Should Children Be Taught Basic Life Skills As Part Of Their Schooling?

Should children be taught basic life skills such as filling in a tax return and applying for a Tax File Number, changing a tyre and going to a job interview? What do you think LiveTribers? Should children be taught social skills, basic civility, critical thinking skills, job skills and daily living skills as part of their schooling?

Posted by on 29 Apr 2021

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    Yes because unfortunately many parents are failing to do so. Sad but true

    Posted by mooo on 11 May 2021

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    if they are mature enough to have the responsibility then of course most kids don't get taught things like this and when it really time to do it they have no clue and look for their parents to do everything kids should be taught many things as they are growing up instead of having their heads in technology which is most of the time.

    Posted by BINDI on 09 May 2021

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    Yes, a lot of kids don't have their family teach them enough or properly. Also should include basic finance skills, how to save, banking, investing, planning for retirement etc.

    Posted by musicveg on 07 May 2021

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    Certainly/Defiantly basic Life Skills should be taught as part of their schooling. However It should not be an added responsibility(burden) on the Teachers. When you talk about training or teaching children its natural and practical to think of the SCHOOL as that's where children spend seven hours of the day and thats where they learn ( just anything). But life skills begins at home. therefor it should be discussed between parents and Teachers and the Edu: Dep: Why cant schools (middle schools and High schools) allocate one period of the week to have Clubs such as Gardening, Cookery, computer, camping , First aid, Housekeeping, childminding, Journalism , Advertising, sailing Swimming, Motorcars even Mathematics and Literature etc This is best held in the last period on a Thursday or Friday and every semester they must change their choice of the club. and I am sure there are parents working or experienced in all of these topics/subjects. 80% of the responsibility should be given to the Parents. however teachers should have the time and the planing as we are trained to come up with aplan for every semester for the subjects we teach. The department should hire retired teachers for this day. A parent/s who are motor mechanics can teach how to change a tire and how a simple Engine works What are pistons what does Spark plugs do and why do we need to put pet-roll. In cooking They will learn the basic terms such as boilling , steaming, deep frying and shallow frying . to make a simple cake or Bread, to make a sandwich and to make an omelette. to boil an egg and to make a cup of tea and coffee. for gardening they gan grow some vegetables in the school itself and also how to grow vegetables in pots children will learn about the soil, seasons import ens of sun , water and soil nutrients and most impotently to respect the environment-and to appreciate Nature and not to abuse the environment. Childcare club can visit a child care center and they can read them books or play with them outdoors, Children can also be allowed or given to clean and wash the little tables and chairs, Pack toys and equipment away. Gardening club should also teach the students how to start a lawn mower and also how to maintain it, I am Sandyani (Sandy) When I did my teacher practicums I experienced this, It was a Middle school in Nightcliff,

    Posted by Sandyani on 07 May 2021

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    Life Skills to me are more about things you do at home, like cooking, and helping your parents do things like make your own bed doing things aroudn the home taught in the home. Parents should also be teaching children respect off your elders and others, mine did but today it seems that doesn't exist at all. Also being civil is a basic life skill learnt not in school but taught in the home. Used to be taught cooking in Primary School in a class called Mothercraft, but that is old school which went out the window along with most things that set up life years ago. The other life skills you mention here are more for those heading into high schools and then getting a job that can be taught by teachers or lecturers that come into the classroom to teach children/teenagers as they head into the working life they will lead after school.

    Posted by Fay on 06 May 2021

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    I think children should be children playing and having fun, although these skills are perfect for kids in high school this prepares them for the real world when they school.

    Posted by Amanda on 06 May 2021

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    Yes, children should be taught these things by their parents and family. It is very unfair for teachers to have to teach these things as well. Children today are falling way behind with spelling, writing and maths. I have a high school maths teacher friend who is teaching year 11 and year 12 students who don't know their times tables. These students are doing advanced maths as part of their VCE. He has found some children do not know their shapes, such as rectangles etc. They are in their late primary school and early high school years. He is helping them now to learn what should have been taught years ago. It was reported lately that many grade 1 students can't count to 20 and/ or don't know the alphabet. My 6 year old child can count past 100 and learnt the alphabet when she was a toddler (2 or 3). Parents and teachers need to ensure that children can count, know their times tables, know their alphabet and shapes. Watching Sesame Street, Play School and Wally Kazaam also can help with this too. It is so important for children to do reading and practice their spelling daily, to help them in later life. Otherwise, they will really struggle with school, further education and getting a job.

    Posted by tassiegirl on 05 May 2021

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    Absolutely. Now apart from the fact that the kids should arrive at school with knowledge of shapes and colours, numbers and the alphabet courtesy of Play School and Sesame Street - really, what ARE they being taught? Political correctness, how to find all kinds of imaginary "discrimination", their "rights" to ignore society's norms in order to express their "individuality?" Surely these things can't have taken over the ENTIRE time that used to be allotted to make the brats at least semi-numerate and literate?

    Posted by mysteron347 on 09 May 2021

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    If you have the child, you should step up to the plate and teach them how to live in the real world. Deficient parents usually lead to deficient kids from my observation and no amount of schooling is usually going to change that. There are always exceptions to the rule. Teachers are not employed to be the parents. Lets give kids opportunities at school not cram them full of rubbish. Experiential learning is a great way to teach kids who cannot learn by sitting in a class. Add the 3 Rs into that experience.

    Posted by Akkaydrah on 04 May 2021

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    Isn't that what parents should do? For God's sake do NOT expect overworked, exhausted teachers do do any more. So many are leaving the education systems both public and private because they are burned out and get no support from most parents in the struggle to make students able to do the basics of reading, writing , spelling and adding up more than two numbers without a computer doing it for them (often wrongly). Do not have children if you are not going to be responsible for their life skills.

    Posted by Eileen on 03 May 2021

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    Definately yes.

    Posted by Cheryl on 02 May 2021

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    I would think that parents would teach many of these things. As soon as I bought a car, my father taught me how to change the tyres, check the spark plugs, check the oil, etc. I learned to fill in a tax return through watching my parents do it. I automatically picked up social skills just through mixing with other children at school. I was taught basic civility at home, as my parents were always polite to us and to each other. I learned to cook, sew and wash at a very young age through helping my mother. Job skills are usually learned on the job or by training at a TAFE or similar. I was never taught critical thinking skills, yet have always managed to solve problems, etc. I think perhaps people sometimes get carried away with the need to teach people certain skills, when a good dose of common sense will get you through most things.

    Posted by Aussie5 on 30 Apr 2021

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    Ben Franklin once said common sense is not that common. Love your thinking though :-)

    Posted by Akkaydrah on 04 May 2021

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    Yes my parents taught me all those things as well.It was apart of growing up,learning about life. I think common sense is rare these days.

    Posted by Jannette on 30 Apr 2021

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    I agree in principle, yet which skills will be squeezed in - as Mact rightly points out the day is full. Learning budgeting and St Johns First Aid might be helpful life-long skills.

    Posted by Aatrasoh on 30 Apr 2021

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    Most definitely YES! But temember Teacher Associations have said that the School Curriculum is already too crowded.....the question is what should go and what should remain. And then there is the quality of Teaching and the lowered Tertiary entrance standards for the Profession. Not so simple!

    Posted by mact on 29 Apr 2021

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