Do You Agree With Our Government?

Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull has rejected New Zealand’s offer to resettle 150 refugees from Manus Island to New Zealand. This is because the government fears it would create a backdoor entry into Australia. What do you think LiveTribers? Was this a good decision or do you disagree? Let us know in the comments. 

Posted by on 10 Nov 2017

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    Soft government promises have not worked in the past

    Posted by bundy34 on 15 Nov 2017

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    Makes no sense to me. I see it as a stunt to appease the far right. NZ is a great place to be. They are whipping our butts in many areas. Very arrogant to think anyone given refuge there would want to come to Australia.

    Posted by Caroline on 14 Nov 2017

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    Definitely the right decision as they would definitely come back across the ditch

    Posted by lwcarden on 13 Nov 2017

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    Yes I think that he is right they will find a way into Australia through NZ.

    Posted by Clifford on 13 Nov 2017

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    Its the 21st century people. Do we live in a global community or is that just a line spieled by totalitarian politicians trying to appear 'politically correct'? Who is Malcom Turnbull or Jacinta Ardern to tell any person where they can or cannot live? A person's geographical location of birth does not give a governing body the right to dictate that person's terms of existence. Its a disgrace to our species that people are still treated this way in this day and age.

    Posted by BADWOLF on 13 Nov 2017

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    Hang on, did I just hear right? Wasn't this a Golden Opportunity for some sort of negotiation & our PM couldn't see the wood for the trees? Donald Trump is a far better deal-maker! And did any of us get a say in the decision? Not only was this a bad way to handle the situation, but I can't think of any good decisions this guy has made & I fear he will be the one to vote for just because he makes fewer bad decisions than the other guy!

    Posted by vegandelight on 13 Nov 2017

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    Why does he need to agree or disagree, can’t the NZ government make there own decisions on who they let in their own country.

    Posted by Aoauli on 13 Nov 2017

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    It’s not right to refuse them coz the need us they need help so who are we to decide what they can or cannot get?

    Posted by Idesi on 13 Nov 2017

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    I think Malcolm Turnbull should have agreed to allow the refugees to go to NZ.

    Posted by Kim on 12 Nov 2017

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    No I think they should have gone to NZ. They offered and Turnbull should have accepted. Why would they want to come to Australia if Australia did not want them before?

    Posted by musicveg on 12 Nov 2017

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    Tonight Show Humanity and share this great land is something I don't understand I am an indigenous Australian and I don't get the difference between what Australia's history books call Settlers and today's immigrants except took part in disgusting acts like genocide like rape like torture but we now accept them and all descendants now how do we not accept people just want to survive yeah there might be a bad egg or 2 or 10 I doubt it would compare to the evil that that came with Captain Cook

    Posted by Raeshell on 11 Nov 2017

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    600 Cowards who ran away from their countries leaving women, children and the elderly unprotected. We don't want or need them here they are welfare hunting self entitled scum. Genuine refugees would not act like them.

    Posted by rik111 on 11 Nov 2017

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    There is other ways our Prime Minister could have gone,get the refugees to sign a legal document stating they agree to reside in New Zealand. Yes Australia has enough homeless people and its about time they all came first before refugees. I love my country I would not leave Australia for any reason.

    Posted by Jannette on 11 Nov 2017

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    The refugees were given ample time to move to safer places. There are so many homeless in Australia - we need to look after our own first.

    Posted by bonjo on 11 Nov 2017

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    No one should leave the country they are born in. An less they need to work offshore or their job is in another country like fixing windmills .

    Posted by daniel on 11 Nov 2017

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    This is not a problem all the Government has to do is get the refugees to sign a statement stateing they would not gain access into Australia or they would face imprisonment

    Posted by toggy on 11 Nov 2017

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    We just cannot help every refugee in the world and right now our own country is in a "MESS" and most white australians are struggling from week to week so i feel we need to sort out our own mess first.

    Posted by mishaman65 on 10 Nov 2017

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    A very wise decision. If they went to NZ they would come straight over to Australia.

    Posted by judyfr on 10 Nov 2017

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    NOT if they,who decide to go to NZ, sign a Legal Document,which prevents them to enter Oz for any reason in the future. It's surprising,that the PM denied them "permission"to lave Manus Isle,even though Oz has NO jurisdiction to do that as it is actually PNG,who does, because that Isle is a PNG territory & not of Oz.. Furthermore, it is surprising,that the NZ PM asked the Ozzie PM for permission to let those people leave for NZ.She should have asked the PNG PM to do so. She still can do that,provided the Ozzie Feds stay out of that as they've said ad nauseum in private & in public(on media,etc),that Oz is NOT responsible for them,but PNG is responsible for their re-settlement.

    Posted by Sunshine777 on 14 Nov 2017

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