Was This Bad Sportsmanship?

Aussie swimmer Mack Horton refused to stand on the podium with Sun Yang after the controversial winner claimed gold at the World Championships. Some have called it bold and necessary (Yang was suspended in 2014 for doping and is facing fresh doping allegations) while others have said it’s just bad sportsmanship. What do you think LiveTribers? Should athletes always be courteous to one another? Should rivalries be kept in the pool?

Posted by on 22 Jul 2019

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    lord mayor

    Not when it comes to cheating. we should be a lot harder regardless of whatever country they from. Cheats are cheats no matter what and should be treated accordingly

    Posted by lord mayor on 12 Aug 2019

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    Without knowing too much about it - i believe there is personal history there too which takes away from the stance - if every competitor refused to take the podium i think that would be a great connotation - Horton obviously has a message to get across and in this day and age most people admire the movement to relay change for the better - the bad sportsmanship comes of the half of the drug cheat so no he's done nothing wrong and although Sun Yang was within his rights to compete the destruction of a sample relates to cheating..

    Posted by intrepidarts on 30 Jul 2019

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    Good on him for standing up for his sport, a lot of effort, training goes into the sport, cheaters ares not welcome

    Posted by Kathleen on 29 Jul 2019

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    Lousy Golfer

    I think most of the swimmers know who the drug cheats are, it's just the officials who are blind. Good on him standing up for his beliefs.

    Posted by Lousy Golfer on 29 Jul 2019

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    I admire he stuck to his principles He knew the guy had cheated previously.

    Posted by Maudie on 29 Jul 2019

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    The cheating or Mack refusing the to share the podium with a known drug cheat? Of course cheating is bad sportsmanship! #BackMack

    Posted by Russell on 29 Jul 2019

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    No, make a stand against cheating

    Posted by ThePensta on 29 Jul 2019

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    Stand strong Mack. Be bold! Proud of you.

    Posted by Ariki on 29 Jul 2019

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    Total support should be more like mark hortob

    Posted by Max on 28 Jul 2019

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    Congratulations to Mack the Podium well done! Mate I'd like to have seen you Stand Tall up there representing Australia. Now Mack be a rival with courteous sportsmanship like character with the Spirit of Australia behind Ya and stand on TOP PB the rest!!!

    Posted by Michael on 28 Jul 2019

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    bear crusher

    I agree with the Aussie and shame on the Chinese swimmer for showing bad sportsmanship by calling others out as losers

    Posted by bear crusher on 27 Jul 2019

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    NO the man is a drug cheat. Mack did the right thing

    Posted by Greg on 27 Jul 2019

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    Good on the bloke

    Posted by Aliens on 27 Jul 2019

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    Posted by nanone on 27 Jul 2019

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    No, he stood up for a principle. He cheated and should not have been able to compete.

    Posted by Christopher on 27 Jul 2019

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    No way he cheated

    Posted by Stargirl on 27 Jul 2019

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    No he did what he considered the right thing.He has always been vocal on drug cheats.Sun Yang is a proven drug cheat.I fully support Mack for what he did.He had the courage to stand by his principles.

    Posted by Mohan on 27 Jul 2019

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    NO I would have done the same thing, why should a drug cheat feel like he has the power of winning, when the way he got their was fraudulent.

    Posted by Dash on 27 Jul 2019

  • [4] [1]

    No not at all. A cheat is a cheat is a cheat. He should have been banned. Why did he smash the vials of blood? What did he have to hide? Mack Horton made a personal statement by not getting onto the dais that others could not do.

    Posted by Pedro24 on 26 Jul 2019

  • [5] [1]

    No, I fully support Mack Horton in his protest. The real focus should be on the fact that this drug cheat destroyed his blood samples. He clearly has something to hide! Also, why is a drug cheat still competing? He should've been banned for life.

    Posted by Belinda on 26 Jul 2019

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    No these drug cheats and the governments that sponsor them should be banned from clean comp; OR have a drugs only olympics

    Posted by robin on 26 Jul 2019

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    Yes I by love so its shows good conduct

    Posted by Grannysmithapples on 26 Jul 2019

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    The moment you win or lose is more important than other controversies.

