Is Fear And Anger Dominating Our World Right Now?

If it feels like the world is in turmoil now, that's because it is. Fear and anger abound in our politics, in our social discourse, and in our expectations for the future. The finger of blame can be pointed at the usual suspects: Dictators, populists, malcontents, and online trolls. Social researchers warn that fear and anger have been monetised, the result of deliberate manipulation by commercial and political interests. What are your thoughts LiveTribers? Is fear and anger dominating our world right now?

Posted by on 07 May 2024

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    Kaz a

    I believe that fear mongering is being furthered by media and instilled by the upper elite that want to run the planet their way and everyone with money and power behind them are on the boat and selling our farms, foods and life stocks off so we’ll be dependent on handouts, so yes fears ruling our life’s, we’re being let to “slaughter”

    Posted by Kaz a on 24 May 2024

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    Seems to be. A lot of division, protests, wars, voilence and insanity everywhere

    Posted by Turbotom on 23 May 2024

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    When I stop listening to all the Bad news and images seen on TV I feel much better

    Posted by LJN on 18 May 2024

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    Yes many bad things happen nowadays

    Posted by YvetteP on 17 May 2024

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    Fear and anger are mian weapon to munipulate public and ordinary people by politcions or people have power. As a matter of fact, those motions have been effective throughout all human history, it has never changed.

    Posted by Jay on 17 May 2024

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    Yes but we have a choice to whether to buy into it or not. Best to limit one's exposure to social media and news media because they are pushing out a lot of propaganda

    Posted by chook88 on 17 May 2024

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    I feel like the wars and conflicts currently going on in the world may be contributing to that. There seems to be a lot of friction going on between countries these days.

    Posted by vlee on 17 May 2024

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    Fear I would not agree with, but anger is definitely ostentatious among politics around the world. The leaders of countries are seeking ways to instigate opposition and fight either among their own people, or with other countries. Risks of war are pressing harder and heavier over our heads.

    Posted by XIAOYANG on 17 May 2024

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    Yes, and most of it is unfounded and coming from "my right" to speak out.

    Posted by Miro on 17 May 2024

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    Unfortunately we are constantly being manipulated into hating others, a notion expressed in George Orwell/s 1984 with National Hate week. Look at the sanctimonious war on terror, the invention of non existent weapons of mass destruction to mobilise first world armies into invading Iraq. Current offenders are the likes of Vladimir Putin and Netanyahu.

    Posted by John on 17 May 2024

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    It’s mostly the media who’s responsible for this

    Posted by tutti_cutie on 17 May 2024

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    There has always been fear and anger, but it is spreading further because of social media.

    Posted by merryl on 17 May 2024

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    I fear Russia and China.

    Posted by Zi on 15 May 2024

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    Fear and anger are definitely a problem in the world today and it seems to be more than in the past. But I'm hoping it isn't dominating. I hope kindness and looking out for each other is more important to most people and will 'win' in the long run.

    Posted by sandra on 15 May 2024

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    Our society is no more of a problem than it has always been, the big difference now is that everyone knows about everything world-wide instantly where before this it would take some time for us to find out about happenings elsewhere in the world.

    Posted by CILLY0 on 15 May 2024

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    No. Fear and anger is emotive but no-one I know experiences it. It is in the mind of the individual... just ignore it and there is no problem.

    Posted by Chazza36 on 15 May 2024

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    Best Man

    Yes, I agree with you. Our world, our society has been impacted heavily by anger and fear that we can avoid if we try

    Posted by Best Man on 15 May 2024

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    Definitely because fear and anger creates money and as a society we are less empathetic towards one another.

    Posted by Kaede on 15 May 2024

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    wrestling collector

    I am 66 years old & have seen many changes in all areas of society over my lifetime,some good & some bad.I have come to the conclusion that mankind ultimately cannot control his or her destiny,I have found that the bible & belief in our Lord Jesus is the answer to save mankind,mainly because it is not based on what we can do,rather on the grace of God.

    Posted by wrestling collector on 15 May 2024

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    Definitely, there is always something going on in the world. Social media and the internet also makes it easier to access news and updates which is why you hear about events and incidents more often now days

    Posted by TonyLT on 15 May 2024

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    Definitely, you have leaders that want to take over parts of the world, reigning death and destruction on innocent people, for what? just to boost their ego.

