Why Can Passive Vaping Pose A Risk To Your Health?

Like passive or second-hand smoking, passive vaping takes place where a person inhales the aerosol or "vape" breathed out by someone vaping nearby. NSW Health said there can be over 200 chemicals in vapes known to be harmful to human health, which are also found in cleaning products, nail polish remover, insecticides and weed killers. An experimental study published on behalf of the European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention found the chemicals in e-cigarettes can be inhaled even if you're not the one vaping. Participants in the study who met second-hand aerosol from vapes reported experiencing burning and dryness of the eyes, sore throat, cough, breathlessness and headaches. What do you think LiveTribers? Why can passive vaping pose a risk to your health?

Posted by on 01 Mar 2024

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    wrestling collector

    I know that any type of smoking is not good for your or those in your vicinity health.

    Posted by wrestling collector on 03 Apr 2024

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    Mary Cole

    I am not a fan of either smoking or vaping. But we wont know all of the harms of vaping until years down the road.

    Posted by Mary Cole on 12 Mar 2024

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    Breathing smoke and chemicals into lungs is a health hazard. It doesn't matter if it is primary or secondary smoke or chemicals.

    Posted by merryl on 12 Mar 2024

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    Passive vaping like passive smoking are both a health hazard in slightly different ways. Inhaling chemicals or smoke are to be avoided for your health's sake.

    Posted by Jibberman on 12 Mar 2024

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    Smoking is a health hazard and passive smoking is a health hazard and vaping is a health hazard then passive vaping is a health hazard.........1 plus 1 srill equals 2 unless you are a tobacco company

    Posted by stratman on 12 Mar 2024

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    Best Man

    I think at the moment, we, as a human, don't have enough knowledge to understand the danger and the potential harm to health from vaping. As a result, we should raise the voice an concern as much as possible for all society to awake before the catastrophic occurs

    Posted by Best Man on 12 Mar 2024

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    The government knew that vaping was addictive and in some aspects even worse than regular tobacco. Can't believe that they didn't ban vaping instantly. The formaldehyde in vapes alone can be up to 15 times higher than cigarettes as per New England Journal of Medicine. My husband recently died of lung cancer, which often moves to the brain. There is no routine screening for lung cancer as there is for some other cancers eg: breast , prostate, bowel. Not everyone gets lung canc3from smoking and for a lot of people its unknown why they got it, but definitely vaping, smoking, damage to the lungs, dna inability to repair, all contribute. The government has set many up for horrible health issues from a very young age.

    Posted by T33 on 05 Mar 2024

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    passive vaping pose a risk just has It was said and it can even cause harm to the air around when vaping it, even other like cigarettes and weed causes harm to the air around and it is not beneficial especially when it is being inhale by someone who has asthma around and children( baby )so it should be ban except for medication to people that it is useful to.

    Posted by Grace on 04 Mar 2024

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    They should be totally banned! Get d f them!

    Posted by sulter on 04 Mar 2024

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    A little extreme, don't you think? Some people vape for medical purposes but in any case, as long as their vaping does not impinge on other people I believe it is their right just as it is their right to smoke or drink alcohol.

    Posted by yolande on 03 Apr 2024

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    I don't think inhaling anything can be good for you. Smoke, pollen, perfume, or anything else that is in the air. The best air is pollutant free.

    Posted by Paula on 03 Mar 2024

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    It's far more toxic than the old tobacco in brand names cigarette smoking and my past girlfriend's father developed throat cancer from that type of tobacco in cigarettes and he passed away within 4 months duration. Where vaping is in liquid form before inhaled from device which is more potently toxic and therefore it's completely different

    Posted by Mark on 02 Mar 2024

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    Those of us with latent or actual addictive personalities will get sucked into to habits, unhealthy or otherwise. It's just the usual stupidity built into the human condition and it helps shareholders and owners of Undertakers!

    Posted by mact on 01 Mar 2024

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    The big question Is why would they allow this dangerous product on the market in the first place? What is wrong with our safety laws that allowed this to happen? Obviously, this all comes from the USA...that allowed their harmful products to be sold around the world. Are they trying to kill off some people prematurely? Those who make money out of these products should have their business shut down.

    Posted by MS on 01 Mar 2024

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    Why do they allow alcohol to be available to people? More damage is done by people who abuse alcohol than any other form of escaping reality. Adults should be allowed free choice in how they live their life as long as they do not cause damage to others, but I do agree that immediate steps should be taken to prevent sales to minors and as to passive vaping, the same steps should be taken as those to prevent passive smoking.

    Posted by yolande on 03 Apr 2024

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    I'm sure there is a risk. Just like passively smoking is. I grew up with it in the family home. I've never taken it up. In this day and age... people growing up should know better than to smoke or vape. I don't know anyone who vapes. Some of the people that I know smoke, including some relatives. None of them vape. It's being banned in Australia for new users. I think many took up vaping to save on costs. Both are disgusting and bad habits. Costly to the wallet and costly to your health.

    Posted by MS on 01 Mar 2024

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    Because it's not natural to breathe in all those chemicals.

    Posted by ere on 01 Mar 2024

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