What NOT to say in Australia

Every country has its own culture and mannerisms. If you were showing a foreigner around Australia, what would you tell them never to say or do in Australia? Do we have any underlining Australian rules and custom we follow? Let us know in the comments

Posted by on 13 Jun 2017

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    Never be racist Australians are not generally like this its the leaders that wants us to hate each other. Gotta love a beer,meat pie & vegemite.. Hehehe

    Posted by bayze on 21 Jun 2017

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    Never ask an Australian what not to say, they don't like to be told what they can and can't say, or do or not do.

    Posted by cat066 on 21 Jun 2017

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    You must say how wonderful and big everything is otherwise Australians become upset. Follow basic manners; use please and thank you!!

    Posted by Peter on 21 Jun 2017

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    Open your mind and your heart to an environment ripe with all possibilities in a country rich with resources that allow for your experience while you visit here to compliment it!

    Posted by Quann on 21 Jun 2017

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    Don't ask why there aren't kangaroos hopping along our main streets.

    Posted by CILLY0 on 21 Jun 2017

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    I think today's society is over sensitive, before the 80th no one bothered, it all started with the bl...dy privacy law back then

    Posted by fifi949 on 21 Jun 2017

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    Simple respect and manners. Everybody responds in a much happier frame of mind when you are respectful and use your manners. Even when you have to deal with a belligerent areshole that only deserves foul language and a smack about the head, remember that respect and manners are still important and catch the arsehole on camera.

    Posted by ritual on 21 Jun 2017

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    If people say "Hi" to you always smile and return the greeting in some way.

    Posted by Stephenie on 21 Jun 2017

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    Never say you don't like football or beer!

    Posted by Berrie on 20 Jun 2017

  • [4] [1]

    Just smile and say g'day!

    Posted by Margaret on 20 Jun 2017

  • [3] [0]

    Respect your Elders

    Posted by Gordon on 20 Jun 2017

  • [3] [1]

    Don't swim in waters where there are warnings of crocodiles, jellyfish or sharks.

    Posted by Russell on 20 Jun 2017

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    Don't be surprised when you find it feels more like Australasia, than Australia..

    Posted by Sabina on 20 Jun 2017

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    I think respect for others and an open mind and ears is all they need. Treat people as you would like to be treated, take people for who they are not what they look/sound like or their socioeconomic or religious background. Lend a hand when you're asked to and don't back down from hard work.

    Posted by Mandagai on 20 Jun 2017

  • [3] [1]

    Never smile at a crocodile !

    Posted by Norny32 on 20 Jun 2017

  • [1] [1]

    Being racist

    Posted by melissa on 19 Jun 2017

  • [2] [1]

    Dont be disrespectful to aboriginal Australians

    Posted by melissa on 19 Jun 2017

  • [9] [2]

    Ensure that religions do not run the country. Separation of Powers is very very important.

    Posted by Thomas on 19 Jun 2017

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    Stella del Mattino


    Posted by Stella del Mattino on 20 Jun 2017

  • [1] [1]

    Learn to use Chop sticks

    Posted by Richard on 19 Jun 2017

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    When in Australia don't complain about the country or services etc if you are not a citizen....it's not something you do!!

    Posted by quorn on 19 Jun 2017

  • [7] [7]

    Don't agree with any comments. statements or opinions expressed by white, Christian, heterosexuals, partcularly of the male variety, as these people are invariably racist, homophobic, mysoginistic rednecks, or so the politically correct would have you believe

    Posted by peteqbn on 19 Jun 2017

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    Stella del Mattino

    Oh here we are again: a lifetime of ostracism just because I'm white... Painful: I respect everyone, I don't judge anyone BUT, the label WHITE=EVIL it's always there so, I now really believe there is racism in Australia, just it's not what you think it is. I have to leave this discussion now: I joined in for the vibes and the community spirit but, I was wrong, once again. So disappointed.

    Posted by Stella del Mattino on 20 Jun 2017

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    This perception of 'mainstream' Australians being conservative & red necked, contracted, separatist, controlled by ideologues has some currency. However we don't need to reinforce these hackneyed stereotypes, they do nothing to help "Advance Australia Fair"; foster & promote unity. The fact is we are multi-cultural, have a high BS meter, salt of the earth ("Happy Vegemites") approach to life, & have the blessing of being generally progressive & inclusive. Relative to so much of the world, we are free & are the Lucky Country. Yes, so much is wrong here & across the world, but let's own our true blue mate ship, work for it, & affirm it to our fellow Australians & visitor friends - Good on ya mate!

    Posted by Sienna on 19 Jun 2017

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    I agree with Gerry19. But tolerance and respect goes both ways.

    Posted by Eric on 19 Jun 2017

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    Free Speech is not insulting people, being tolerant and respecting people is respectful.

    Posted by Gerry19 on 18 Jun 2017

  • [3] [1]

    Pick an afl team, stick to it, dont pick collingwood though Never miss your round at the bar We tolerate religion, just dont force it down our throats, this includes ALL religions not just muslims Keep any vegan or vego bs away from our bbqs

    Posted by squeekums1 on 18 Jun 2017

  • [17] [2]

    At the present time you can't say anything in Australia without stepping on someone's toes. Free speech is no longer tolerated in Australia by minority nobodies.

    Posted by Klangdang1 on 18 Jun 2017

  • [9] [1]

    Totally agree Klangdang1, way too much "political correctness" in this country now.

