Your Thoughts On: Cyclists

It’s one of the most hotly debated topics among Aussies. LiveTribers, what do you think of cyclists? Should they only be allowed to use designated bike paths? Do you get frustrated when you see a massive group of riders? Should they have to be registered? Or do you enjoy cycling and think more people should take it up? Tell us what you think about cyclists!

Posted by on 15 Jul 2019

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    as a driver for over 40 years my observations of cyclists is that many of them disregard the road rules traffic lights for example. i think they need to be licenced/registered ,like us motorists and contribute to the upkeep of the roads.

    Posted by Dennis on 07 Aug 2019

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    They also have the right to be riding either on the road if no bike way as same as motorists just because they have a bike and not a car should not go against them. Yes I have had to stop driving a car and I am getting a tricycle to ride around town so I hope I get the curtisy bikers should get from motorists and motorists can't see them then maybe they should get their eyes checked

    Posted by Jennifer on 04 Aug 2019

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    Having lost my licence for a while I have ridden a fair bit lately and the health benefits out way the time it takes to get from point a to point b I don't t think that they should b registered tho why should the Australian government should tax people who are keeping fit and putting a smaller footprint on our planet

    Posted by George on 21 Jul 2019

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    If a car hits someone there is some form of help through insurance. If a biker hits someone there is nothing. Cyclists want special paths, road rules, etc. so why should they not pay for registration of the bike. Fare is fare in my view. I find many are arrogant and ride illegally with no helmets, have motorised bikes, ride so fast on paths you have little or no time in getting out of their way and for older people it is frightening but as usual this is a small minority of the riders making it diffucult for the decent riders. If they want designated bike paths just as cars have designated roadways they should pay for them through registration even if it is just a small amount. However, most riders are on the normal roads and this is where confrontation usually occurs. Many car drivers are just as arrogant so it can become quite abusive at times. Unfortunately, these days patience, good manners and courtesy are sometimes missing on both sides.

    Posted by coaster on 04 Aug 2019

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    vanity rainbow

    Due to being a non driver I cannot really say anything bad. The times I have been out and about on the road with friends etc I have been lucky not to come across ones who have done anything stupid. But watching them on TV in the Tour De France I love. Spectacular scenery and unfortunately some spectacular crashes.

    Posted by vanity rainbow on 21 Jul 2019

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    As to cyclists ignoring road rules or riding on footpaths and not giving way to pedestrians, I think there are a minority of badly behaved cyclists, just like there are a minority of badly behaved vehicle drivers. For the most part cyclists understand that in any confrontation between them and a car, truck or motorbike, they will always come off second best - and that is the way they ride. I think given that we now have a network of cycle paths, that is the correct place for cyclists to ride. On the question of rego, there are two issues I think. A cycle has nowhere visible to hang a number plate and if they are on cycle paths 90% of the time, they are not interacting that much with motorists. I know some people believe the only good cyclists are ones who ride in parks (or worse, but I won't say that), but there are hundreds of thousands of people who cycle on a regular basis and it's growing so really there's no going back. In Brisbane we now have a well developed network of cycle ways which are well used. But when they are on a regular road, cyclists have the right to expect courtesy from drivers when they do use the same roadway, but they also have the responsibility to obey all the road rules. Honestly, I don't see a lot of misbehaviour from cyclists in my city and because My husband and family members are cyclists, drivers and motorbike riders (I'd rather stay in a warm bed in the morning) I am very aware of ALL vehicles using the roads I drive on. no ONE person 'owns' the roads and grumpy drivers/cyclists have to accept that.My husband cycles four times a week and even at 5.30am, he does not go through red lights or ride more than single file unless it is safe to do so. And he also gets angry at rogue cyclists who behave poorly as he worries this puts HIM at risk. I don't think cyclists need to be tested. Pretty well 99.9% of them also have a car and/or a motorbike, so they are well aware of the road rules and speed rules. But I agree that an insurance policy is a good idea - maybe if there was a form cycle buyers/sellers had to fill out at the time of purchase (like when you buy a car), that would trigger a mandatory insurance notification. I don't know how the city cycle system works, but I think the Council has a blanket insurance coverage... so I don't see why individual cyclists shouldn't be required to have this too.

    Posted by prod001 on 21 Jul 2019

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    2 abreast cyclists are OK - but I do think they should pass some sort of test to see that they do understand the road rules from a cyclists point of view and yes they should be registered and have insurance in case of an accident of any kind. I am fed up with the ones that ride right through traffic lights and give you the finger if you yell at them if they almost knock you over - likewise the older ones on the pavements who should know better. I agree too that our roads are not built to easily accommodate all types of vehicles. It will never be easy but I think cyclists should avoid major roads at peak hours.

    Posted by madmax on 21 Jul 2019

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    I love cycling and its very healthy and rewarding sport,everyone should cycle at least two times a week,I keep loosing weight when I cycle,it is highly recommended sport and please respect all cyclist as they are clean and don’t destroy our environment like cars !

    Posted by lolica on 21 Jul 2019

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    They should be made to Pay rego like car drivers do. I live on a road that has a sweeping bend often i see cyclists flying around the bend. There is no cycle lane and the cars having to leave a meter gap risk a head on with oncoming traffic. Where is the sense of this? Maybe restricions of where they can ride, as not all qld roads have the capacity to allow us car drivers to move over with out risking our own lives.

    Posted by Sandi on 21 Jul 2019

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    I think everyone could Be more careful so it was not dangerous to share the road with cycl

    Posted by Elwood on 21 Jul 2019

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    Should pay to use the roads if used. Should have to follow and obey rules. Should be penalised if disobedient.

