Who Was in The Wrong?

Last week the VIC Department of Health made it compulsory to wear face masks when leaving the house in Melbourne and some Aussies feel they are exempt from wearing face masks. A woman dubbed “Bunnings Karen” refused to wear a face mask when she entered a Bunnings store. She proceeded to get into an argument with employees claiming they were discriminating against her and nobody can make someone wear a mask. LiveTribers, should do you agree that masks should be mandatory? Have you been wearing one? Was "Karen" in the wrong for refusing to wear a face mask?

Posted by on 27 Jul 2020

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    Absolute nonsense. It's another example of useless politicians trying to appear to be doing something when in reality they are doing nothing. Face masks do nothing other than make you look stupid and feel very uncomfortable. There are far better ways to protect yourself and others than this throwback to outlaws in Western movies.

    Posted by Kelstra on 08 Aug 2020

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    I am glad to hear that you are such an expert Kelstra. Perhaps you should be advising the Health Minister and WHO since you seem to know so much about face masks. I will take politicians' advice over yours any day, as they actually listen to the health experts!

    Posted by Aussie5 on 09 Aug 2020

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    Absolutely Bunning Karen was in the wrong. She was wanting to enter private property with a strict condition of entry, end of story. Is a 10-year-old allowed to enter a Hotel, No. Is a Male allowed to enter a Women's Only Fitness club, No. Is a Petafile allowed to loiter around schools ... If you think that's OK, you need your head read. Rules are Rules and people should obey them and not try to manipulate.

    Posted by Bob on 07 Aug 2020

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    Of course, face masks should be mandatory. SPREADING THIS DISEASE TO VUNERABLE MEMBERS OF OUR SOCIETY OFTEN LEADS TO THEIR DEATH!!! Wearing a face mask when you go out is a very minor inconvenience compared to the death of someone's parent or grandparent.

    Posted by Peter on 04 Aug 2020

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    What a dill Karen

    Posted by Blonder on 03 Aug 2020

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    Yes, she is in the wrong and so are the many other dickheads that can't follow simple instructions. Face masks should be mandatory and those morons should get a fine each time they don't wear one.

    Posted by Andrea_J on 02 Aug 2020

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    It's not hard to understand that there are rules that govern what we need to do to live in this world harmoniously with each other. If you cross a road the law says it's wrong for you to get run over. It's nice to wear thongs in summer but you can't in a pub because glasses get broken and thongs aren't much protection for your feet. It's better if you put your shirt on so we don't have to see your fat guts wobble past for another drink. Lots of places won't accept cash (tradies still love it) because it can spread contamination for hours. If a business says you have to park in a marked bay and you stick the ute in the rose garden it's not gonna be a big surprise when you come out to see your pride and joy looking real hot, and look how low that machine's sitting. Once you get the wheels out of the back and put 'em back on it'll look better and you'll be able to put it over there in the parking bay like I told you to when you got here. Then we get this goose that claims she was discriminated against for not wearing a mask. She wasn't. She was told that it was a condition of entry that masks be worn. Same as hard hats, safety boots and Hi Vis if you want to get on site. Shirt and footwear if you want to get into a pub. If you don't follow the safety rules you don't have permission to stay in that area. If Bunnings says masks, that's what you do. If you think its an invitation to argue you're wrong, it's a warning that any minute you're going find your precious bum dumped in the biggest puddle in the car park.

    Posted by Nuffie on 02 Aug 2020

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    security company that bungled the quarantine in the first place, if that hadn't have happened, if people hadn't been allowed off the Ruby Princess we may have had it under control instead of a second wave

    Posted by Helen on 01 Aug 2020

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    This whole covid-19 situation that we are all in I don't think Karen is in the wrong but in a way she is see it is mandatory when asked to wear a face mask within a shop should she have called the police only if they laid hands on her other than that no I don't think she should have she wants to shop with him the stores of a shopping centre for then of course she has to wear it and isn't it mandatory anyway the only way to stop this crap going around let alone self isolation it's just one big hopes to begin with isn't it

    Posted by Nicole on 01 Aug 2020

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    Hi Nicole, Just a little advice in that your message would be easier to read when trying to put your point across if you used full-stops and punctuations as it is hard to read without them and shows more clarity and readability. Don't you think?

    Posted by Bob on 07 Aug 2020

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    She was in wrong because Bunnings employees were obviously told to ask customers to wear mask! So why being so obstinate??

    Posted by vera on 30 Jul 2020

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    Karen was going into Bunnings Store,it doesnt matter if the rule was to remove your shoes.,be grateful your allowed to shop there.Take your shoes off and go in,put your mask on and go in. Very simple,very easy,respect their store. I dont deal well with drama queens,attention seekers or spoilt brats.

    Posted by Jannette on 30 Jul 2020

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    I think this rule should have been imposed in the beginning of covid pandemic (March 2020), so that all people get used to it by this time period. these rules need to be toughen with heavy fines, if not, people will not take this matter seriously just as that lady. Because in a country like Australia, people are taught to be independent and children tend to talk back even to their parents because of its culture compared to Asian countries. people are not considering rules unless there are heavy fines associated with. still people are allowed to go outside and do shopping. I think in a time like this pandemic curfew should be imposed and should have strict rules in place. without being strict, it will be hard to control these people as well as this pandemic. I would always wear a face mask when I go outside, and karen was extremely wrong in her behavior. This happens because most people do not care what is happening outside and carry out their tasks as usual. some people are behaving like there is no risk at all for them from the covid 19, so they get distracted when someone says on adhering to rules. having a system is not enough, applying it in a practical manner is equally important in a situation like this. we can clearly see how so called 'developed' countries are managing affects from this pandemic, compared to other countries.

