Are Pet Owners Being Taken Advantage Of When It Comes To Veterinary Costs?

Senior veterinarians say it is cheaper for some pet owners to travel interstate for their pet's surgery than attend major vet chains and referral hospitals who charge high fees and, in some cases, offer staff commission for invoicing additional services. A Brisbane-based vet said the rise of veterinary chains and the shift from all-purpose vets to a focus on referrals and specialisation had changed the structure of the industry and the cost of modern pet care was causing animals to be unnecessarily put down. What are your thoughts LiveTribers? Are pet owners being taken advantage of when it comes to veterinary costs?

Posted by on 30 Jan 2024

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    I don't have a pet anymore but when we did it cost so much to get her treated for anything. That was a long time ago so it was bad even back then.

    Posted by vlee on 22 Feb 2024

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    nana tracey

    I can't believe how expensive it is to take your pet to the vet. You are made to feel guilty if you don't spend money on them.

    Posted by nana tracey on 22 Feb 2024

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    My dog recently had 9 teeth removes and the cost was over $3000. The vet advised him to take medication for anxiety and I had to pay an additional $50 for the prescription. A lot of business are overcharging at the moment to make up for what was lost during cover-it is gisgusting how prices are inflated.

    Posted by raelene on 17 Feb 2024

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    I wouldn't know. I guess you could find something suitable in your state if you did the research. You should not need to go interstate. Anyhow, I don't have pets so it's not my problem.

    Posted by MS on 04 Feb 2024

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    its disgusting honestly, I recently forked out $110 for a week supply of the same antibiotics I pay $7 for at a chemist on top of consultation fee and other meds.

    Posted by Chris on 01 Feb 2024

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    Posted by Angieilyxxx on 02 Feb 2024

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    Yes sometimes it costs more for your pets medications and visits than it does for you or your family. We all love our pets but even pet insurance isn't an answer. Doesn't pay enough and is costly. I love my pet and any pet that I have owned and have paid when they have been ill or needed treatments. Hopefully these costs can be reviewed and be improvef

    Posted by mary on 01 Feb 2024

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    Two weeks ago I was given a quote of $10000 for treatment for my cat. When I said "no" they agreed to treat him for 48 hours for $6000 but fortunately after 24 hours he was transferred to the local vet where he remained for 4 more days. The final bill, $3134 for 24 hours and $900 for 4 days at the local vet. There is no way I could have had him put down and in a worse case scenario I would have asked for a payment plan.

    Posted by Paula on 01 Feb 2024

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    Posted by Teremoana on 01 Feb 2024

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    Posted by mact on 31 Jan 2024

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    Not really. Vets spend many years at university, and accrue huge debts. They have to rent or buy their practice, and hire nurses, receptionists, kennel hands, etc. Plus vets are not only GPs, but dentists, radiologists, optometrists, chemists, oncologists, geriatricians, orthopaedic surgeons, gynaecologists, endocrinologists, etc. AND they have to deal with many species who don't speak English, or any other language. I happily pay my mechanic to fix my car, or my dentist to fix my teeth.

    Posted by Glenys on 31 Jan 2024

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    My friend is a Vet nurse and she speaks about the costs as you have put. However, my dog has had a tough couple of years with back injury caused by a careless man shuffling her for some reason (she is a smallish dog) and then she had to have a cancerous lump removed from her rear plus 5 teeth removed. The total cost of all this was close to $10000 which I had to find. I have found going to my Vet they always want to do this test or that test which is expensive and mostly I felt was unnecessary. My dog is OK at the moment although she has heart failure and the meds for that are $100 for 3 months on line but from the vet $50 for 2 weeks supply. This vet has changed over the years becoming bigger with more 1st year vets etc. and nurses and yet you have to wait so long to see someone whereas before you got in within a few minutes and there was only one vet and yet more patients. Like everything, business big and small are charging more and more and the ongoing effects filter down to the buyer etc. however, I do think there is some gouging in many cases. Money is now the main goal instead of animal welfare.

    Posted by coaster on 09 Feb 2024

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    It's a dilemma with our pets, they love us so much and are a part of the family. We have not had to face huge bills as a family with our pets. It has been a heart-rending time every time we have stayed with them as vet puts them to sleep. Lucky for us we have had all our family pets live into old age.

    Posted by Enchantress on 31 Jan 2024

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    We all adopt our pets knowing the cost if they need a vet. Vets have to a lot of studying and their patients can’t tell them what’s wrong. The only problem I have is putting a pet down because we can’t afford the medical treatment. I understand that circumstances changes too making vet bills unaffordable. Ok, I’m sort of understanding both sides of the vet expenses.

    Posted by Supergran2012 on 31 Jan 2024

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    So it seems but travelling interstate will add cost to your vet bill too. And where do you go in an emergency?

    Posted by sulter on 31 Jan 2024

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    True we all get ripped off with the cost of our pets. From food to vets. Multi million dollar industry. We all love our pets and want the best for them like our kids. They are part of our families

    Posted by BRAD on 30 Jan 2024

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    We always have been taken advantage of by most vets. When you have a sick animal what do you do? Take them to a vet. We usually don't have time to shop around, even if there is another vet based locally. Our local vet works business hours only with no emergency calls after hours. They charge like wounded bulls (no pun intended) and then prescribe expensive medications that only they stock.

    Posted by ere on 30 Jan 2024

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    I think that vet care is expensive and pet parents are being taken advantage of. We want to look after our pets but with the cost of living the way it is at the moment, it is increasingly difficult to do so, especially if there is an emergency with our pet or they have a chronic condition.

    Posted by MsAils on 30 Jan 2024

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