    Posted by NITIN on 26 Jul 2019

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    Big Pagey

    No it wasn't well done to him and the British swimmer for standing their ground and having the courage of their convictions, FINA have no leadership in anything drug related and they all can't handle anyone criticising their authority. Well done to these athletes as FINA don't want to upset the Chinese!

    Posted by Big Pagey on 26 Jul 2019

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    Congratulations to this fine young man who stood up for what is right for not only him but future athletes. You do something bad, you pay the consequences. How are future swimmers/runners/ footy players etc going to learn the positive ways of their sport and be held accountable for ANY infringements they do now. Molly-coddling them now will only make them weak later in life. Yang is a cheat, strip him of his medals, fine him and ban him from racing ever again. This is MY opinion so please do not dump on me for what I say.

    Posted by rons1girl on 26 Jul 2019

  • [4] [2]

    Others should follow his example and the Chinese swimmer should not have completed unless he has been cleared of charges.

    Posted by Christopher on 26 Jul 2019

  • [5] [2]

    Generally I believe that everybody should be courteous to everybody else. However, in the case of Horton, I fully support him in his stance. Yang is a drug cheat who is suspected of further offences of drug related cheating, including refusing to supply blood and urine for testing and destroying blood samples. This man should be banned for life and never ever be considered for redemption. I think that anybody who is suspected of drug cheating (in any sport) should be suspended immediately until the matter is proved or found not to be the case. If the matter is proved they should immediately be banned from ALL sports for life.

    Posted by Bernie on 25 Jul 2019

  • [5] [2]

    Thank god their are still young people in our country prepared to stand up for what is right. Congratulations Matt Horton , you are a true champion , not only of swimming but also of sportsmanship . You are strong and prepared to put yourself on the line . You don't need the approval of a bunch of gutless leaders , FINA. & WADA to show you what is right , it's about time they stood up for those doing the right thing and stuff the Countries they come from too if they don't call it out . . And Good on our Dawn Fraser another strong woman standing up for right. And also the Chinese swimmer can shove it where it fits !!!!

    Posted by Horn on 25 Jul 2019

  • [4] [2]

    No this was not bad sportsmanship Yang should never have been there in the first place. Thanks Mark for standing up for your principals.

    Posted by errolsyd2 on 25 Jul 2019

  • [4] [2]

    Strange to think anyone would need to ask! Of COURSE a protest is essential. And what if this so-called athlete is using drugs to enhance his performance? Is THAT 'good sportsmanship' to other competitors?

    Posted by Moongold on 25 Jul 2019

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    My view is there are supposedly sporting bodies who check and re check athletes for banned drugs. Unfortunately, many countries are way ahead of what is being tested for and these positives get missed until a test is developed but by then the true winners of events have missed out on their moment of appreciation because of these cheats. I guess many athletes feel these sporting bodies are not doing their job well enough and letting someone who is under a cloud to compete seems wrong but still you are innocent until proven guilty. If however, guilt is proven then loss of any medals, huge fines, disqualification of ever competing again and the country they are from disqualified from the next years meetings at least. Consequences for cheating must be consistent and enforced and perhaps just maybe then we shall see some improvement in fair play. I do not think the individual sportsmen should be refusing to stand on the podium as they have earned their place to do so. If they wish to protest do so the the governing bodies through their management teams. However, after last nights fiasco of not televising the Aussie team winning the medley due solely to money requirements perhaps too much money is now involved in this sport. I have stopped watching cricket since India took it over and also Tennis is now losing its appeal due to the unsportsmanlike behaviour of the young people playing it both men and women again due to the monetary input.

    Posted by coaster on 25 Jul 2019

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    Well Coaster I agree with a couple of your sentiments but certainly not the one regarding Matt Hortons' decision as he has what it takes and deserves the admiration of all Assies . I can't say the same for our sporting leaders who are a pack , " PAID " of gutless wonders , they are protecting their own posteriors , and have been doing so for as far back as I can remember . If it was one of our swimmers they would have their guts for garters in an instant , as they have shown in the past . He the Chinese swimmer is a cheat pure and simple , that's the issue .

