Does Pineapple Belong on Pizza?

Harmless on its own, it is arguably the most divisive food-related debate: Does pineapple belong on pizza? Some swear by it, whilst some are disgusted by the thought of it. But are few chunks of tangy pineapple on a pizza so bad? Let us know LiveTriber’s, does pineapple belong on pizza?

Posted by on 07 Feb 2018

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    The Only Legend

    Pineapple is used in alot of different meat and vegetarian dishes, it is traditional, my great grandma used to make a dough type of pizza with pineapple, banana and meat

    Posted by The Only Legend on 16 Feb 2018

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    The Only Legend

    OmgYesssss! This is what Makes hiwiann pizza taste so delicious!!!!!

    Posted by The Only Legend on 16 Feb 2018

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    if granpa enzo was alive he would call all the people eating pizza with pineapple @@@@@@@@@@@ idiots morons an other names.keep the pizza traditional but we dont like tradition in these modern times.

    Posted by EDMUNDO on 15 Feb 2018

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    Since I started eating Pizza from a family owned Pizza place in Katoomba in 1975 they had pineapple on the Hawaiian and Vegerama, they also had different sizes, and the good old Aussie Pizza (which had an egg right in the centre) now most chains have one size and Hawaiian is called Ham and Pineapple and is not classed as traditional. There are things I don’t like eg mushrooms but I don’t go around telling people it doesn’t belong on Pizza, each to their own is what I say.

    Posted by Debbielee on 14 Feb 2018

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    Yes! Pineapple goes great on pizza...

    Posted by Casey on 14 Feb 2018

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    Yes, fruit is good for health and therefore pineapple is good on pizza

    Posted by Erica on 13 Feb 2018

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    It all comes down to personal taste. If you don't like it, you don't have to eat it.

    Posted by Kay on 13 Feb 2018

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    Doesn't it matter? i personally like it but I've noticed with a lot of my fiends that they don't like the idea of "putting fruit on pizza". Which is fair enough, people just have their own preferences.

    Posted by Kaylum on 13 Feb 2018

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    From a health perspective, one must Never mix fruit & grains. You need to self-educate on the consequences of your ignorance! The best way to eat lots of Certified Organic Fresh fruit is as a mono-meal, then wait for 15-20 minutes before you choose the next fruit.

    Posted by vegandelight on 13 Feb 2018

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    Yes pineapple goes well on a pizza

    Posted by Mary on 12 Feb 2018

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    It gives a good tangy taste to the pizza

    Posted by Mary on 12 Feb 2018

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    Ham and pineapple is the perfect pizza

    Posted by ToWin4Me on 12 Feb 2018

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    Yes taste better with pizza

    Posted by Elaine on 12 Feb 2018

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    I prefer a nice bbq pizza but hawaiin pizzas are not so bad. Everyone has a different taste for things though

    Posted by NATALEE on 12 Feb 2018

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    Yes always!! Pineapple for the win!

    Posted by Pyper on 12 Feb 2018

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    I'm the same as Bruce. Personally I prefer any other type of pizza except ham & pineapple. My wife and grandchildren love their ham & pineapple, so any pizza night as ti include at least one of those. I like pineapple as a fruit, but not cooked. To each his own.

    Posted by Mustang6000 on 12 Feb 2018

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    Personally I don't like pineapple on a pizza, I believe it's a fruit and used as a desert, either hot or cold BUT its personal preference my wife loves ham and pineapple pizzas.

    Posted by Bruce on 12 Feb 2018

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    I like it on a hot a spicy pizza to help the zing and gotta have it with ham and cheese.

    Posted by Claire on 11 Feb 2018

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    Yes pineapple does belong on some pizzas

    Posted by Elyse on 11 Feb 2018

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    It’s simple if you like it have on the pizza. If you don’t there's the option to take it off. It’s really not a question to ask when you have a option to take it off. It basically comes down to personal preference.