    Posted by Geminigw on 18 Jun 2017

  • [4] [4]

    showing a person around Australia should be easy on the traditions. we are a country too young for serious ones. however sharing shouts at the bar is always a good way to get to know people. speaking your mind is still resonably safe to do. (no gaol sentence) this is still the lucky country.

    Posted by Dee60 on 18 Jun 2017

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    flower lover

    I would say we are a very tolerant and understanding society..therefore if a foreigner did or said something that wasn't quite in keeping with how we do things in Australia, I'd say don't worry about it, people would understand and accept them for who they are. I don't think we have any rules or customs in this country that is different from others.When I travel I act and say as I do at home and it seems to be just the same over in another country, unless it is a country with specific customs like Japan and bowing frequently etc

    Posted by flower lover on 18 Jun 2017

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    yeah bring back the good old Aussie bloke and sheila and chips wrapped in newspaper today the kids need a good kick up the arse and the teachers to give'm a good old six with the cane. Don't give a sheila a compliment that's sexual harassment,

    Posted by prattman on 18 Jun 2017

  • [3] [2]

    Well a wolf whistle or commenting on ones tits is not a compliment

    Posted by squeekums1 on 18 Jun 2017

  • [1] [4]

    squeek , It can be

    Posted by pjohnw on 18 Jun 2017

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    Im female, its not. Its degrading, demeaning and shows we thought of as objects, not people How would you feel walking down the street with your 15yr old daughter, some random dude in a car drives past, hangs out window screaming "nice tits sweety" you would think they complimenting her or demeaning her? Yes it happens to young girls too

    Posted by squeekums1 on 20 Jun 2017

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    I think today's society is over sensitive, before the 80th no one bothered, it all started with the bl...dy privacy law back then

    Posted by fifi949 on 21 Jun 2017

  • [14] [4]

    86' Because of political correctness and the bleeding hearts of this great land I'm unable to express my personal opinions anymore for fear of some form of retribution be it via legal or physical means. Please bring back the good old Aussie isms that I grew up with where you were able to call a spade a spade.

    Posted by Max on 17 Jun 2017

  • [3] [5]

    Don't listen to "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport"

    Posted by Dredga01 on 17 Jun 2017

  • [4] [2]

    Be yourself and if you are out of line I'll tell you

    Posted by chris01 on 17 Jun 2017

  • [5] [1]

    Don't eat with your mouth open

    Posted by Dianne on 17 Jun 2017

  • [17] [1]
    Sugar Ray

    I would tell them we are a very tolerant society provided you leave all your religious and other prejudices at the point of entry. Unfortunately, certain sectors of the population have invoked "political correctness" rules which mean we are no longer allowed to express our right to free speech which would normally apply in a democracy, so if you do express a personal opinion be prepared to stand up for your right to do it.

    Posted by Sugar Ray on 17 Jun 2017

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    If I were showing a foreigner around Australia, I'd have to have an enormous amount of time on my hands, which I cannot foresee happening anytime soon. Assuming I had the time, I'd let them know that it's OK to tell others you are gay or a conspiracy theorist or a religious fruitcake or any number of bad habits or lifestyle choices, but you must never let people here know you are vegan. They will kill you, roast you & eat you. Do not ever say anything about "bomb" or "terrorism", especially in an airport or if you look anything like what people think of as Muslim or you will be jailed & all your extended family will have their houses raided by police. Do not have any alcohol nor children nearby you if you declare yourself to be even part Aboriginal, as police will frame you for crimes you'd never even dreamed of, jail you, torture you & probably be responsible for your death in custody. There are no rules/customs that are "Australian"... the ones we have are either British or American.

    Posted by vegandelight on 17 Jun 2017

  • [20] [3]

    never bring your countries problems here and keep your religion home

    Posted by alfphy on 17 Jun 2017

  • [13] [4]

    Never tell the truth, political correctness has made it impossible

    Posted by colin on 17 Jun 2017

  • [8] [4]

    I agree with Colin 100%

    Posted by HoppyK on 17 Jun 2017

  • [9] [5]

    Never miss your shout at the bar

    Posted by Kat on 16 Jun 2017

  • [16] [0]

    Stop bitching and enjoy life

    Posted by Klangdang1 on 16 Jun 2017

  • [5] [9]

    Theirs or yours it belongs to australians black and white and it was the white man that fenced it in . how many white people are making millions out of it and why are the aboringes still living impoverished and poor back packers taking tradinital jobs and overseas companies stealing our profits

    Posted by Under on 16 Jun 2017

  • [4] [1]

    Aboringes? A new branch of Aborigines? No offence intended anyone, anywhere, anytime!

    Posted by Berrie on 17 Jun 2017

  • [10] [1]

    I agree with Under to a certain degree. Black and White (TrueBlue) are one with the country, I sure am and have been since a child. I am white from a pair of convicts who lived in the Kelly area. We didnt have guns the only ones with guns were the Soldiers that came out to watch the convicts. The people who came after some intergrated some didnt. I am of the belief That if we cut out Dual Citizenship, and deport any that wont join us out of our Country, a better place ahead.

    Posted by HoppyK on 17 Jun 2017

  • [14] [7]

    If travelling to Uluru and to country, to be mindful of traditions and protocol.

    Posted by Marymary on 16 Jun 2017

  • [1] [0]

    If you say that, they'll think that you're a terrorist

    Posted by GEORGE on 21 Jun 2017

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