Do You Agree With The Proposal Of A Sex Consent App?

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has proposed an App where people could digitally record their mutual agreement to have sex. This technology could be used to establish ‘positive consent’ but many people have criticised the proposal as short-sighted and potentially open to abuse. What do you think LiveTribers? Should the Sex consent App be proposed?

Posted by on 23 Mar 2021

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    Difficult topic. Yes, it protects both partirs or no, creates loopholes to exploit

    Posted by PRISCILLA on 01 Jul 2021

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    Why not they are grown up

    Posted by Anne on 29 Jun 2021

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    Absolutely stupid idea. At what point do you start to have a formal agreement. Maybe only have sex where you can have video/sound recording to prove consent

    Posted by Archie on 24 Jun 2021

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    OK what if they did consent but it got out of hand and the woman (or man) wants out. Because the consent has been given their wishes can be ignored. This is so open to being abused even more so than just not accepting no.

    Posted by coaster on 26 Apr 2021

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    Absolutely insane! What about, if one party says no, then it's no

    Posted by Kitty000 on 31 Mar 2021

  • [3] [0]

    Most stupid idea ever and coming.from chief cop

    Posted by Kappt on 27 Mar 2021

  • [3] [0]

    How ridiculous stupid idea

    Posted by Kappt on 27 Mar 2021

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    Most ridiculous proposal I have ever heard! If anything it will cause more problems.

    Posted by Annbee on 27 Mar 2021

  • [3] [1]

    Who would’ve thought it would come to this. Unbelievable. Just shocking and humiliating for all involved of this was to occur with this ridiculous proposal.

    Posted by Alex on 26 Mar 2021

  • [4] [1]

    And I thought that I had heard all of the ridiculous ideas possible. What next a consent app to get in someone else's car or to visit a premises. He needs to take a look at the reality of some of these situations, Unfortunately a female family member was in an abusive relationship and I could really see his great app working there...NOT.

    Posted by Mustang6000 on 25 Mar 2021

  • [4] [1]

    Honestly???? NO, I oppose any suggestion that the use of an App could indicate mutual agreement to have sex! Has the Commissioner not realized that a person's fingerprint can be used without their consent? (as in that person being unconscious etc etc etc?)

    Posted by Jezemeg8 on 25 Mar 2021

  • [5] [1]

    In addition one may consent to having sex but not the type of sex demanded by other person which may include violence, anal penetration etc.

    Posted by Jezemeg8 on 25 Mar 2021

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    is he serious?? Someone with a knife to their throat or being abused in some other form and forced to press "consent" could not possibly be a realistic situation in this day and age?? How ignorant could he be about the existence of threats, coercion and manipulation? This would actually HELP the ABUSER, because then there is "evidence" that the other person "consented". BAD IDEA FULLER!!

    Posted by Mirna333 on 24 Mar 2021

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    Mick Fuller sounds like someone who needs to contact lifeline and talk out his issues. Next he'll be wanting to introduce a tax for every time a couple have sex. Let him stick to standing behind a tree with his speed camera and leave the real world to people who live in it. Here's a thought - just film every sex act and upload them to him and he can decide if it was with full consent or not and contact the couple to give them his approval /s

    Posted by ere on 24 Mar 2021

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    Seems to me that Mick Fuller is not the kind of person who should be in the Police force at All! Will the next thing, he'll be proposing, be that paedophelia is OK too? Get rid of this sick psycho! if anything he should be looking at ways to put people who would create such an app straight into jail for several decades!

    Posted by mike on 24 Mar 2021

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    What's the point.... 1/2 drunk ,half naked and can quickly change their minds in a drug induced stupor......or worse still forget what they've said yes to on their phones! Complete waste of time.....humans will behave as humans do, good or bad and no fancy digital application is gonna change that!!

    Posted by mact on 23 Mar 2021

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    I think I agree. Some people are concerned about digital health & a Covid vaccination passport for a start adn this is even more tricky: What type of sex has been consented to also might be needed and if the app is later deleted does that erase it on both devices? Would anyone feel comfortable having a private track record on an app anyway? Would you trust the developer?

    Posted by Aatrasoh on 24 Mar 2021

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