    Posted by monali1 on 30 Jul 2020

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    I take umbrage at your disrespect of Australians saying our culture is not as good as the Asian culture in bringing up children. Quite frankly I would much prefer independence to blind obedience. Look at the other countries around the world. 1000's are not wearing masks and demonstrating against them. Most Australians are following the rules/law and it is just a few morons who are not.

    Posted by coaster on 03 Aug 2020

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    Of course she was wrong. These silly people with silly ideas who just want to get their heads on social media or TV etc. She has popped up a few times now sprouting the same rubbish and filming herself. Now she is telling us she is some high priestess or witch or healer or some such ridiculous notion and thinks she has healed so many people etc. There have been others who have also done the same thing and some have been arrested now and will be fined. What is so hard about wearing a mast which will save others becoming sick or oneself for that matter at best or killing someone. These people who seem to think they have the right to flout the rules and sprout some rubbish they have taken off the internet need to wake up to themselves. We had no active virus in Qld and now due to two women lying on their forms have entered and gone everywhere whilst infected and already one of their friends has tested positive. 100's of people are getting tested, schools closed as are aged care facilities, restaurants, supermarkets and more all due to their stupid and selfish behaviour. Yes, if the government says wear a mask then just do it or wear one if you want to anyway. What is the big deal. Just make sure they are the right masks and worn correctly. If everyone does their bit we will save lives and limit people becoming ill with it.

    Posted by coaster on 30 Jul 2020

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    Sugar Ray

    And another comment to Bunnings here. Young inexperienced staff should not be put in the position that they were. A senior manager, wearing a badge which clearly said, MANAGER, should be managing the entry, and with the plain and simple statement to Karen "Madam please wear a mask or get back in your car and leave". In my working life of 45 years I was a Manager for various corporate entities in this country and I would never have relegated my authority to subordinate staff as I know how nasty the general public can be, and have had to call many out on the fact. And most of them, were the reason for my decision to retire when my time came.

    Posted by Sugar Ray on 29 Jul 2020

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    Sugar Ray

    I just hope "Karen" (for her sake), doesn't end up like the young man with Covid19 in the US, who said in his last breath before dying to the nurses looking after him, "I thought it was all a joke."

    Posted by Sugar Ray on 29 Jul 2020

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    Your freedom was given to the Crown by your parents before you left the maternity hospital. Read the BIBLE and understand the hidden meanings in every book... Especially the Prodigal Son.

    Posted by shrott on 29 Jul 2020

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    if you have a Certificate of Registration of Birth, then you are owned by the Crown as must do everything the elected controllers say FACT. Everything "Registered" is owned, you only possess the right to use it to the exclusion of others. Study International Law for 20 years and read HALSBURYS LAW.

    Posted by shrott on 29 Jul 2020

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    She is so far off being right , are we not all trying to stop this crazy COVID-19 situation ? She should consider everyone else around her ! Karen? Is a very selfish person

    Posted by DPry on 28 Jul 2020

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    Pretty simple really....wear a mask to reduce spread and reduce risk to self and family. How hard can it be? How ignorant and selfish some humans are. ThankGod most of us try to do the commonsense thing for the good of all.Mind you our Media ensure that non mask wearers get their 15 seconds of fame which I suspect is why some do it!!

    Posted by mact on 28 Jul 2020

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    I think Karen was just displaying her democratic right , without the foresight of potential problems down the track . I think she should have just 'copped it on the chin ' or mouth . And think about others , it really is not a big ask and selfish of her . It surprises me that in this beautiful nation and our laid back lifestyle along with our unofficial catch cry of " You look after your mates " . I certainly won't be looking out for her , she seems to have all the answers !

    Posted by robert on 28 Jul 2020

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    laws are changing as new information comes to light. At the time "Karen" was in Bunnins]gs Science and Medical evidence suggested the masks WOULD reduce the risk of spread. Therefore it is up to each of us to keep up with the ever-changing laws. If, like "Karen" that does not happen, the individual is either negligent for not keeping up with the news updates, or blatently arrogant in their regard for others and her own

    Posted by Dane on 27 Jul 2020

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    Masks should definitely be mandatory in Melbourne. Yes I have worn one, although it is not compulsory where I live. They keep you and others safe. "Karen" was definitely in the wrong and just trying to cause trouble. If she had a good reason for not wearing a mask, she just had to say so. She obviously doesn't know the law or doesn't want to know the law. Thank goodness there aren't too many people like her.

    Posted by Aussie5 on 27 Jul 2020

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    The Karen snowed blatant disregard for the public good and for the bunnings staff who were unfailingly polite in the face of her arrogance and gobsmacking stupidity.

    Posted by robbur on 27 Jul 2020

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    We are all in this together,wearing a mask is necessary in places like Bunnings.It doesnt hurt anyone to wear it,keeps everyone a little safer in this Covid19 times.

    Posted by Jannette on 27 Jul 2020

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