Was It Unnecessary Force?

Yesterday a man believed to be in possession of stolen goods was tasered in the face, neck and chest after a foot pursuit with police in Sydney. Footage quickly circulated around social media showing the man with his hands up, kneeling on the ground before police repeatedly tasered him. LiveTribers, in your opinion was it unnecessary force? Were the police justified in their response? Have you seen the footage?

Posted by on 23 Jun 2020

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    Would hate to be police officer these days. They go to work everyday not knowing what they face and putting their lives in jeopardy and if people did the right thing, there would be no need for any decisions on what actions they have to take. Sometimes social media only captures one part of the whole story

    Posted by kathrod on 04 Jul 2020

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    I haven’t seen the footage but am concerned that the NSW police commissioners statement that people should be a little afraid of the police has given cops on the beat licence to use excessive force.

    Posted by mapache on 03 Jul 2020

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    I have no idea as I never saw the video but believe the media is more concerned controversy than straight reporting of the news.

    Posted by socker on 29 Jun 2020

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    I saw the footage and it definitely looked like unnecessary force to me. In fact I commented to my husband that it looked a bit rough and he agreed. However, I understand that it was only a very small part of the video that I saw and I do not know what happened before the tasering occurred. Most Police are very responsible and do a wonderful job and would not unnecessarily harm a person.

    Posted by Aussie5 on 25 Jun 2020

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    Sadly it sounds like over kill to me!. Due force is what is warranted. If he was truly contained, it sounds like heavy handed police should be stood down! This is of course all facts have been reported correctly.

    Posted by Karen on 24 Jun 2020

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    i guess one needs to assess the situation , the guy committed a crime , did he resist arrest , was he uncontrollable with drugs , did he endanger the police or onlookers ? We all see the videos of police trying to restrain the criminals , some with tragic results . Why doesn't the media show the police , paramedics , ambulance officers , being bashed , tryng to do their job in law and order , saving lives , not only the perpetrators but the people around him , family , friends , neighbours , bystanders that have had their lives affected. The media has a lot to be accountable in inciting hatred , mistrust and anger . I don't see protesters marching for the safety of the people in the front line or the medical staff that we all rely on . I tip my hat off to them in doing a selfless duty . If this is about protecting perpetrators , the media must be more balanced in their reporting . Should the public have given more support to Ivan Milat and to protect Daniel Morcombe's killer whilst in gaol . Where does one draw the line ? We are driven by the media's sensationalism to get a story , what they don't realise is by their reporting , they are gaining a posse , dissent , anger and justice in the wrong areas . Whatever happened to the tree huggers , with climate change , it would seem that it's OK to set buildings on fire , loot , riot and anarchy , for the freedom and rights of the people , as long as it's not in their backyard !

    Posted by robert on 23 Jun 2020

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    I havent seen the footage as yet but what concerns me is that we never see what happens prior to the rough treatment of a suspect. There are always two sides to every story and from what I have read (in the question above) this is just one snippet of what happened. What concerns me is all the bystanders hanging around doing nothing to assist but videoing from their phones, why? To make a quick dollar from the news services that buy the footage?

    Posted by Lesley on 23 Jun 2020

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    Some 15 years ago I attended a oleoresin capsaicin combined VicPol training session in Stawell and wherever possible OC spray is NOT to be used on the face. One would need to be at the actual incident to know the true facts. Basically ...break the law and fail to yield may lead to you being OC'd or Tasered.....using a weapon and endangering Police and or bystanders could end in death by firearm .... pretty clear I'd reckon!!?

    Posted by mact on 23 Jun 2020

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    I never believe carefully edited news footage anymore. News services nowadays appear to spend more time stirring up bystanders and getting them to pose for the cameras than genuinely and accurately reporting what is really going on. The Murdoch press has a lot to answer for.

    Posted by ere on 25 Jun 2020

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