Should Protesters Self-Isolate?

Despite mass gatherings being banned, protests continued around Australia last weekend and it has many Aussies worried about a second wave of COVID-19 infections. The Australian Medical Association yesterday issued a plea for the thousands of protesters that attended marches to keep their distance from the community for 14 days in a bid to curb further infections. However the organizers of the BLM protests have rubbished those claims saying that people were abiding by social distancing rules. What do you think LiveTribers? Should protesters self isolate from the community? Do you think there will be a second wave? Are you worried about another spike in COVID-19 infections?

Posted by on 09 Jun 2020

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    Melbourne is in a grip of rising covid-19 infections but not so much by the protesters but by family gatherings it seems. Not looking good down there and I wish our NSW/Qld border would stay closed but the Victorians are finding very sneaky ways to get around our border control. We have been free of this virus now for some time and never had a lot of infections anyway. If Victorians come to our state and bring the virus I think that is tantamount to gross negligence and stupidity as well. Someone or many people will die if this outbreak in Victoria escalates around the country.

    Posted by coaster on 05 Jul 2020

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    Suzanne Day

    I personally don't think the protests should be allowed to go ahead at this time. They should be fined or something. They flaunt the rules and don't follow social distancing rules. They can't if they are to gather as a protest. Yes they should self isolate if they choose to be irresponsible and get together with others that closely and yes it does worry me that these people are the ones that will start the second wave of the virus throughout the community. I have a low immunity and I have just started going out when necessary. I'm not looking forward to being hauled up again because of a few selfish few in our community. I think it's extremely wrong.

    Posted by Suzanne Day on 19 Jun 2020

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    Infections are now starting to show up amongst the protesters. They are irresponsible thinking their issues are more important than the lives of Australians of all cultures

    Posted by coaster on 18 Jun 2020

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    They should not be flouting social distancing rules in the first place. How dumb, selfish and ignorant can some people be!?? Lawbreakers ought to be fined and made to pay for their Covid 19 subsequent health checks!!

    Posted by mact on 12 Jun 2020

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    Well the guy at the Melbourne protest who tested positive must be feeling pretty awesome at the moment especially if he has infected others. I am not sure the protestors know what they are screaming about. If it is black deaths in custody in Australia, they need to check facts about Aboriginal deaths in the community, in their own back yards. I dont care what colour your skin is, we all need to do the right thing. All lives matter.

    Posted by Lesley on 12 Jun 2020

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    Firstly, the protests should have not been allowed. The protesters should absolutely self isolate to protect the rest of us who have been doing the right thing. There was no social distancing going on from the online videos I watched. There have already been more reported cases since the protests and there will certainly be more. Its only the start of winter here so we will have to wait and see what happens. The Government is at fault for allowing the protests to go ahead, yet we have such limited numbers allowed for funerals and weddings. It just doesn't make sense to me.

    Posted by angrymum on 12 Jun 2020

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    How could everyone asure if people joined have been following self isolate? Second wave will come for sure

    Posted by Mikhail on 12 Jun 2020

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    Yes. They should self-isolate from the community for 14 days. I am immunocompromised and older so do worry about a second wave. At present, I am still self-isolating. If there is a second wave, my period of self-isolation will have to be extended further. I watched some of the demonstrations on TV and many certainly weren't social distancing. Don't they care about their families and friends? Aren't they worried they might catch COVID-19 or pass it on to their families? Why not protest online, instead of potentially endangering the lives of themselves and many others? Now is not the time to be gathering en masse to protest. I can only pray that a second wave does not occur.

    Posted by Aussie5 on 11 Jun 2020

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    Totally agree with everything you say.

    Posted by angrymum on 12 Jun 2020

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    Self isolation from the community by those who had enough guts to gather across the globe in

    Posted by kiwitackle on 11 Jun 2020

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    their thousands to deliver their message that BLM which was seen on news reels across the globe, It will be interesting to see how these civic minded people demonstrate that ALM, thats all lives matter

    Posted by kiwitackle on 11 Jun 2020

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    COVID-19 is a disaster for the entire world. So, protesters should maintain social distancing, should not be too crowded, because corona virus is pandemic. It might attack again if people don't follow social distancing. The protesters should look into the community as a whole. They can protest on line or by other means, not to do physically.

    Posted by Amit_Ch. on 10 Jun 2020

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    I am worried about a second wave for myself as an aged person and the chaos it will create in the community again.

    Posted by Thelma on 09 Jun 2020

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    Our PC politicians and police too intimidated to arrest any of the outraged demo lawbreakers flagrantly abusing the social distancing laws. One rule for the woke demonstraters another rule for the rest of us!! We are all regardless of colour and culture governed by the SAME laws....what a two faced hypocritical response by those in charge of our safety!!!!

