20 Hour Flight: Heaven or Hell?

For travellers one of the worst parts of their trip is having to transfer. Having to wait around for sometimes hours on end just to hop back on the plane can be a nightmare. But would you trade all of that to have to sit on a plane, nonstop for 20 hours? Qantas has been testing flying routes from Sydney to London and Sydney to New York with eye watering flying times. LiveTribers, would you like to be able to fly to London without disembarking or does 20 hours on a plane sound like hell for you?

Posted by on 18 Nov 2019

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    i think heaven. it give you a lot of time undisturbed to think, work and relax this 20 hours can be a good escape from the crazy busy world we live in today. it practically forces you to do nothing for 20 hours. which can be very therapeutic for the mind.

    Posted by izzy on 17 Jan 2020

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    Ever since I stopped smoking I really dont care, as long as I get to my destination lol We should appreciate that we can actually fly and be more humble and patient

    Posted by Kristi-Anne on 07 Jan 2020

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    20hr straight flight seems pretty reasonable when y you compare to a 6hr wait time. Nothing is worst than transiting.

    Posted by Khadar on 06 Jan 2020

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    What's the problem it's only a couple of hours longer than the current Sydney/Dallas FW and youre there I am now in my 70's and have been flying for over 50 years (an original jet setter) I cant wait for these flights to be a regular option

    Posted by Sunshine45 on 25 Nov 2019

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    It would be ok for quick bussiness trips or if you like reading a lot or a great sleeper.

    Posted by Ralph on 25 Nov 2019

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    I have done both and if you plan you can have a fabulous time in the breaks, the airports now are much more interesting than 20years ago.... but stopping for between 3-7 hours in different countries was and eye opener and really interesting. Sitting a a metal tube for 23 hours,,, give that a big break, 13 hours is a pain. So i will stick to stop overs and plan them so they dont increase the fligt and get to see places I otherwise wouldnt, even if it is only fo 4 hours.. better than cooped up in metal tube TUVM IMHO

    Posted by Not_A_DoDo on 25 Nov 2019

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    As appealing as it is to be able to get to your destination as quick as i can would be so ideal.. Unfortunately for me though, being so tall, sitting on that plane is a nightmare and stops are ideal to stretch my legs.... If anything make bigger planes and have better walking access

    Posted by Willsy on 24 Nov 2019

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    I have been in a plane for 23 hours. It was a few years ago. My seat was beside the area where they keep the trolleys etc and there was a metal box underneath the seat in front of me, so no room to stretch. I was awake the whole time. No comfort there.

    Posted by Annbee on 24 Nov 2019

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    20 Hours on a plane it probably sounds worse than it is I would rather be sitting on the plane than hanging around an airport waiting to get back on. At least on the plane I can be sleeping watching a movie eating something, much better to enjoy 20 hours in one place then who knows how many hours possibly 30 hours or more hanging around in an airport waiting to get back on the plane to finish to trip.

    Posted by Melphunction on 24 Nov 2019

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    I have done the Perth to London flight and it was very tiring but also it was good to go direct to London from perth

    Posted by Gillian on 24 Nov 2019

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    considering our ages (71 and 68) we would never consider a 20 hours flight unless it was in first class with a comfy bed... For all our long distance travel to Europe we had trying to do it in two or three flights stopping on the way in SE Asia and South Asia before the final flight to Europe

    Posted by dodger37 on 24 Nov 2019

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    What a first world problem! I think i would be awesome, obviously it would be a choice you make when booking your ticket but I would have no problem.

    Posted by Neensta on 24 Nov 2019

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    Never been in the same position for 20 hrs, but if their is an emergency, and I needed to get their as quickly as I could, of course, family first. Family matters

    Posted by Tania on 23 Nov 2019

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    Don't know haven't done this sort of flying yet

    Posted by Chrysler on 23 Nov 2019

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    I don't like flying longer than 5hrs

    Posted by Vicki on 23 Nov 2019

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    Hell! Being on a plane is uncomfortable in general. The seats are uncomfortable, as and a result it's hard to get proper rest. The structure of the seat compromises your posture and back, leaving you really tight and in need of an adjustment. Plus if I can't sleep, how do I occupy myself for that long? Lol. Then there's the fact that you're cooped for so long and nowhere to shower, so you feel really gross from the day.