    Posted by Horn on 25 Jul 2019

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    I agree he is a cheat and I have no qualms with that. He should not have been allowed to compete in my view. However, my point was why should Matt not stand on the podium as was his due. His decision not to and I respect that but I think it is a shame when it has come to this. As I said and you seem to agree the people behind our athletes and the different sporting bodies are too ruled by the almighty dollar and sponsors etc. and I reiterate huge fines, disqualification for the athlete and their country might put paid to a lot of the cheating but then they always seem to be ahead of the game. At least when our girl came back with a positive she was pulled from the games but again, I guess you are innocent until found guilty of taking drugs but at least if there is even a hint of illegal drug use then eliminating them from the events should be the first step and until cleared they should not be able to compete anywhere.

    Posted by coaster on 04 Aug 2019

  • [5] [1]

    Mack stood up for his principles! Well done. More young people need to stand up and be counted but make sure you are going it for the right reasons.

    Posted by Jacqui on 25 Jul 2019

  • [3] [2]

    sun yang what a disgrace,china should be banned by the governing world body until it can prove that it's swimmers are clean and not taking banned substances.china and russia have always cheated to win gold !!! matt horton you showed respect and that is the only respect that sun yang deserves !

    Posted by SILAR4123 on 25 Jul 2019

  • [4] [1]

    No it's not bad sportsmanship. I think once you have been caught on using drugs you should be permanently band from any competition

    Posted by Obim on 25 Jul 2019

  • [8] [1]

    This country is well suspected for the use of muscle enhancers. He should not have been able to compete after breaking his blood samples! If I did that at a drug testing for work, I would be stood down or sacked. Why do that if you have nothing to hide???????? Watching his actions on TV, I can only assume that there is a bit of ROID rage going on too. " YOU ARE THE LOSER, I AM THE WINNER. TRUE". Makes you think!

    Posted by intransigent on 25 Jul 2019

  • [5] [2]


    Posted by WOZZAROO on 25 Jul 2019

  • [10] [1]

    I agree with Mack, Stand your ground, Too much higher up corruption, Yang is under investigation at the moment and should not be competing until cleared as innocent.

    Posted by ian on 25 Jul 2019

  • [2] [0]

    It's his choice to make. Personally I would have stood there.

    Posted by frankielsk on 25 Jul 2019

  • [4] [2]

    No I believe Mack can stand for what he believes in,which the Chinese swimmer has been found guilty of chelating before

    Posted by Cameron on 24 Jul 2019

  • [8] [1]

    No,he was simply saying enough is enough and something needs to done about it now.

    Posted by Barbarella on 24 Jul 2019

  • [2] [4]

    It’s unfortunate that Sun Yang tested positive for an illegal drug, but that was 5 years ago. He’s moved on, suffered the consequences and has to live with that reputation hanging over his head forever. He has shown his dedication to coming back to professional swimming for 5 years not being able to race. I do not encourage doping in any means, but I would have stood on the podium. Standing on the podium represents Australia proud, as well as represents your strength, determination and character. Stand up there for yourself, your coach, and your country.

    Posted by Leir on 24 Jul 2019

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    You go right ahead and stand up in your approval of cheats ALLIRA , I will stand up for Matt and what is right.

    Posted by Horn on 25 Jul 2019

  • [7] [2]
    Little Legs

    He has smashed vials of blood within the last 12 months that were taken for drug testing, so surely this gives some indication that he is not entirely clean.

    Posted by Little Legs on 25 Jul 2019

  • [1] [2]

    he should have stood on the podium and looked at the aussie flag and if that meant turning his back on the cheat the better

    Posted by Jason on 24 Jul 2019

  • [8] [1]
    Cap`n Roodog

    It shows greater courage to take a stand for what you believe in than it does to cheat to win!! Well done Mat Horton and Duncan Scott,all power and respect to you.As Scott said - "If he shows no respect to my chosen sport,then why should I respect him?" - Amen to that!!

    Posted by Cap`n Roodog on 24 Jul 2019

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    Nut Grass

    Good on you Mack and now your English counterpart. Hopefully the sports chiefs will take notice that clean athletes want to compete on an equal footing, Get caught once then banned for life. They all know the rules.