    Posted by mact on 09 Jun 2020

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    If & only if they want to! They are law abiding citizens who exercised a basic democratic right & did abide by, as much as possible, all applicable laws surrounding public gatherings - with which the authorities on the ground were well pleased with. The Medical Profession are Not Government! They should have zero to do with creating, passing & enforcing laws, whether during a "plandemic" or otherwise. They should Never have been permitted to be such a powerful, unquestionable 'lobby group' within government. There may be a 'second wave' if they think they can get away with it. Too many now know what happened with the 'first wave' though & will not be afraid to expose those behind it all, given half a chance after Section 230 gets overturned in the USA. Put it this way, if there's a second wave in 'infections', through the usual means that have been previously tried, like assigning anything with even distantly related symptoms as a "covid-19 infection' & assigning any number of the 100000 hospital deaths that occur each & every year here in Oz as a "covid-19 death" , then you can expect a second wave of protests, even bigger than now & big enough to paralyze governments. People are sick to death of being lied to constantly by those in authority. Check the "film my hospital" hashtag to see just how empty hospitals around the world have been throughout this - not full of anything except dancing nurses & basketball playing medical teams. People are sick of the media making such a spectacle out of something that those with money & power have cooked up to destroy humanity with. They never publish anything about the 2.59 million pneumonia deaths every single year because there's no agenda there & no money changing hands because of it, for just one example.

    Posted by vegandelight on 09 Jun 2020

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    Cannot agree with you. 1000's are dying every day from this virus and it is not finished by half. Yes people die from the flu and other illnesses but not in the numbers that will come out of this virus. People have been isolated in this country and thankfully that has kept the numbers very very low but these protests will endanger many people with one already confirmed covid-19 participant testing positive. How many will that person infect with ongoing implications. I am 70 and in the high risk area. I have taken all precautions but it only takes one selfish idiot to undo all the work I and others have done. I am sick of all these conspiracy theorists talking rubbish. Facts are this virus is a killer and it will continue to kill until it has run it's course. Fact is if everyone isolated and did the right thing it will be eliminated quicker.

    Posted by coaster on 12 Jun 2020

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    It's interesting to note how everyone who doesn't tow the Fascist, authoritarian viewpoint gets labelled as a "Conspiracy Theorist". Do you know where & when that term first came into use? I'm sure you can recall! It was used by the CIA to destroy anyone who disagreed with the Warren Investigation into the Kennedy assassination. If you cared to look, there are a great many well-backed medical, government & other professionals who have already proven the numbers of both infected & deaths have been re-classified, mis-reported, untimely, etc, etc due to in the first instance, no testing at all & then completely wrong testing pretty much the world over. The hard evidence has been circulated even in the mass media the world over. A quick google search (yes, even the highly censored google, facebook, youtube, instagram, etc) brings up a myriad of peer-reviewed articles confirming many things already reported elsewhere. Yes, thousands die everyday, but not from Covid-19 & the numbers of other 'pandemics' in recent times are so very much higher in both infections & deaths. Isolation or not makes zero difference. They will get their numbers one way or the other. You say that " is not finished by half". I guess you have chosen to completely ignore the graphs from this country & many others that show the number of infections & deaths have reached their peaks long ago & most of the world are well & truly on the falling side of the bell curve. The USA are way ahead in calling hoaxes out. The black community there were the first to call 'hoax' on the George Floyd incident & posted online in huge numbers with hundreds of contradictory videos to the official narrative. Yes, a lot of good came out of it all, even down here, where cases from years ago were dug up, petitioned in large numbers & re-examined. However, back to the main issue... I'll give you an example - ten seconds of Google Searching found a Bloomberg News article written by a maths professor, hedge-fund analyst, author & data scientist. The tests are not being done on those labelled as having covid-19 & they are wildly inaccurate, non-specific, don't rule out other coronaviruses which have been around here and everywhere else for many winters already... rules regarding who gets hospitalized & who doesn't change significantly in each country... reporting isn't there as people are seeing those admitted to hospital with unrelated symptoms end up dead days or weeks later from 'covid-19'. Suiciding patients, doctors & staff jumping from hospital windows means something horrible is going on in there. Deaths are never reported consistently nor immediately. France saw a 40% jump in deaths once they started counting nursing home deaths half-way through. The dead aren't tested for covid-19 - it's again a 'judgement call'. Officials are being manipulated. That's just ten points. The biggest admission, earlier this week, by the WHO, is a clear indication this was a total sham. I'll quote Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, head of WHO's emerging diseases & zoonosis unit, "from the data we have, it still seems to be very rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual"! Now, this asymptomatic spread was the very reason we were told to lockdown, social distance, wear masks, take vaccines & download another spy app for contact tracing. Now, all of this is unnecessary, we are told, & all we need to do is remove anyone who shows all the symptoms & get them to self isolate.

    Posted by vegandelight on 13 Jun 2020

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    If the Government wasn't worried about bad publicity and votes in the next election they would have enforced their own regulations well before these protests started. I pray that none of the protesters had Covid19 and have infected others causing a second wave of deaths that will exceed everything we have seen to date. While everyone has the right to protest when it endangers the health/lives of others they must be condemned for their reckless actions.

    Posted by ere on 10 Jun 2020

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