Should the Drinking Age Be Increased?

Australians are constantly told that we are a nation of binge drinkers and that young people are especially vulnerable to the binge drinking cycle. While alcohol is still a drug, it’s a socially acceptable one. Every country sets their own legal drinking age, in France and Germany it’s 16 whereas in other countries like Maldives and Qatar it’s strictly prohibited. Do you think the drinking age should be increased or is there another way to curb our unhealthy relationship with alcohol?

Posted by on 14 Jan 2019

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    21 would b a good age to start off with

    Posted by Kim on 16 Feb 2019

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    Yes, and drinking cannot be considered as a good habit though.

    Posted by Shayamalie on 16 Feb 2019

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    Yes for safety reasons

    Posted by Kym on 15 Feb 2019

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    Having 18 as the age limit means young people still have the time to develop while it still sets a reasonable time to wait for. I feel that places where the age limit is 21 make kids start earlier because it seems too long to wait, but 18 seems reasonable. Anyways if you want the new generations to have a healthy relationship with alcohol, it starts with their parents being open to it and teaching by example, not judgement.

    Posted by enna on 11 Feb 2019

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    Yes too many young people died due to car accidents and violence caused by alcohol

    Posted by Elaine on 08 Feb 2019

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    I believe it should be bend up until a young persons brain has reached it full functioning meaning full maturity and cognitive alcohol at this time is depramentle as it can coz acute acquired brainal injuries....and long term disability which the government should not fund due to they did it to them selves it was not an acsadent but there own ingnrence after all the worning of alcoholism and drink dus to your brain and body....

    Posted by Jess51219887 on 02 Feb 2019

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    It doesn't matter if the drinking age is increased. It wont change a damn thing. Binge drinking has been going on for ages ever since alcohol beverages was introduced in the market. With the amount of underage kids or even those old enough who can drink and can't hold themselves together and are drunk like total lunatics and act all tough and crazy in puplic. It is a disgrace to the actual purpose of alcohol. I guess they should have been educated at home for this. Atleast have some adult figure to teach them if they wanted to do something, there is an appropriate way of doing so. Alcohol was used as a means for socialising, for important meetings and celebrations, it was also used for relaxing the body after a HARD DAYS WORK for HARD WORKING PEOPLE. Oh well, it doesn't matter now. Better to spread the good news before more and more people make some serious regrets in their lives .

    Posted by Nathan on 22 Jan 2019

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    The brain doesn’t stop developing till 25 so it should definitely be increased. Also the arrogance of teenagers these days is disgusting. They think they are the only ones who have the right to be out and harass older people just for being out enjoying themselves.. like me at mid 40’s

    Posted by Nicky on 19 Jan 2019

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    Drinking should be from the age 18 and up

    Posted by Nikki on 19 Jan 2019

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    No, if one is considered old enough to join the army and risk war and vote then they old enough to drink or smoke .

    Posted by squeekums1 on 17 Jan 2019

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    Yes up to 21 like it was years ago

    Posted by CHRISTINE on 16 Jan 2019

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    Yes, to 100.

    Posted by Tonyporritt on 16 Jan 2019

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    no, particularly in Australia we are known for our drinking culture. why ruin it because of the few black sheep. There will always be bad people with everything, the most we can do is educate. Although the legal drinking age will be increased, it will not suppress the underage from drinking

    Posted by Nellynat on 16 Jan 2019

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    Make it 21 years of age

    Posted by Tatt on 15 Jan 2019

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    Moderation in drinking is preferred. But alcohol- drinking definitely affects physical and mental well-being having usually not good impact on loved ones.

    Posted by Heema on 15 Jan 2019

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    Keep it a 18. Alchole affects many people of different ages. More education on addiction and braking habits

    Posted by Sidoni on 15 Jan 2019

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    I have 3 siblings and we were all allowed to drink (wirh family), from a very early age. Red wine with dinner etc. I am the youngest of 4 and drink occasionally, whereas none of my siblings drink at all. Simply not interested. I think that allowing children to drink at home with parental guidance demystifys alcohol insomuch as there is no interest in experimentation with something that has always been available at home. All people are different, and, legal or not, those that wish to try alcohol, or other illicit substances will do so, regardless of legal age. I would be reticent to put drinking age higher than 28 anyway as that is legal age for voting and going to war ...

