Should The Australian Police Have Charged And Arrested Two Teenage Boys Over The Killing of 14 Kangaroos?

Locals found the slaughtered animals on two different roads at Batemans Bay on Saturday, prompting a police investigation whereupon New South Wales Police advised the kangaroo packs had been hit by a car. They arrested two 17 year old boys on Monday. Police did not provide any information on the motivation of the accused, however, they have been charged with recklessly killing an animal, and will appear in court next month. What are your thoughts LiveTribers? Should the Australian Police have charged and arrested the two teenage boys?

Posted by on 13 Oct 2021

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    Absolutely they shouldve,I mean killing innocent defenceless animals in a calous way and who knows if it stops at animals and turns toward humans..only a matter of time

    Posted by Adrian on 17 Oct 2021

  • [1] [0]

    Yes and I bet they get the least punishment

    Posted by Barry on 17 Oct 2021

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    Yes they definetly deserved to be charged , hope the Judge will also punish them appropiately .

    Posted by lotte13 on 16 Oct 2021

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    Yes, the police did the right thing. No one should be exempt from hurting/killing such animals.

    Posted by BuzzDot on 15 Oct 2021

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    Absolutely, some Forensic Psychiatrists postulate that children and young teens who have a penchant for cruelty to animals often go on to other criminality including partner abuse. No doubt some soft cock Magistrate or Judge will let them of with slap on the wrist and no doubt the ring leader will likely go onto criminality in his life most likely involving assault or worse. !

    Posted by mact on 15 Oct 2021

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    Nice One

    Of course they should be charged and jailed

    Posted by Nice One on 14 Oct 2021

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    Yes. Definitely charge and lock them up, if they get away with this massacre, what will they do next? Slaughter 17 koalas? , They cannot get away with this. No Way

    Posted by mishaman65 on 14 Oct 2021

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    This is the first I've heard about the incident and if Aussie5 reported is correct they should definitely be charged. They need to understand that this is not acceptable behaviour.

    Posted by Peter on 14 Oct 2021

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    They definitely need to be arrested and charged. There was nothing accidental about the murder of Australia's wildlife. They are 17 years old and do not know any better??? What sort of adults will they turn out to be if they are not charged? What sort of upbringing have they had that this is acceptable?

    Posted by michb on 13 Oct 2021

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    Definitely they should be arrested and charged. I doubt they could have accidentally run into two packs of kangaroos on two different roads by accident. The kangaroos in that area are used to humans and cars, so would have been sitting ducks for the boys to run into them. We saw extremely bright spotlights in the area that night and if it was on the car of these boys, there is no way they could have not seen the packs of kangaroos. Also the area was under Stay at Home orders on that date, so they should not have been out driving around anyway.

    Posted by Aussie5 on 13 Oct 2021

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    I'd hadn't heard about these allegations but if they are true the boys should be made to pick up the remains of animals hit by cars for an extended period. A good way to learn a lesson.

    Posted by ere on 14 Oct 2021

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