Why Are Divorced Couples Taking Turns To Live In The Family Home?

Exes are alternating periods at home with time in their house which can work well for children and save money if they get along. Divorced couples with children are increasingly turning to an unconventional living arrangement known as “birdnesting” to save money in a time of soaring housing costs. Under the agreement, both parents take turns living in the family home, often on a week-by-week basis, with the rest of the time spent in a house nearby. Lawyers say that clients are coming to them in ever-increasing numbers with such plans because birdnesting – or nesting – is cheaper than maintaining two family-sized homes and provides stability for the couple’s children. What are your thoughts LiveTribers? Why are divorced couples taking turns to live in the family home?

Posted by on 14 Sep 2023

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    I say anything divorced couples can do to minimise trauma and upheaval for their children is great.

    Posted by Paula on 16 Sep 2023

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    Why bother breaking up if they are still going to NEST in the same property then? Silly!

    Posted by MS on 16 Sep 2023

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    Sounds like a very civilised and sensible way to live and keep the stability intact for the children.

    Posted by MarBra on 16 Sep 2023

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    This makes sense but the second house would need to be free to save money I think.

    Posted by sulter on 15 Sep 2023

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    People should do whatever they need to without any judgment

    Posted by Nitika on 15 Sep 2023

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    It provides stability for the children as they always live at the one place. Personally it can save some money as they can rent a small apartment, as the children stay at the house. It sounds like a good idea to me for the children and it would be good for their schooling, friends and activities, eg sports, music etc.

    Posted by tassiegirl on 14 Sep 2023

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    Despite not being able to usually cohabitate , thinking adult couples are realising the only winners in an aggravated divorce are the Bloody Lawyers?!!! So it makes eminent sense to Birdsnest and beat the greedy lawyers and Estate Agents at their game!!!!

    Posted by mact on 14 Sep 2023

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