What are your New Year's Resolutions?

It’s that time of year again – the time for New Year’s resolutions. Every year, we work to improve certain aspects of our lives to make ourselves happier and healthier. What are your top 2 New Year’s Resolutions? If you don’t make a list, why not?

Posted by on 03 Jan 2017

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    My only resolution is to finish all the knitting projects I've started over the years and never finished.

    Posted by Emily on 13 Jan 2017

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    To start eating healthy and lose weight

    Posted by Arya on 11 Jan 2017

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    to love people around me and find happiness in small things rather than being upset about everything

    Posted by MANZISA on 09 Jan 2017

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    To get a life and start enjoying it

    Posted by Zara on 09 Jan 2017

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    Try to get a job so that i can get engaged in something and also earn some money

    Posted by archana on 08 Jan 2017

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    To try earn some more money and be happier and healthy for all my kids

    Posted by Melissa on 06 Jan 2017

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    2b a little more about me by putting my needs ahead of others wants & not making my life harder & health suffer because I'm stressed & sick & anxious ova what I'm going 2do next when I help someone out at no benefit 2myself other than knowing how it feels how hard help is 2come by & that I'm in a better position than person asking me 2help them which is fine if I'm not put at risk in any way or I'm of no use or help 2anyone however somehow no matter how much I explain my position or seem 2b affected I'm always getting walked over played 4a fool used as a bank supply the house & cook clean wash clothes & pay 4the privelledge of more work more ppl 2support & struggle as is so NO MORE ZIPPING MY MOUTH WHEN I NEED 2VOICE THINGS BUT CAREFUL 2HAVE NO READY 2ROLL OFF MY TONGUE WITHOUT NEED 2FEEL BAD OR EXPLAIN ANYTHING

    Posted by Melissa on 06 Jan 2017

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    My new years resolution is get back on the wagon to lose weight and be stronger and fitter for my little family

    Posted by Tangi on 05 Jan 2017

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    my new year resolution is to finish writing my book that will help others.

    Posted by Franny77 on 05 Jan 2017

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    My New Year's Resolution is to be nice to people and hope they are nice back to me

    Posted by MARIA on 04 Jan 2017

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    My new resuloution is to lose weight and be happy

    Posted by Kristy on 04 Jan 2017

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    Good Luck Kristy ... do it slowly though , you have a whole year ... bit by bit is best

    Posted by MARIA on 04 Jan 2017

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