Where Did Our Ancestors Go After Leaving Africa?

Our ancestors left Africa some 70,000 years ago, but it took them thousands of years to make it to Europe or Asia. A study suggests that the first humans out of Africa stopped at Persian Plateau on the way to Eurasia and hidden clues can be found in our genes with what happened next. By looking at ancient and modern DNA, the study has pinpointed an area surrounding modern day Iran as an important "hub" for humans who departed Africa tens of thousands of years ago. What are your thoughts LiveTribers? Where did our ancestors go after leaving Africa?

Posted by on 02 Apr 2024

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    I agree. Our ancestors left Africa and then gradually spread out. I think climate had to do with where they went next.

    Posted by David on 19 Apr 2024

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    I agree! It's speculative at best. I think there is an agenda to try to brainwash the world population. I'm pretty sure the Aboriginal peoples don't think they came from Africa. Not that you can go back that far, many thousands of years, and ask them.

    Posted by MS on 18 Apr 2024

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    I am not convinced that anyone came from Africa. I think people from other places inhabited Africa at some stage and made some successful culture developments. I am not sure Africa is from outer space, despite their nature to want to worship what is in the sky. I am sure Africa has just as strong links to humanity as other people in other cultures. Saying this, I do believe anyone who has come from Africa to travel have probably cross-inhabited areas, become new residents in other countries, and migrated with success.

    Posted by Monicag8 on 18 Apr 2024

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    I believe that each race migrated from another planet from out of space. I mean look at us now, looking for another planet which we could live on. What makes anyone think that this didn’t happen before. To be honest, there is a lot of evidence all around us that we came from somewhere else. Take for example all the pyramids dotted around the world which we couldn’t even build today even with all the machines and technology at our disposal.

    Posted by SagoLeo on 12 Apr 2024

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    wrestling collector

    In my beliefs Adam & Eve were the first human beings,not sure how or why our ancestors come from Africa.

    Posted by wrestling collector on 12 Apr 2024

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    Well eventually they ended up everywhere there are people today. And today we seem to be continuing to evolve from the small pockets of slight differences into one only mankind. The biggest pity is that these days there are too many people on this little, tiny planet for us all to continue to evolve.

    Posted by CILLY0 on 12 Apr 2024

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    Our ancestors continued to grow as a species and explore the planet while seeking resources that would allow the to continue to survive and flourish

    Posted by stratman on 12 Apr 2024

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    its a long walk from Africa and I am sure there were a lot of issues on the way to Europe

    Posted by Jibberman on 12 Apr 2024

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    People have always moved from place to place. There always have and always will be world travellers.

    Posted by merryl on 12 Apr 2024

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    I don't see why we even need to bother knowing, what benefit does it give us? We will never really know the truth only relying on guess work.

    Posted by LeafyGreen on 12 Apr 2024

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    We human beings, we’ve already travelled around the globe, and eventually there will be no nationality, but just being one world and different organisations in future and how it seem to be now, it was like this at the start. We have been evolving for years and centuries, some of our ancestors were kings and queens some were slaves. Times has change, and I think it’s time for us to all change in good term sand for the best for our ancestors and for the next generation. We shouldn’t look back at what was or what has been done, we all can caring on our own traditions and beliefs and state to it, and so if our ancestors were to be in power before then we should take the stand for our next generation.

    Posted by LASENCIO on 08 Apr 2024

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    I have taken a DNA test and as my father had always told us we came from Normans, but of course they were Vikings first and I carry the Viking blood disease. Nothing else showed in my DNA.

    Posted by Paula on 07 Apr 2024

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    I don't think there was one way they went. Makes more sense to me that our ancestors explored and settled in various areas spanning from Africa

    Posted by Jenni on 04 Apr 2024

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    I think we came down through China, across the islands and into Australia.

    Posted by sulter on 04 Apr 2024

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    Only one hub. Doesn't seem likely I feel. More exploration needed, but will we ever know.? Maybe humans came from outrr space originally and settled in that area.

    Posted by Gazer on 03 Apr 2024

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    If we acknowledge that it was 70,000 years , then how do you explain the Aboriginal peoples? Sups, they were around between 50, 60 thousand years. They were a isolated race of people. There have been various DNA tests done on them over the years, they don't seem to be related to Africans. You would think they would have traces of African DNA , since they didn't breed with other races. Something doesn't add up here?