    Posted by Kristella on 23 Nov 2019

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    Who? Me?

    The way these flights will be structured will be good. Chances are, with mood lighting etc passengers will sleep a lot of the time. even in economy a 10 hour flight to me was nothing. A bit of snooze and on our arrival I and the rest of our party were as fresh as daisies. No jet lag whatsoever. Looking forward to being able to travel to the UK and Europe without changing planes and having stopovers.

    Posted by Who? Me? on 23 Nov 2019

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    Hell. I have trouble with 5 hours!

    Posted by Karen on 23 Nov 2019

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    No delays hevenly

    Posted by mine2010 on 23 Nov 2019

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    Also I love the feeling of flying an just being up in the sky it's absolutely awesome

    Posted by mine2010 on 23 Nov 2019

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    one plane no stops heavenly

    Posted by jared on 23 Nov 2019

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    I think it would be a nightmare.for me I am affrayd of hights .and I get scared after dark.lol

    Posted by Troy on 23 Nov 2019

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    I absolutely dislike flying

    Posted by Tamara on 23 Nov 2019

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    Sounds like pure hell to me as I cannot sleep on a plane. I suppose though if you had a nice bed to lie down and first class stuff it would be bearable but cattle class is just horrendous. One day it will be a hop skip and a jump to get from one continent to the next but I am sorry to say I won't be around to see that.

    Posted by coaster on 22 Nov 2019

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    It is a long time to stay cooped up in an plane, but it also means not having to spend so much time at airports hanging around trying to kill time until the next flight.

    Posted by nimpy on 22 Nov 2019

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    20 hours no matter what class would be hell - even with sleeping pills - would not be able to drink cause then if you do its a trip to the toilet and no kid is perfect so no kids allowed on board just to save the sanity of all the passengers. And are we really designed to be shut up in a plane for that long. Me no way just doing the fly to WA from NSW and I am going around the bend.

    Posted by Jungle on 22 Nov 2019

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    That sounds OK if your going on holiday

    Posted by Jeffry on 22 Nov 2019

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    A twenty hour flight, mainly at night would only be doable and safe if side aisles had only two seats, to make it a little easier for the inside person to get out for toilet and movement breaks. Surely it is not safe for people to be immobile for too long.

    Posted by Emgem on 22 Nov 2019

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    Who? Me?

    That's the thing, these aircraft will have areas where passengers get go to have a good stretch. Reading an article about it a few days ago and Qantas will be working with passengers in the lead up to their flight and during to ensure passengers have the best experience.

    Posted by Who? Me? on 23 Nov 2019

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    If one has the added luxury of affording 1st class good luck to them. However cattle class aka economy 20 hours a is a long trip even for the fittest among us. Solution....put everyone into a cryogenic state I.e capsule No need to feed...So cheap. Stackable so more room. Ps everyone will feel rested.

    Posted by Karen on 22 Nov 2019

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    Who? Me?

    The aircraft doing these flights will be specially equipped - ie; wider seats, fewer seats in economy and a couple of special areas where passengers can go to stretch and do some light exercises.

    Posted by Who? Me? on 23 Nov 2019

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    20 hours in first class = heaven 20 hours in cattle class = hell

    Posted by Peter on 22 Nov 2019

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    Who? Me?

    20 hours in the economy section of these newly configured aircraft won't be such a hassle, wider seats and less of them.

    Posted by Who? Me? on 23 Nov 2019

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    Baby Amor

    I've never done this before but it's really, Imagine 20 hours?

    Posted by Baby Amor on 22 Nov 2019

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    Imagine being on a long flight with screaming kids all the way!!

