Should Australia Provide Long Term Housing For Homeless?

While most countries are experiencing a boom in homeless populations, Finland has experienced a massive decrease. That’s because they’ve implemented long term permanent housing for those struggling. Salvation Army building, was converted from an emergency shelter to an 81-apartment supported housing unit. Does this sound like a good idea? Do you think Australia should implement something similar?

Posted by on 16 Mar 2020

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    Has Anyone heard or read any comments regarding the homeless During the coronaviris?? I have not heard or read anything......Where are they supposed to go in these times when we enjoy the safety of our own accomodation.?

    Posted by Garry on 27 Mar 2020

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    I have thought of them a lot,most charities have had to close their doors due to social distancing .I do hope there is some charity out there for them,I agree there has been no mention of the homeless any where . It makes me so grateful for the comfort of my own accommodation.

    Posted by Jannette on 28 Mar 2020

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    That would be a great idea, however I suppose that would depend on homeless individuals themselves and the reasoning behind their situation. Simply because there are some homeless people who actually prefer that life style due to not being obligated to paying weekly or monthly expenses. But for the ones who do not choose that lifestyle and has been subjected to these circumstances because they have absolutely no financial support, then I think that some type of income or financial support and other type of support that eventually gets them into this housing system. Then perhaps some other type of support to insure they are adapting comfortably. However there are also individuals who have become homeless because of factors such as Narcotic Addictions which would probably require a different approach and a different type of process.

    Posted by Phinestgurl10 on 24 Mar 2020

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    Yes Homeless and severely disadvantaged have a right to Food and shelter. A lot of people are on the street because the health organisations have had huge amounts of funds and staff withdrawn. Don't assume that doing it rough means you are an Alcoholic or Drug addict. Use some of the unused office buildings, empty Pubs/hotels. Remember, there but for the grace of God go I..

    Posted by Dawn on 23 Mar 2020

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    Tammy J

    Absolutely to those willing to do right

    Posted by Tammy J on 21 Mar 2020

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    Yes Australia should follow Finland especially for the one's on the street through no fault of their own people who have been put on the street because of illness and loss of jobs etc...

    Posted by Charmain on 20 Mar 2020

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    Yes, but it is difficult keep them there

    Posted by Beches on 19 Mar 2020

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    I believe that unused buildings could be adapted.

    Posted by Denise on 19 Mar 2020

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    I think its a very good and reasonable thing to do for the Australian government to look into. Not only for the homeless for the general population who called Australia their home. The growth of population now is totally triple compared to the the 3 years.. COLA is higher and not more jobs out there to provide for the general population..retirement benefits and healthcare for elderly is double.. therefore the homeless population will increase in numbers.... .its very wise to do that and give a break for all.. after the bushfire most people affected will migrate to cities and orther places to find life.. the total land space of this country is huge in the outback Need to build apartments housing unit out there to stop the urban drift.. very global issue thanks

    Posted by kumukumu on 19 Mar 2020

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    Yes, then these people would have better physical & mental health & be able to work. This would save so much public money long term

    Posted by Rosie765 on 18 Mar 2020

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    Over 40 years all State Governments have dropped the ball on Social Housing. The effects of capital gains tax discounts and negative gearing have made the rich richer and the poor less chance if ever to be able to gain basic housing. All sides of Politics should hang their heads in shame at this deriliction of duty to those less fortunate than the chattering selfish middle class!

    Posted by mact on 18 Mar 2020

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    We as a nation give free ,well almost, housing to people who have entered this country illegally and have not contributed at all to reap the rewards at the expense of us taxpayers. These people also receive funds from the Government, translation- Taxpayers, to purchase new furniture yet we allow our homeless to languish on the streets. Hell, even a lost dog or cat are treated better than our homeless, shame on all Australians for this situation - signed a person who was homeless for a long time!!!

    Posted by LITTLE H on 17 Mar 2020

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    Well said, the Scots have a saying,'Charity begins at home, but should'na stay there.

    Posted by Dawn on 23 Mar 2020

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    In places where homeless have been given housing, it has shown that it is a cheaper overall solution than caring for people on the streets. Counter intuitive maybe but when you factor in all the indirect costs ( policing , welfare agencies etc) it works out cheaper and of course better for the homeless people.

    Posted by GrumpyTruckr on 17 Mar 2020

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    Nicola jimmy

    Yes Australia should provide homes for the homeless, most or all have earned it and paid taxes etc.

    Posted by Nicola jimmy on 17 Mar 2020

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    Absolutely they should, and it's been a long time coming! Why they didn't think of something like this sooner is beyond me!

    Posted by ellybee007 on 17 Mar 2020

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    Of course, we need more public housing, we need more affordable rentals too for low income people as well. Everyone deserves shelter and food, it will make the country a better place if there were no homeless people and less on drugs(which they use to kill the pain) and less crime.

    Posted by musicveg on 17 Mar 2020

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    the social epidemic of alcoholism and addiction plays a significant role in how people think, feel and act. Fear manifests itself with alcohol and all drugs, reducing clear thinking, emotional maturity, and healthy decisions for one self.

    Posted by Christa on 17 Mar 2020

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    yes they should

    Posted by dylan on 16 Mar 2020

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