    Posted by Nut Grass on 24 Jul 2019

  • [2] [6]

    Yes. If Mack isn't prepared to stand on the podium with any other competitor, then he shouldn't enter the race, even if he is a sure bet to win. If Sun is a cheat, so be it. That shouldn't justify petulance on Mack's part.

    Posted by KevinW on 24 Jul 2019

  • [2] [3]

    Yes no matter what happens especially as an athlete representing your country our young generation looks up to you so stand on the podium as a grateful adult

    Posted by Vicki on 24 Jul 2019

  • [2] [4]

    Yes Sun Yang did wrong but Mack Horton still needs to represent his country well and do the right thing, he doesn't have to like it.

    Posted by Mary on 24 Jul 2019

  • [2] [5]

    When all the facts are known, the Aussie was wrong - the substance was banner within 1 month of the test,, could it have been a residual amount from before the banning. The breaking of the blood vials, there was only one authorised official there, and he was not authorised to do blood testing, the others ere not. He was acting on the advise of his superiors. Ignorant aussie made a mistake, he should be ashamed, get the facts first before you make a stance, especially in the public arena, as he did.

    Posted by David on 24 Jul 2019

  • [5] [1]

    He is under investigation as a drug cheat, he has no business racing. Mark did the right thing. If the governing body for swimming won’t do the correct thing, then the swimmers have every refuse to stand alongside known drug users, or someone under investigation. Good on Mark

    Posted by Lorraine on 24 Jul 2019

  • [4] [1]

    Culturally for Yang to be a winner means everything to him. The worst part is that the ruling body think as long as you win is the most important thing. It is a difficult situation. I feel Mack did the right thing. Games are supposed to bring the world together, but if you are not playing on a level playing field it just loses is intended purpose.

    Posted by Lynda on 24 Jul 2019

  • [1] [0]

    As many before me have said, everyone is different and the way they stand up for what they believe can be different. I have no right to tell that person that the way they feel about something is wrong. It's there choice, it's there opinion.

    Posted by Kira on 24 Jul 2019

  • [0] [0]

    Sportsmanship is necessary until it get over your head so at that I am no one to question any individual’s reaction.

    Posted by Shubham on 24 Jul 2019

  • [4] [1]

    He had strong feelings about this and should be able to show his stance without repurcussions

    Posted by Valerie on 24 Jul 2019

  • [5] [1]
    white bird

    No,I believed he did what was right,the other man was a known cheat. and shouldn't be allowed to contest in these games.

    Posted by white bird on 24 Jul 2019

  • [1] [1]

    No..everyone has a right to their reactions and opinions.

    Posted by Suesan on 24 Jul 2019

  • [6] [0]

    Well i think if you've been caught cheating once you should be baned outright no matter what.if you go to work with drugs in your system and you get tested and it's positive you get the sack so. the same should apply across all fields good on him.

    Posted by Stafsta on 23 Jul 2019

  • [10] [0]

    my family agree drug cheats should not be tolerated in sport or any other human endeavor

    Posted by Brian on 23 Jul 2019

  • [0] [1]

    Brian you are spot on. I could not agree with you more.

    Posted by HENNA on 25 Jul 2019

  • [11] [1]

    I applaud him for standing up for his beliefs. If this Chinese swimmer is or has been taking drugs, he shouldn't be swimming, I would do the same thing as Mack Horton. It isn't fair for the other swimmers to swim against someone who was suspended once already. Now there are fresh allegations, if there is smoke there is usually fire. Ban this Chinese swimmer and take all medals won since the new allegations. Good on you Mack for standing up for your beliefs.

    Posted by Dee_Lindsay on 23 Jul 2019

  • [6] [1]
    Suzanne Day

    I don't think it has anything to do with bad sportsmanship. It has to do with his personal beliefs and no one's else. I think he handled it well. He didn't open his mouth to say a single thing once. He stood his geound where he felt comfortable, he received his medal and walked off. Now we don't know what's going on behind the scenes but he does and I feel we have to support our team no matter who that person may be, i'd Iwould like to think he had a reason for doing what he did as he's in the know and we should be supporting him for and through this. His past and present team mates are. Doesn't that tell you something????

