How Much Do You Spend on Your Pets?

It’s no secret that Aussies love their pets. From designer duds, tasty treats and trips to doggy day care and spas it’s not surprising every year Australians are collectively spending $12 billion on their pets. It peaked in lockdown when people were spending more time at home and more money on their precious pooches. LiveTribers, how much do you spend on your pets? Do you spend more on your animals than yourself? Or is your doggo happy with what he’s got? Do you go all out for your pets?

Posted by on 06 Jan 2021

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    Well I can't help it I have 2 American Staffy's and I love them they sleep with me and when I go shopping more than half the things I buy are for the dogs livertreat schmakos pigs ears, beef jerky, freeze dried chicken they need a variety they are very demanding they are house dogs I saw on you tube yesterday they called the police this man had his dog in the car the windows up it was overseas the policeman came and broke the window they thought the dog was permanently injured and when the guy came back he was just pissed because they broke his window and then he ran these type of people don't deserve animals,bye Tracey

    Posted by Tracey on 23 Jan 2021

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    Sis and I go all out for our five beloved kitties. We have Felix on a strict diet of chicken as he has had some tummy troubles recently. The other's love the chicken too. We are always buying pet food and yummy treats for them. Not to mention the cat towers

    Posted by Kitty000 on 17 Jan 2021

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    you sound like a good pet owner i only hope your cats will be desexed when old enough

    Posted by flyhigher on 20 Jan 2021

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    My pet dog is my baby and I spend almost a hundred dollars on her every week, from vet visits to treats and doggy clothing for winter

    Posted by Keveneti on 13 Jan 2021

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    Over the years I spent well over a hundred thousand of dollars on my pet. Clothes, Jewellery, Perfume, overseas trips etc. When I found out she was a real catty bitch I stopped spending on her and now she wont leave my house.

    Posted by Hieme on 13 Jan 2021

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    My dog Is very important to me so I keep him well fed checked regularly by a vet and make sure he has contact with other pets to socialise them and I’ll take him to the beach and the park regularly

    Posted by Carol on 13 Jan 2021

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    I feed my dog well on dry dog food, chicken, dog roll, chicken necks, dried duck for a treat etc. Not all at once of course. She has some toys but has had them for years. Every year she has her regular inoculations but this year she has to have her teeth cleaned and a couple little tumors taken off her foot so this will cost a little I am guessing. I don't believe in dressing her up or day spas or such. She is my little fur baby but she is still a dog and needs to be treated as such.

    Posted by coaster on 12 Jan 2021

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    My chickens love a cuddle especially when they know they'll get grated cheese and yogurt for treats. I do splurge on a lettuce for them now and again or the odd hay bail to play with.

    Posted by Natalie on 09 Jan 2021

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    Our cat is now 11 yrs old. As she has aged it has meant vet bills have increased but apart from that, with a variety of foods, regular basic care needs like flea & worm treatments and litter, I would say that we spend much less on her than any other family member.

    Posted by Mustang6000 on 07 Jan 2021

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    My baby girl is my world. She’s super fluffy so she gets deshedding/ grooming every 10-14 days, treats, food, regular vet visits, she also comes on holidays with me. She has a kennel but she chooses whether she wants to sleep there or on my bed, she’s got her own little lounge, and she’s taken out twice a day.

    Posted by Laura on 06 Jan 2021

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    As little as needed for the animal to be safe and content. Can you imagine what poor near starving people in third world countries think when as refugees they watch our ridiculously indulgent behaviour with pets.? Fed and medicated better than humans!

    Posted by mact on 06 Jan 2021

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    I really agree with you mact. Some people spend a totally unnecessary amount on their animals. I had one neighbour who treated her dogs better than her children. That was probably the reason why the children spent 90% of their time at our home.

    Posted by Aussie5 on 09 Jan 2021

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    I spend what is required on pet food and medications when required. Never seen the need to waste money on all the other rubbish that commercial interests keep pushing. It's more to keep the pet owners amused than for the animal itself who wouldn't know better or miss not having all the junk.

    Posted by ere on 06 Jan 2021

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    Agree. I knew a woman who would cook meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner for her 2 dogs and had them dressed etc. I also knew a woman who gave her dogs dummy's which is the height of ridiculousness. They are our responsibility to care for them yes but not over the top.

    Posted by coaster on 12 Jan 2021

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