Why Are Five Victorian Walks Underrated?

From history lessons to art appreciation, these lesser-known walks in regional Victoria immerse visitors in nature and so much more. From rugged lakes, panoramic peaks and sparkling bays, there are five Victorian walks that are undervalued. These are: Winton Wetlands, Diamond Bay, Yeddonba Aboriginal Cultural Site, Australian Botanic Gardens and Budj Bim cultural landscape. What are your thoughts LiveTribers? Why are five Victorian walks underrated?

Posted by on 08 Feb 2024

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    Victorian walks? What about more spectacular walks in other states?

    Posted by Chin on 28 Feb 2024

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    Are these walks near Melbourne? Are there other underrated walks near Melbourne?

    Posted by bmlglp on 28 Feb 2024

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    These walks are underrated because none of us have ever heard about them. I lived near the Winton area and never heard of this walk!

    Posted by CILLY0 on 14 Feb 2024

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    I lived in Victoria for 60 years and still visit frequently. I also travelled extensively throughout Victoria whilst living there. However, I have never heard of any of these walks. I visited the Melbourne Botanic Gardens on a number of occasions, but have never heard of them being referred to as the Australian Botanic Gardens, so don't think they are what you are referring to. The Melbourne Botanic Gardens are definitely world class for anyone who wishes to visit them. Perhaps these walks should be advertised more, although you don't want them to be swamped by visitors and ruined, as happens to many beautiful places.

    Posted by Aussie5 on 12 Feb 2024

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    I have never heard about this walk. Would they be easy or challenging for mature age people

    Posted by Raskel on 11 Feb 2024

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    I think more advertising them is needed as I have never heard of any of them. Plus they sound very interesting, even outstanding!

    Posted by sulter on 11 Feb 2024

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    No idea.....have walked Budji Bim.......very interesting nbut poorly maintained!

    Posted by mact on 09 Feb 2024

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    I was raised and lived in Victoria for over 30 years. I remember going to the Botanic Gardens when I was little but do not remember much. The other areas I have not heard of and I travelled all over Victoria.

    Posted by coaster on 09 Feb 2024

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    I don't live in Victoria. You could say this about other areas in Australia too. However, I think tourists numbers should be capped as I do wonder what damage they do to the natural environment.

    Posted by MS on 08 Feb 2024

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    I live in NSW so I have no idea.

    Posted by Paula on 08 Feb 2024

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    The only one I've ever heard about is the Botanic Gardens. Maybe that's the problem?

    Posted by ere on 08 Feb 2024

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