    Posted by Graeme on 22 Nov 2019

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    Mr. G

    Hi I have done Sydney to Hawaii a few times , usually fly Hawaiian, but last few times did jetstar business class no complaints there Gregg

    Posted by Mr. G on 22 Nov 2019

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    Iggy's mum

    Hell, pure Hell

    Posted by Iggy's mum on 22 Nov 2019

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    Have done Sydney to Vancouver in economy 14.5 hours . Another 5.5 hours would mean more sleep. What is this thing called jet lag? Business class would be better

    Posted by Greg on 22 Nov 2019

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    I would try it so long as there is plenty of activities end route

    Posted by Peter on 21 Nov 2019

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    Depends on the class. Economy would be hell. I wouldn't be flying twenty hours straight unless in Business or First

    Posted by Kitty000 on 21 Nov 2019

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    I think it would depend on the circumstances.I don't think that I would want to spend 20 hours in a single flight without a break. Admittedly,I have never been on a 20-hour flight,so I cannot really comment on what it would be like.

    Posted by Kevin on 21 Nov 2019

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    Only if they are also making their planes more comfortable. 2 hours in a plane in economy can be too long so 20 hours may well be hell.

    Posted by Marymary on 21 Nov 2019

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    I think I'd like to fly all the way through, it means if you get to sleep your not worried about waking up in time to disembark and you can just relax, if you were a nervous traveller though 20 hours would be tough

    Posted by Lisa on 21 Nov 2019

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    I have the patience of Jobe…. the quicker I get there the better. I would be slightly stressed however about the toilet refuse capacity and the ability of the plane to carry enough fuel. If we crashed early on it would go off like a bomb.

    Posted by Louise on 21 Nov 2019

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    flights that have srreaming children/no leg room/ etc are awful! I believe even if you pay for business class you still hear the children !!!?

    Posted by geraldineb on 21 Nov 2019

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    No... 20 hours on a plane is far too long. If you’re in first class that’s fantastic but planes now days the seats are shrinking. No room for leg space and arm space you have to fight who will have the arm rests and there are no foot rests in most planes

    Posted by Angela on 21 Nov 2019

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    Who? Me?

    The aircraft to be used on these non stop flights have wider seats in economy and there are fewer seats. From memory 10 rows have been removed. There will also be a couple of areas where small groups of passengers can go to stretch and do light exercises.

    Posted by Who? Me? on 23 Nov 2019

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    Fly Business Class and I can’t see a problem.

    Posted by Chopin24 on 21 Nov 2019

  • [2] [0]


    Posted by Shane on 21 Nov 2019

  • [2] [1]

    No, I do need a break just to stretch my body a little bit.

    Posted by Sofia on 21 Nov 2019

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    I think 20 hours is ok, if your well prepared for it also...it gives you extra time if your on holiday or visiting relatives :)

    Posted by Ruth on 21 Nov 2019

  • [0] [0]


    Posted by Tonyporritt on 21 Nov 2019

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    Just a flight. I've done few like Sydney - LA. Saves stops in redundant destinations. Driving interstate in Australia is the "same fun".

    Posted by Karel on 20 Nov 2019

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    You must drive for a living Karel? I've only ever done the interstate stuff as a driving or riding holiday. I've loved it every time.

    Posted by Ulysses on 22 Nov 2019

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    Would be hell but would do it definitely

    Posted by cazzbomb on 20 Nov 2019

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    Have done this trip a few times and would not like to sit for 20 hours without a break.

    Posted by Anita on 20 Nov 2019

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    she cat

    whoa! That's a long time to be on a plane. You would definatly be jet lagged but so long as you can handle it and come out alive at the end thank God. You need some sleep on the plane to break that heaviness. You''ll be flying to heaven in that time so relax. Take some entertaiment with you and walk up and down the aisles several times for exercise.

    Posted by she cat on 20 Nov 2019

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    Old Man

    I travel by Train, The good thing here is that you can walk around, no problems in looking out a window. Plenty of room for everyone. As for a Bus most times a No, No, to walk around and there is no Toilet/rest rooms in most of them. Qantas your MAD, try to walk around or go to the rest room as for the window , forget it,20 hours in HELL I say would be better.