    Posted by Lena on 15 Jan 2019

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    I meant 18, not 28

    Posted by Lena on 15 Jan 2019

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    I think it doesnt matter what the legal age is, people are still going to find away to get it and drink it.

    Posted by Kelti on 15 Jan 2019

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    Well, yes, but it may not have as much of an effect as you may have wished for. Better policing, banning marketing & ads to target kids, like alcopops & beer-battered fries, taxing the hell out of it, education in schools, workplace enforcement measures should all happen in concert before any real progress can be made. Make it socially unpopular. Actually ban politicians from drinking the stuff & all those in positions of authority so they can get on with being better models & run the country/do their jobs better then nobody'd have a need to turn to alcohol to 'escape' such a poorly run country and the terrible 'reality' we find ourselves in.

    Posted by vegandelight on 15 Jan 2019

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    Yes the drinking age AND getting a driver's licence should both be 18

    Posted by wendy on 15 Jan 2019

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    Posted by Barry on 15 Jan 2019

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    Keep it at 18 because it doesn't really matter what age it is, people will still fimd a way to get their hands on it.

    Posted by Meds on 15 Jan 2019

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    I think it should just stay at 18.

    Posted by Anessa on 15 Jan 2019

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    I agreed that setting up legal age for drinking and taking alcohol is a must for all country to reduce domestic violence within families associations and in public

    Posted by Elisapeta on 15 Jan 2019

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    it literally won't make a difference, i drank for the first time at age 14 because teens always find a way to get their hands on alcohol. whatever the drinking age is, there will still be young people who drink irresponsibly, and there's really nothing we can do apart from try to educate them more.

    Posted by Beatriz on 15 Jan 2019

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    sholud be 18

    Posted by Lakhvir on 15 Jan 2019

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    Yes, definitely raise the drinking age to 21. Some young people just don't seem to know when to stop drinking once they have started. It is sad that many people of all ages feel that they cannot have fun without over-indulging in alcohol or drugs. I have been a teetotaller all of my life and have always had a wonderful time socially without the use of alcohol or drugs.

    Posted by Aussie5 on 15 Jan 2019

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    The responsibility should be with the drinker, but when they show an inability to do this, minimum ages for people drinking alcohol have to be set, in Australia, the latter the better.

    Posted by David on 15 Jan 2019

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    Yes back up to 21

    Posted by Nikki on 15 Jan 2019

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    yes back to 20

    Posted by Valerie on 15 Jan 2019

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    It should be 21 and should not have been lowered in the first place.

    Posted by jude21 on 15 Jan 2019

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    Yes put it back up to 21

    Posted by Lynne on 15 Jan 2019

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    With two teenagers killed while taking drugs at a concert and it is without doubt these teenagers were probally 'binge drinking' as well .it would be a good idea to raise the legal limit to 21 which is a more responsible age,rather than the limit at the moment.But, like the 'Probation Years' they will find some way to get alcohol fix.

    Posted by Emanuel on 15 Jan 2019

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    Sugar Ray

    I agree with aussieladie, It doesn't make any difference, because no matter what the law is teenagers still manage to get their hands on alcohol. I grew up in a strict anti alcohol Salvation Army/Methodist household in the country, where my brother was an alcoholic at 16 and kicked out of the house, my two sisters were drinking and hiding it from Mum & Dad, and I found alcohol readily available through my friends as a teenager. Then later we found out that Mum was a closet drinker and had a "secret stash" throughout the house and she was the Salvationist side of the family. Age restrictions do nothing to stop alcohol consumption, as restrictions of any kind just make rebellious teenagers want to do the behaviour even more. Look at the current illicit drug issues? I spent many years travelling to the US where the legal drinking age is 21, but that doesn't stop 16-17 year old kids getting their hands on it. NO FORM OF PROHIBITION WILL EVER WORK!

    Posted by Sugar Ray on 15 Jan 2019

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    Yes I think it should be changed to 21 when hopefully young people will be more responsible. However I agree that under-age drinkers will find a way to get hold of alcohol and just thumb their collective noses at any new law.

