You are responsible for your dog . And just be aware if your dog ever attacks anyone. The dog can be put down.

    Posted by MS on 18 Apr 2024

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    She does not like the wheels on the bike but otherwise she is fine with them. I know a positie in my area was constantly being chased, bitten etc. by one particular dog but although he complained and put in reports it seems it fell on deaf ears. They are just doing their job and it is not right that people let their dogs out to attack.

    Posted by coaster on 18 Apr 2024

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    I dont think I've ever heard my dog reacting to the postie either when they're driving by or delivering post to us.

    Posted by Claire on 18 Apr 2024

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    My dog loves the postie and all other visitors. Just loves to run up to them and see what they are doing, very curious by nature.

    Posted by Monicag8 on 18 Apr 2024

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    No idea but keep the dog restrained when the postie is due. The postie has a job to do.

    Posted by Kay on 17 Apr 2024

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    Dogs are territorial,loyal to owners and act instinctively.....who writes these inane topics......!!?

    Posted by mact on 16 Apr 2024

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    I know what it's like to be bitten by a dog. Some dogs will attack for no obvious reason. You only have to walk past someone's house and you hear a dog go off. The owners must be more careful and tie their dogs up when visitors turn up. Some dogs are not vicious, but others are. Yes, feel sorry for the delivery drivers. If you want them to deliver your mail or parcels, then do the right thing by them. Only doing their job.

    Posted by MS on 16 Apr 2024

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