Should COVID-19 Vaccine Be Mandatory In Australia?

As COVID vaccine is set to roll out in Australia, there are discussions over whether it should be mandatory or voluntary. The Government has not made the vaccination to be mandatory yet, however, some industries may demand their workers to get vaccinated. Some believe that the vaccine can technically be mandatory in the country but there are still questions on the safety and approval of this vaccination. Livetribers, do you think the vaccination should be mandatory or it should remain voluntary? Would you prefer to have COVID vaccine?

Posted by on 15 Feb 2021

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    no to mandatory we should never be forced into medical procedures

    Posted by squeekums1 on 01 Mar 2021

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    Well it is complex question. The government should just address why getting the jab is important and so forth I personally would not make it mandatory it will give people a choice to make up their own minds etc.and maybe stop thevanti vaxxers from disturbing peace towards those are trying to do the right thing by their own health. I will definitely get the jab when it is my turn as i have a compromised immune and on immunosuppressive medications.

    Posted by Lisa on 23 Feb 2021

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    Voluntary but if you work in some jobs you can understand that they may require you to have it. I also would like to think that all tourists entering Australia have been vaccinated. I have an autoimmune disease and take immunosuppressive medication but I still plan to get it if recommended by my specialist

    Posted by mooo on 23 Feb 2021

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    Definitely not. This so called 'vaccine' has been rolled out much too quickly, and there have been heartbreaking reports of devastating side effects (one woman cannot stop violently shaking, and other woman is paralysed down one side of her face) There have also been deaths. I'm not anti-vax by a long shot, but I believe it should have been more rigorously tested

    Posted by Kitty000 on 22 Feb 2021

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    Where did you hear of these "devastating side effects and deaths" KItty000? I suspect it was from someone who has no inkling of what is really happening. It is a shame that people spread unfounded rumours without proof. It really does sound like an anti-vaxer story. We have been told that the vaccines have been through very rigorous testing, albeit quicker than usual because of the dire need for them. I am very anxious to receive my vaccine.

    Posted by Aussie5 on 23 Feb 2021

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    At last, someone with common sense, something that is sadly lacking these days.

    Posted by Annbee on 02 Mar 2021

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    If there's a medically acceptable reason, allergies etc that would be an acceptable reason otherwise the policy should be "No jab no job, no Centrelink benefits". Without vaccines deadly diseases like small pox and polio etc would still be killing or disabling both children and adults. The extremist luddites like anti-vaxers should be censored for spreading misinformation and harmful rumours. Just lock them all up together with some Covid viruses thrown in and watch them suddenly see the light.

    Posted by ere on 19 Feb 2021

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    I think the Family Dr. should do the checks and make sure the person has the correct health to accept the vaccine and which one is best. People who are sick like lung cancer patients and auto immune diseases can’t afford to be injected with any extra virus. Hope the vaccine saves lives.

    Posted by flowerpot on 17 Feb 2021

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    I think people should contact their family doctor to ascertain whether it is safe for them to do so. Some people may have an allergy etc.

    Posted by Rae on 17 Feb 2021

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    Some people such as those in aged care homes will not have a choice, neither those who work there, nor those who live there [to keep each other safe]. The same will happen in hospitals where those who have to go for treatment every few days, or every week, or every month will be required to have the vaccine in case of an outbreak with these ailing people and the staff that treat them. Perhaps this will cause a few more deaths as the vaccine hasn't been tested on those who are currently suffering with their immune system. Who knows? But the thought of the whole area having to go through mandatory quarantine, staff and patients, where perhaps the machines keeping them alive are only in a hospital and treatment cannot be given elsewhere, is something I am trying hard not to contemplate. And of course, families of these patients will also be on tenterhooks until their turn comes around to get the vaccine, especially the carers who are often so much younger than the patient.

    Posted by CILLY0 on 16 Feb 2021

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    I wonder who will make it mandatory first? The Government to get as many people as possible protected? Or Employers wanting to ensure employees are protected and therefore asking for your covid vaccine record? The employer pressure might be in particular industries like airlines, customs or tourism where staff are dealing with overseas visitors perhaps - and will stop quarantines for incoming visitors. So 'mandatory' could be industry based? might be

    Posted by Aatrasoh on 16 Feb 2021

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    If it's safe and effective....then absolutely! Antivaxers don't count ...they'll just die from covid related viruses.....absolute Luddites!!! Despite all the incontrovertible facts about most vaccines could any thinking adult refuse a vaccine??!. Bring on the best modern medicine and save millions!!!

    Posted by mact on 15 Feb 2021

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    Regardless of if it is best for everyone until such time as it has been properly tested it is inappropriate for a vaccine to be made mandatory. until independent medical studies are conducted and sufficient evidence is provided to prove the safety and effectiveness of this vaccine then no it should not be mandatory. I do not trust the rushed roll out of this medicine. Given the fact that it has also already been established that the vaccine currently being administered has less than an 95% efficiency rate i would also say no as well. 65% effectiveness is not enough to force a jab on the country that does not do what it claims to

    Posted by Chani35 on 15 Feb 2021

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    I agree. I had the flu jab in 2017. A fortnight later - I got a severe flu, even relapsed. So much for the flu shot. I won't be getting the COVID vaccine

    Posted by Kitty000 on 22 Feb 2021

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    This issue really isn't about a public debate . As serious as the media /government/public opinion make this , shouldn't a person , a member of the public , a citizen of this nation have the injection for the protecting of everyone . Whatever your religious or personal predilection take a backward seat . Effectively the decliners are putting this nation at risk . Those objectors should be interned for the safety of the general populace until the virus is contained . This sounds harsh , but those objectors are potentially carriers .

    Posted by robert on 15 Feb 2021

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    It would be best if it was mandatory, but in reality that is not possible. I could foresee issues with those who object to vaccinations on religious grounds, those who would be unable to receive it on medical grounds and of course, not forgetting the ever important anti vaxxers,

    Posted by Mustang6000 on 15 Feb 2021

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