    Posted by Vonnie on 15 Jan 2019

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    This becomes a difficult issue. Yes and no where the legal age to drink is only legal in the those who respect our laws follow our laws . There will always be those who chooses to flaaunt thee law where drinking is an isssue. WHYY CAANT AALL CARS, TTRUCKS, SEMIS, AANY VECHCAL ATT ALL BE FITTED WITH THOSE KEY LOCCKS THAT ANY ALCAHol ON YOUR BREATHE THE CAR WILL NOT START

    Posted by ShepBos on 15 Jan 2019

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    Yes. I believe that the age should be increased to 21 years. It may not stop underage drinking but it will keep the underage out of licenced premises. People would need to have a 21 + card or other photo ID displaying their date of birth. Instead of teaching Marxism in the schools the time would be better spent on teaching life skills!

    Posted by Colin on 15 Jan 2019

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    If the age for drinking is increased their will simply be more underage drinkers. I don't have a workable solution to the problem yet. I'm working on it

    Posted by Susanne on 15 Jan 2019

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    No matter what the laws are young people will find a way to get it, I did when I was a teenager back in the 1970's & got rotten drunk while staying at a friend's home where the parents were away for the weekend. Found her father's stash of home brew, putrid stuff but because it was forbidden we drank it. Young people, males especially, are risk takers & the attraction of alcohol & illicit drugs is something that most of them can't resist. Increasing the age will not fix the problems we are facing today because the marketing is geared towards young people & that is where changes should be made. It should not be advertised in a way that makes it attractive or fashionable to be seen to have an alcoholic drink. Reduce the alcohol content & change the packaging for Alco-pops. It is the alcohol content that causes them to get drunk quickly & I have seen them using the energy drinks with alcohol before going out with the intention of getting stupidly & blindly drunk. Put more of the shock ads on drunk driving, they worked on my age group years ago but these days they are too soft. This one did a great job of waking us up.

    Posted by aussieladee on 15 Jan 2019

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    I agree with aussieladee as far as showing  shock ads on drunk driving.  I only have to look at the latest ads for cigarettes which make me sick.  I know of 2 young people who have given up because of these ads.  It could do the same.  Unfortunately if the age is raised to 21 they will still be able to get it from someone else.

    Posted by Likeable on 25 Jan 2019

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    No but the drinks available should be less alcoholic. Young people will be less drunk healthier, save their life. Longer to get drunk and girls will drink less alcohol To do this until they are 21 years if age would be helpful. Then they would have drinking experience, like a P Plater.

    Posted by Tina on 14 Jan 2019

  • [1] [0]

    I agree that the legal age should be 21yrs of age. Your more mature at this age and hopefully responsible.

    Posted by Selina on 14 Jan 2019

  • [1] [0]

    It should go back to 21 that have just left school at ,18

    Posted by Christine on 14 Jan 2019

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    As a young thinking "oldie" I do think 21 is more reasonable and agree with Marty. I grew up in the English countryside and when you are driving around country lanes with huge cattle trucks etc around every corner, or trying to overtake you, being 21 you have better judgement. also when a group of us went out together, one had to be the designated driver - and that was going back over 50 years - maybe we had more sense then or maybe our parents worried more.

    Posted by madmax on 14 Jan 2019

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    Yes drinking age should be higher bcause kids nowadays cannot control themselves when drunk. They end up being wreckers of properties, killers, not respecting others etc.

    Posted by Tulua on 14 Jan 2019

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    As Socker writes you are old enough to fight a war and die at 18, however this activity is only following strict and severe training. The drinking of alcohol is not well trained and merely following other person's habitual activity. Different body types and genders react totally different to alcohol, so there can really not be an age restriction. Alcohol and smoking tobacco products are harmful to any age group and need to be handled with care. In my personal view, the minimum age for drinking alcohol, smoking and driving should all be raised to 21.

    Posted by MARTY on 14 Jan 2019

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    There wasn't much in the way of training when my brother was conscripted at 18to go to Vietnam...

    Posted by Lena on 15 Jan 2019

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    This a difficult subject to discuss as at 18 you are old enough to fight a war and maybe die so they should be allowed to legally drink alcohol. So unless the age of signing up for the armed forces is increased then definitely no.

    Posted by socker on 14 Jan 2019

  • [2] [2]

    At this early stage of life the brain is more than capable of deciding when and how much to drink before you become a danger to yourself and others. However the immaturity at this stage lets emotions, bravado and peer pressure to do stupid things. I think the age barrier could be dropped to 16, however much higher penalties be introduced for drunk driving and behavior at any age.

    Posted by Robot37 on 14 Jan 2019

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    Yes, negative reinforcement seldom, if ever, works.

    Posted by Lena on 15 Jan 2019

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