    Posted by MS on 03 Apr 2024

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    If all our ancestors originated from Africa.... then how do you explain the differences in the races? Blood, dna, eye colour, skin, abilities, etc? Diseases can also be linked to certain races. Where's the proof of mutations that changes some people's DNA and Skin colour, etc? Speculation isn't proof. We can only test theories of a very long time back, not prove what changes were made. Some scientists think the outer africa idea is not true. Others disagree. Humanity could have developed on several continents. I find it hard to believe our skin changed to white as a consquence of moving... to say Europe. The missing Link has never been found. Those political correct scientists want us all to believe we come from just one race. Lol.

    Posted by MS on 03 Apr 2024

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    Evolution changed us and many animal species. For instance, the same animal on one side of the Grand Canyon is different to the one on the other side of the Canyon. Adaptation to environment is how these changes occur.

    Posted by coaster on 05 Apr 2024

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    Tara Rata

    All over. I doubt we will ever know the full story if our ancestors

    Posted by Tara Rata on 03 Apr 2024

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    I'm not really sure. In fac I don't think anyone really knows where we came from, and much of the science today is corrupt and controlled by money and preconceived ideas.

    Posted by flymow on 03 Apr 2024

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    The earth's land masses were quite different then... perhaps there was more than one hub?

    Posted by Spiderwoman on 03 Apr 2024

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    I believe ancestors left Africa with several routes to different directions and then slowly spread out instead of just one place, therefore it creates different races to adapt different environment.

    Posted by Jay on 03 Apr 2024

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    More research and genetic testing needs to be done before the complete truth is uncovered.

    Posted by tinacz on 03 Apr 2024

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    I don’t believe the earth is that old. Carbon dating makes too much assumptions.

    Posted by Chin on 03 Apr 2024

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    Well after leaving Africa, it is believed that our ancestors followed a northern route through the Middle East and into Central Asia, before eventually arriving in Europe and Asia. This is known as the "Out of Africa" hypothesis, and it has been supported by a variety of evidence, including archaeological and genetic data. You said there may have been an "intermediate stop" on the way to Europe and Asia, at the Iranian Plateau. If this is true, it would mean that our ancestors had more complex migratory patterns than previously thought. This could help explain the diversity of human genetic variation we see today.

    Posted by Grace on 03 Apr 2024

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    Not proven at all! Just theories. Go read what some other science has found. One sided views are not very intelligent.

    Posted by MS on 03 Apr 2024

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    Presumably everywhere else in the world where people now live, including overseas islands and continents.

    Posted by Elsa on 03 Apr 2024

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    I cannot possibly know, but what you have said sounds most likely.

    Posted by Holly on 03 Apr 2024

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    From Africa to Persia then further south and west. A lot of different ground to cover then that is now covered in water

    Posted by ALEXANDRA on 03 Apr 2024

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    Down through Asia to Indonesia, East to China, into Russia then over the Bering Straight into North then South America. Also West into Europe. But sadly what we chose to forget is that we truly all came out of Africa originally.

    Posted by Helen on 03 Apr 2024

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    Liaarm Smith

    After leaving Africa, our ancestors migrated to regions such as Eurasia and Australia.

    Posted by Liaarm Smith on 03 Apr 2024

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    Early human ancestors migrated out of Africa into regions such as Eurasia and Australia, marking significant milestones in human history and evolution.

    Posted by Emma on 03 Apr 2024

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    Very likely north and the east

    Posted by vish on 03 Apr 2024

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    pinky princess

    How do we even know that this is what happened?? - it is just all supposition and hype used to highlight perceived indigenous mistreated and other issues.

    Posted by pinky princess on 03 Apr 2024

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    Probably somewhere in the Middle East?

    Posted by gregorypark on 03 Apr 2024

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    Who knows but looks like the present territory of India.

    Posted by Guntis on 03 Apr 2024

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    Our ancestors stopped at Persian first after leaving south Africa

    Posted by Brydie on 03 Apr 2024

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    From what we are led to believe, I think they hot footed it to Australia so as to get here first. Then they spread out and settled in, and apparently waited 65000 years to see if they'd have any visitors.

    Posted by Nuffie on 02 Apr 2024

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