    Posted by Walfrank on 15 May 2024

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    i think anger and fear is Definitely dominating the world right not. the social issues happening around the world are horrible and celebrities cant even take a stand and use their platform for any good. this is not right.

    Posted by Ayeshaa on 15 May 2024

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    For sure. Whenever I'm walking around, people look pretty annoyed angry and totally over it. Well who could blame them? I don't engage in social media so I'm not convinced it's the only problem.

    Posted by SagoLeo on 15 May 2024

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    If you don't watch TV and do social media you might notice a lot more happiness and calmness, well I am lucky in my neighbourhood anyway. There is a lot of good going on in the world but that does not make the news or gets enough notice on social media, stop feeding the fear machine by watching bad news.

    Posted by LeafyGreen on 15 May 2024

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    yes i think so. because the war recently make everyone fear

    Posted by Daniel on 15 May 2024

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    No more than usual it is just our media gets better and more alarmist in reporting it.

    Posted by UncleBluey on 13 May 2024

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    No not really,but some people do

    Posted by Analisa on 11 May 2024

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    In some areas of some countries yes. A lot of the fear and anger is drummed up by the media whether it's for their own egos or because their owners are telling them to pursue their personal agenda. The ABC are experts at distorting the news slanting it towards their left-wing agendas. Things aren't as bad as the media makes out and the sooner people realise this and demand the real truth a lot of the fear and anger will disappear.

    Posted by Mishi on 10 May 2024

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    Thank you, Mishi for copying and pasting what I posted word for word. I assume it's because you agree 100% with what I posted.

    Posted by ere on 11 May 2024

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    The facts are, politicians forget they are meant to be truthful and not dishonest as I find them to be , Priorities are mistaken as today homelessness, hunger, respect care and responsibilities have become less important than selfish narcissistic and monetary Freedom is paid by blood as that's what all the flags in the world represent, and the moment we forget how much sacrifice has been made, it would be our shame to ignore those less we forget by those making selfish decisions for all with out conscience If we ate to consider our selfs as advanced and modest, we must not forget, how everyone's voices are being heard and not ignored by those who assume they know better Because that is the fact that identify they are far from knowing anything which is evident of their incompetence Communication is the key not ignorance Sincerely Thank you for listening Nicholaos Papas

    Posted by Nicholaos on 09 May 2024

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    YES that’s a certainty with the unjust wars causing death, injury,& homes demolished & the disgusting knife wielding magotts we certainly need some world leaders who have the ability to negotiate a stop to this where are these people who can together do this ? If & when this happens we need to come together to negotiate calm , help for those in need & spread LOVE like a warm blanket around us all.

    Posted by Amy on 09 May 2024

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    Because politicians and their public servants are so divided. The right and left of politics is influencing public thought. The media are drumming up trouble where ever they can. It seems no middle ground is obvious anymore. You are either one way or the other. Of course, commercial interests have a say, BIG BUSINESS seems to help run government these days. They want Australia to be a bigger nation population wise. They love all these extra and uneeded migrants coming to Australia. More people mean more money spent. Nevermind the people who cannot find a property to rent. It would be nice if both major parties just did their job for once. Instead they concern themselves with lobby groups and BB . The average concerns of ordinary people are often ignored.

    Posted by MS on 07 May 2024

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    mact usual media BS baffles brains and truth is still the first casualty of all Wars......humans in most developed countries have NEVER had it so GOOD!!!

    Posted by mact on 07 May 2024

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    In some areas of some countries yes. A lot of the fear and anger is drummed up by the media whether it's for their own egos or because their owners are telling them to pursue their personal agenda. The ABC are experts at distorting the news slanting it towards their left-wing agendas. Things aren't as bad as the media makes out and the sooner people realise this and demand the real truth a lot of the fear and anger will disappear.

    Posted by ere on 07 May 2024

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    Our ABC was once a fair media. They aren't fair these days. Typically leftwing, I've listened to much ABC Radio over the last 5 years and they are definitely leftwing. You only need to listen to the ramblings of their media presenters .

    Posted by MS on 07 May 2024

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    No body wants to talk about issue's and work things out anymore. Everyone wants to take a deep breath and think about our future. We can work it all out and make the world a better place. Friends are great so lets all become friends.

    Posted by Stephen on 07 May 2024

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