    Posted by Suzanne Day on 23 Jul 2019

  • [0] [3]

    Clean sport is a MUST professional swimming and it’s swimmers are the representation of our Country. I believe that host of the games would be angry and say it’s bad sportsmanship

    Posted by Jeffrows58 on 23 Jul 2019

  • [8] [1]

    He had every right to protest and he did it without having to say a word.

    Posted by cactus on 23 Jul 2019

  • [6] [1]

    No Why should the guilty go unpunished If it were one of ours they would be stood down

    Posted by mairs on 23 Jul 2019

  • [1] [8]

    Yes, bad sportsmanship. If Mark can't handle losing, don't compete as simple as that. Yang hasn't been found guilty or is guilty until proven innocent? Maybe should be that way because Mark said so because he is "GREAT" athlete!!! What a loser!!!

    Posted by antodinata on 23 Jul 2019

  • [1] [9]
    Fan Yang

    clearly Mack cannot bear to lose, if he is stronger enough, he will beat Sun Yang. loser is loser, rather than kept finding Sun's weakness in relation to unproven, he should focus on his first 200m as what he describe his greatness weakness. we all knew without Sun Yang, there will be other people to fight against him for gold mental. He cannot suspect everyone else whom fast than him.

    Posted by Fan Yang on 22 Jul 2019

  • [7] [1]

    I don't think it was anything to do with bad sportsmanship. Mack clearly feels strongly that he is a cheat and does not feel in good conscience that he can associate in any way with this. If the Chinese man is innocent, I believe his hearing should have already been dealt with instead of waiting until after the Championship. I am not a swimming athlete, but I suspect those involved in the sport are pretty aware of the drug cheaters among them.

    Posted by Amanda on 22 Jul 2019

  • [7] [0]

    If the Chinese competitor proves he is 'clean', he will be vindicated. But until that happens, his previous history entitles people to draw whatever conclusions they wish.

    Posted by eddie on 22 Jul 2019

  • [6] [1]

    How would you feel after training hard for several hours per day for several years and come to a race against an opponent who has already been punished for cheating and, when he comes to be tested again, has to resort to whatever means he can to avoid it. If he was clean then he wouldn’t have needed to go to these lengths of avoidance. ( allegedly) Good on you Matt and the gold could still be yours if the “ court of arbitration” has the balls to see through this avoidance charade.

    Posted by James on 22 Jul 2019

  • [6] [1]

    I totally support Mack. The Chinese swimmers have always been under suspicion and even caught out with regular testing for dozens of years. My family members have swum for Australia and came home from one International event absolutely fuming about the obvious cheating with 'drinks' and 'tablets' openly given by the coaches and managers to the Chinese swimmers let alone what had happened out of sight or in months leading up to events. They refused to compete after that as it was the final straw. One Chinese swimmer in particular had bulked up incredibly within just six months from the previous meet and looked more like a weightlifter on the blocks and yet broke a record. Mack faced a swimmer who had been caught and banned and yet allowed back and suddenly doing incredible times out of the blue. Unless other nations take a stand against China and Russia it will continue. Matt's silent protest will reverberate around the world.

    Posted by Eileen on 22 Jul 2019

  • [6] [0]

    we all have the right to make our own comments in our own way. A silent protest can be more effective than a lot of noise.

    Posted by Elizabeth on 22 Jul 2019

  • [2] [6]

    Bad Sportsmanship. He's innocent until proven guilty.

    Posted by Hieme on 22 Jul 2019

  • [3] [0]

    He is under suspicion for this incredible performance returning after being banned.

    Posted by Eileen on 22 Jul 2019

  • [4] [7]

    Yes it was bad sportsmanship

    Posted by Daphne on 22 Jul 2019

  • [0] [2]

    If Mark felt so strongly about drug cheats why did he even bother entering the race? I bet that if he had come first he wouldn't have whinged. The media have hyped the whole thing up as usual with people arguing without even knowing the whole story.

    Posted by ere on 24 Jul 2019

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