    Posted by Victoria on 11 Feb 2018

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    Pineapple very much completes most pizzas....

    Posted by michelle on 11 Feb 2018

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    Yes it does. Especially on a works, supreme

    Posted by Rwclff74 on 11 Feb 2018

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    Pineapple as topping on pizza . Great ! I would love to make pineapple as topping l.It adds flavor to your pizza.

    Posted by Marisha on 11 Feb 2018

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    Good brand pineapple definitely yes must be rich in colour deep golden colour to a orange tone

    Posted by Carolyn on 11 Feb 2018

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    Anything that make pizza taste good deserve that.

    Posted by AceAlia on 10 Feb 2018

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    how is arguing if pineapple belongs on pizza or not make the world a better place, there are starving children in africa that would kill for a slice of pineapple.

    Posted by broson on 10 Feb 2018

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    I make pizzas for a living and pineapple is still very popular as a topping. It adds a sweetness to other more savoury flavours

    Posted by Marisa on 10 Feb 2018

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    Sure does, I love sweet and savoury together

    Posted by Rowsell on 09 Feb 2018

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    Probably not but I really enjoy it on a vegetarian pizza

    Posted by chook88 on 09 Feb 2018

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    Definitely not for me!!!

    Posted by Jade on 09 Feb 2018

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    I wouldn't want to eat a pizza without it!

    Posted by Danielle on 09 Feb 2018

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    Don't care either way.

    Posted by angrymum on 09 Feb 2018

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    NO definitely not

    Posted by Tess on 09 Feb 2018

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    Absolutely not!!!!

    Posted by Maree on 09 Feb 2018

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    Not for this lass...

    Posted by Sanjipanj on 09 Feb 2018

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    Yes if you like Hawiian

    Posted by Wendy on 08 Feb 2018

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    Oh yes it looks delicious

    Posted by Neda on 08 Feb 2018

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    amen to that sista

    Posted by broson on 08 Feb 2018

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    A personal thing but I only like it on Hawaiian. Cannot imagine it on a Salami topped Pizza.

    Posted by Valerie on 08 Feb 2018

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    Sweet and savoury, sugar and salt.. nah, but I DO like Hawaiian!

    Posted by Riley on 08 Feb 2018

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    Yes Please. Not every Pizza needs pineapple but it definitely has to be on some. You just can't beat it when it is in the right spot.

    Posted by Lyn on 08 Feb 2018

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    bloody oath, if you dont like pineapple your a fudge packer

    Posted by broson on 08 Feb 2018

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    I say each to their own. Who am I to judge whether someone loves a bit of pineapple, olives, anchovies or chili on their pizza. Sure the pizza purists won't have it but that's not to say it hasn't become a firm favourite in many peoples pizza topping choices. Change is enevitable. Otherwise dessert pizzas wouldn't exist either! There is a special kind of joy in food flavour combinations that aren't the norm. Go for it I say!

    Posted by Gabrielle on 08 Feb 2018

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    If with the right ingredients I think it is OK especially with some yummy melted cheese and some very tasty salami

    Posted by Cheryl on 08 Feb 2018

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    Yes it does! Mmm delish!

    Posted by Chelsea on 07 Feb 2018

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    Surely does belong on a pizza, small juicy cubes of refreshing flavour that makes a pizza 100 times better

    Posted by Dana on 07 Feb 2018

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    The medicinal properties of pineapple are endless, from digestion, skin, heart to name a few... yummy tummy and cheap, eat and stay healthy!

    Posted by oma67 on 07 Feb 2018

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    Definitely. Yummo.

    Posted by Melissa on 07 Feb 2018

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    of course it does

    Posted by Danon on 07 Feb 2018

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    Oh yes it does.... nothing better than an Hawaiian pizza, with pepperoni on top!

    Posted by CaveRoxy on 07 Feb 2018

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    Pizza is personal, so order pizza the way you like pizza. Life is really simple if you dont think about it

    Posted by Robert on 10 Feb 2018

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