What Do You Understand About Domestic Abuse, Especially In The Trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?

When it comes to domestic abuse, especially in the libel trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard which has brought a formerly private issue, ‘intimate partner abuse’ onto a very public stage - the loud and judgmental response from huge swaths of online observers reveals how little people understand about domestic abuse and what goes on behind closed doors. Unlike most of the public, response officers in the UK undergo regular training to equip them for intervening in abusive situations and untangling he said/she said allegations. There are 3 things to consider before making allegations about who in an abusive situation is a liar – 1. forget who says what and look at the power dynamics. 2. Question your beliefs about gender stereotypes and 3. Recognise emotional and psychological abuse. What are your thoughts LiveTribers? What do you understand about domestic abuse, especially in the trial of Johhny Depp and Amber Heard?

Posted by on 30 Jun 2022

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    Yes, it's really terrible. The wearer best knows where the shoe pinches?

    Posted by Amit_Ch. on 28 Jul 2022

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    Most people's definition of domestic abuse is far too narrow and conributes to the narrative that men are the perpetrators and women the victims of domestic abuse. The United Nations has a defintion of domestic abuse (https://www.un.org/en/coronavirus/what-is-domestic-abuse) and checking through their list of things that constitute domestic abuse shows that many things that are accepted and even considered normal behaviour in women are actually forms of abuse.

    Posted by Brett on 18 Jul 2022

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    flower lover

    Family violence covers physical, emotional, financial, social and sexual abuse. Control is a common form of abuse frequently used by men wanting dominance over their partner in some way. I welcome recent Government initiatives to fund more programmes for women and children. Commenting on the Heard and Depp case is not something the public should do as we don't know all the facts and the media often misrepresents what is happening. Either way massive payouts by courts do not resolve. particular issues or teach reeducation of offenders.

    Posted by flower lover on 18 Jul 2022

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    I particularly dislike "trial by media" creeping in, not just related to domestic abuse but other areas as well. If you are claiming abuse, especially physical or sexual, then report it to the police rather than going to the media first, often in an attempt to sway public opinion. Media seem to be clamouring to be the first to break a story, which is often one sided and without support. If you have been abused in any way, however it hard may be, report it to the police so that they can stop it happening to another person. How would you feel if you knew assaults were happening, kept quiet, then heard about it happening to other people. After Harvey Weinstein, so many people cam forward with claims, but if they had reported him earlier it may have been stopped

    Posted by Carol on 18 Jul 2022

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    I Understand it's Not Nice! I was in a DV Relationship for Nearly 8yrs & have been Separated Now Nearly 3yrs and Thankful

    Posted by Jazz78 on 10 Jul 2022

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    Its a complex case that uses a lot of bias. Its hard to believe who is the worse person. While people are cradling celebrity image there are complexities on reason why to and not vote for. Domestic abuse is something that you can never overlook. People shame Amber, however her stories of abuse are horrible. To shame an individual over the top of possibly traumatic experience could generally bring about much depression for the individual. Just realise that even general shouting can be traumatic, even if her injuries were much less just being put in situations where you do feel abuse is capable of being played out is in itself threatening. But it does seem in this case both sides experience issues with violence and trauma. Amber seems capable of treating Johnny with the same abuse as he dishes out onto her. So before the women's support flags are brought out it must be realised that both parties are putting the other under abuse causing emotional conflict on both sides. Just because Johnny isn't putting out a contorted face to enhance the drama, does not mean he is not hurting. There have been many allegations he remains a broken man, the abuse and the break up causing emotional trauma that has corroded his personality and crawled in and damaged his psyche. All these instances are signs of deep trauma and pain.

    Posted by Monicag8 on 07 Jul 2022

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    That the victim can be a male or a female. It is important to determine via huge evidences of medical proof with x- rays, video cameras and credible witnesses like police officers are all present substantiating the abuse claim. Without this, the abuse cant be substantiated. The media should not take sides WHICH THEY DID and the pressur for the Metoo movement making the Warner Bros and Disney acting against Depp without solid bonafide proof to substantiate Amber's claim.

    Posted by R on 03 Jul 2022

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    The undeniable fact after this case is that genuine victims of abuse are likely to be judged in a different light after the farcical trial of Depp v Heard. No one wins. I believe Depp & Heard are equally responsible for their role in physical & mental abuse in their relationship.

    Posted by Kay on 03 Jul 2022

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    Maybe he didn't do it

    Posted by John on 02 Jul 2022

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    The problem with the American Legsl System is if you are not wealthy you are unlikely to gain justice. Evidence suggests Depp is a drug dependent serial abuser. How in God's name the applicant did not win this case is an indictment of the silly Yanks legal nightmare. The sad fact is we in Australia are heading the same way. Under funded legal aid and justice only really available to the wealthy in complex cases. Plus a politically correct Police Force in all states and territories only complicates the situation. No wonder real criminals are not afraid of our legal system. !

    Posted by mact on 01 Jul 2022

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    Amber herad lied

    Posted by Theresa on 30 Jun 2022

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