    Posted by Old Man on 20 Nov 2019

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    A 20 hour flight? No way. Latest coverage of QANTAS trialing a long haul flight does not give a true picture. Travelling in an economy seat over that period would not be a perfect way to fly. As a senior the maxinum flight I would undertake is an 8 hour flight and even then in a premium economy seat.

    Posted by Barry on 20 Nov 2019

  • [1] [0]

    Either 1st class or business class. Economy would be hell in the air

    Posted by LIFESGOOD on 20 Nov 2019

  • [1] [0]

    Unless you’re travelling in first class it becomes HELLishhh...

    Posted by Nazia on 19 Nov 2019

  • [1] [0]
    Kitty SlamHer


    Posted by Kitty SlamHer on 19 Nov 2019

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    My parents live in the UK, and my children live near New York, so I fly long haul quite regularly. I’ve done plenty of long flights including Singapore to New York (19 hours) and it was pretty relaxed. Its a matter of personal choice, of course, but if I can take a flight that gets me there quicker and - big bonus - avoids LAX or *any* US domestic airline then I’m all for it.

    Posted by mrccjames on 19 Nov 2019

  • [1] [1]

    When travelling with small kids I would definitely op for the 20hr flight get it over and done with plus you don’t have to cart them around while carry your carry on around as well.

    Posted by tt5 on 19 Nov 2019

  • [0] [0]

    Let me know when you plan to do this!!!

    Posted by toylands8 on 23 Nov 2019

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    Old Man

    Each to their own, for me its a big no when small children are included . On a plane no matter how big, 20 hours confined to a (small room ) for any Child would be HELL.

    Posted by Old Man on 20 Nov 2019

  • [0] [0]

    No thanks , I would rather walk on water !

    Posted by Horn on 19 Nov 2019

  • [2] [0]

    Not interested in flying such a long way, I had trouble on a 3 hour flight! I prefer to drive so staying in Australia is my only option until they make quicker boats. I would consider flying long distance if I could afford 1st class where you get a bed to sleep in.

    Posted by musicveg on 18 Nov 2019

  • [1] [0]

    Husband and I have done the 17 hour Perth to London flight with Qantas. It is an advantage not to have to transfer. There seemed to be more legroom and the ceiling was higher which creates a feeling of more space. The plane also seemed quieter than the 747 which is a bonus.

    Posted by Hazi on 18 Nov 2019

  • [1] [0]

    Free drinks and entertaining movies and is enjoy the 20hr flight. Also comfortable seats you can sleep in would be paramount.

    Posted by Adam on 18 Nov 2019

  • [1] [0]

    They would keep you occupied or you would be able to do it yourself. Deep vein thrombosis would kill the flight if it did not kill you. I flew from Sydney to LA via NZ and Hawaii (customs), not a problem. This was shorter but the solution for me and my friends applies the same, just on a larger (and longer ) scale

    Posted by David on 18 Nov 2019

  • [1] [1]

    I've done dozens of 16 hour flights (Perth - LAX for eg) so 4 more hours is no biggie - easy peasy! Sounds fine.

    Posted by Cally-T on 18 Nov 2019

  • [4] [0]

    You would have to be in business class at the least and have the ability to ly down.

    Posted by ibby on 18 Nov 2019

  • [1] [3]

    I would prefer the 20 hour direct flight

    Posted by Bombthrower on 18 Nov 2019

  • [3] [2]
    grey eyes

    Yes the quicker to get from A to B the bette !!!

    Posted by grey eyes on 18 Nov 2019

  • [4] [0]

    On our last trip to England we had a 2 hour stop over which gave us the opportunity to walk around and stretch out which was great. I dont know how I would go sitting for 20 hours but it's something we will have to make a decision on soon for our next trip. I am from WA and I think the trip from here is about 18 hours.

    Posted by Kilrust on 18 Nov 2019

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