Could You Afford To Spend $300 A week On Covid Tests Just So You Can Work?

Thousands of people in the Queensland-New South Wales border zone fear they will have to pay hundreds of dollars a fortnight just to commute to work once the border reopens. The Queensland roadmap states that from December 17, people crossing the border will require a negative test in the previous 72 hours. It costs about $150 for a private swab without any Medicare backing. What are your thoughts LiveTribers, could you afford to spend $300 a week on Covid tests just so you can work?

Posted by on 18 Nov 2021

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    A couple of recent articles in the new suggest that employers are at risk of being sued if am employee can reasonably demonstrate they contracted Covid at work. This has put Employers on edge with their obligation to provide a safe workplace. But if an Employer is required to provide a safe environment I believe they should pay for the Covid tests . . . much like they would pay for Health & Safety training for employees under Occupational Health & Safety rules!

    Posted by Aatrasoh on 24 Nov 2021

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    If most eligible Aussies get vaccinated this will all ebb away and only the foolish antivaxxers will clog up our medical facilities.... very simple really!!!

    Posted by mact on 22 Nov 2021

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    I'm not entering the anti vax "thing" but am going to say my it or not. Re the cost of having the Covid Test, it was originally free, from memory anyway, but now, well of course the Government, both state and federal, are out to make money from the whole Covid pandemic. No different than the Supermarkets, Fuel companies, any business that sells anything we need or want, they have all raised prices and continue to do so, and use covid as the excuse. Obviously the Health department or whoever it is that does the tests for Covid have to pay for the tests to be done somewhere, so they pass the costs plus, onto the user. There are many home tests available as well from Chemists, and I think supermarkets too, and they too are expensive, but not recognised by the Health Department, or by the ones that need to say yes, your not infected. It has and will remain a money making venture now, and there really isn't a lot we can do about it unfortunately.

    Posted by Gandalf1 on 19 Nov 2021

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    No I couldn't Afford this :(

    Posted by Jazz78 on 19 Nov 2021

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    This is all becoming like communist china it absolutely a distraction from what is really goin on .. covid is nothing more than a boogey man disease ...

    Posted by Holly on 19 Nov 2021

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    I've had both shots as it's the right thing to do, not only for my family, but the community at large. Eventually, all the anti-vaxers will die out, victims of their own ignorance and pig headiness. IF compulsory testing was introduced I would expect my employer to pay for it in the case of the OP's scenario being introduced. However, I'll put money on some type of compromise being reached eventually.

    Posted by ere on 23 Nov 2021

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