Can Australia Bring Its Sky-High Energy Prices Down To Earth?

Australians pay some of the highest residential electricity bills in the world, despite the country’s enviable resources. South Australia tops the list with just under A$0.50 per kWh, with New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria also represented in the world’s top 10 highest electricity prices. A slow and rocky transition from coal to renewable energy is often blamed, but is that the full story? What are your thoughts LiveTribers? Can Australia bring its sky-high energy prices down to earth?

Posted by on 05 Nov 2021

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    Not so much Australian users themselves. Also, once there is a price people pay rarely does it go down and never by much if it does. They don't give money back ever.

    Posted by coaster on 10 Nov 2021

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    Yep.....unprivatise all essential energy , water and road services and remove the profit motive from services we all need regardless of wealth!!! Simple!!!

    Posted by mact on 08 Nov 2021

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    Since privatisation occurred prices have gone through the ceiling. No with all this clean energy, solar wind etc they told us the prices would be cheaper, so tell me why they keep going up and up every single year? AS the Government sold off every single asset they had they now gouge the hell out of us in other ways to get the money they use for everything else.

    Posted by mousey1973 on 07 Nov 2021

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    Of course it is just gouging and the pricing should be bought down immediately.

    Posted by coaster on 05 Nov 2021

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    In WA, our state governments owns the power company, and yes it is expensive. I look at my bills each time it comes in and notice that the daily supply charge is more expensive than the cost of the power used? Can't say why, but the company was split into two or more different entities/companies by a previous government, but the prices didn't go down. In the Eastern States, there is a power grid with many companies competing for your dollars, and that I think is where the problem comes in ...Federal Government policy, State Government policy and greed, and many suppliers all chasing your dollars. Many of them offer low prices and then hit you in other fees and charges, so the consumer doesn't win anyway. Yes it is gouging for sure, but also a lot to do with some of it. Other factors could be the so called "green energy" - wind, solar, hydrogen, gas and more coming apparently, and other so called "efficient power supplies, and lower costs". None of which in my opinion are true.

    Posted by Gandalf1 on 06 Nov 2021

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    Energy prices will only continue to rise as cheap coal-fired generators are closed down and retired The true costs of windpower/Green generated power subsidies paid to their owners can't be hidden for ever, eventually, like it or not, the only way for cheaper power is nuclear unless cheap cold fusion ever becomes a fact.

    Posted by ere on 10 Nov 2021

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    I certainly do not want nuclear power. How many have melted down - Chenoble, 3 mile island, Japans, more in other countries. Not so clean when it destroys land for 100's of years and everything living near it.

    Posted by coaster on 10 Nov 2021

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    There are about 445 nuclear power reactors operating in 32 countries plus over 50+ currently being built in China alone. Obviously, the benefits outweigh the rare chance of something going wrong.

    Posted by ere on 11 Nov 2021

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