    Posted by Phill on 20 Jul 2019

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    I think that they should be registered and have to pay registration fees if they want to use the roads. they break more roads rules than a driver or rider and have no care for anyone other than themselves and yet when they get hurt, they get the full support of the TAC. They may pay registration on a car or motorbike and choose to use a bicycle but so do others and they also pay for each motor vehicle they use on the road eg if you have a car and motorbike you are paying full registration fees on both. Also when they ride in large groups, they don't always follow the law of the road and want to take it all up. They want all these safety measures for themselves when in my opinion most of them have no regard for anyone else. If you want respect you, you need to give respect as well.

    Posted by Suzy on 20 Jul 2019

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    Yes they can be annoying when they take advantage of the new laws. No need to hog and be righteous, play fair kids.

    Posted by Terrie on 20 Jul 2019

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    Which state/ territory, & what are these "new rules" (there is a difference big between the road rules & what is "law")

    Posted by yerfdogau on 20 Jul 2019

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    As long as Cyclists only ride two abreast I have no trouble with cyclists sharing the roads, as long as they as they obey the rules and do not try to cycle on only one wheel.

    Posted by Anthony on 20 Jul 2019

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    I think they should learn the toad rules be tested and pay registration. Also be fined like other road users for not obeying the law

    Posted by Domenic on 20 Jul 2019

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    We are fined like motorists if we break the road rules. As for registration - I pay registration for the 2 cars in my driveway

    Posted by Karen on 20 Jul 2019

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    I enjoy cycling however believe our city roads are too clutted for cyclist to be using the unpredictable main roads. Bike lanes in many areas are useless as bike riders use the footpath at an unbelievable speed putting the elderly and less mobile at risk of injury-and death, which is a serious consequence yet avoidable scenario. The idea of getting people more active involves community consultation, new direction, and of course possible legislation. Using the road means knowing the road rules, both as a driver or rider, and those who wish to use the road to commute are paying for it, with registration, insurance etc. Same should apply if bike riders are willing to put themselves in the direct risk of traffic, where reacting on time due to poor weather or bad road conditions is near impossible. Keeping the community active and safe can be done through designated bike paths, yes, but these are hardly used in places like Redfern, Little Eveleigh St, Oxford St Darlinghurst etc. Great idea in theory however, there are still many who are obnoxious and disrespectful and only think of reaching their bike speed, oblivious to other pedestrians and cars, putting not only themselves at risk but others also. I think passing a course is a fantastic idea. A bit of knowledge goes a long way.

    Posted by Dijana on 20 Jul 2019

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    Cyclists should learn what single file means or learn to use the cycle paths built for their use. Have seen many cyclists using busy roads with cycle paths away from traffic not being used.

    Posted by Lynne on 20 Jul 2019

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    common sense should prevail but unfortunately it's uncommon these days. if people were just reasonable and logical then everyone could use the roads without any problems

    Posted by Matthew on 19 Jul 2019

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    I think cyclists should have to go for their road licence if using the road. Many cyclists don't know the road rules which makes them a danger on the road. Some cyclists double up on the road which makes it so hard to pass them. Road users have to pay a registration and insurance I think it should apply to bike riders also

    Posted by judyw on 19 Jul 2019

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    I grew up in London , UK and as a young cyclist our Council instigated a cyclist proficiency test just like motorcyclists have here today. After a series of tests which included road rules ,observation on the road to determine if one could adhere to them one was given a certificate stating one was capable as a road user to obey and given a legal right to cycle on the roads except for highways. I don't cycle anymore nor would I contemplate as most drivers think nothing of cutting a cyclist off or knocking them over .If a driver were to go to a driving school they would learn courtesy on the road pays dividends.

    Posted by Silverkyt on 19 Jul 2019

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    Cyclists as other motorists should all have to abide by the laws of using a road, stick between the lanes, don’t go through red lights, signal when intending to turn or change to a different part of the road and also use common sense. Cyclists have every right to be on the road as do other forms of traffic wether it be s motor bike, scooter car bus truck etc, none get special treatment and all must follow rules everyone lookout for one another!

    Posted by cutestar on 19 Jul 2019

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    Cyclists should be permitted to ride on the road and other road users need to drive to ensure their safety. Cyclists also need to ride in a way that does not unnecessarily obstruct the flow of traffic. I do object to cyclists riding on footpaths especially when they are able to use the road. Many times I have been almost run over by cyclists riding fast on the footpath. As an older person even a small bump from a cyclist travelling at 9kms / hr can cause a serious injury, fracture, internal injury or even death.

    Posted by Ruth on 19 Jul 2019

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    It's true Ruth, as a cyclist I don't like riding on footpaths either. They are for pedestrians and when in suburban areas it is highly dangerous going past driveways on a bike - no reaction time for either the driver or the bike rider.

    Posted by Karen on 20 Jul 2019

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    It seem that there is an amazing number of cyclists who still disregard the fact that bicycles are not allowed to be ridden on the footpath. There are bicycle lanes on the sides of roads,yet cyclists frequently ignore them in favour of using the footpath. Many of them also expect pedestrians to give way to the cyclists. This is a subject that demands serious action as soon as possible.

    Posted by Kevin on 19 Jul 2019

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    Sometimes we have no choice but to get out of the cycle lanes - that's where all the rubbish and glass lands when thrown out of vehicles....

    Posted by Karen on 20 Jul 2019

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    Registering bikes will not help anything, that is just another money grab, and not fair for those who only ride occasionally. I already pay too much for my car rego and don't use the roads as much as anyone else (I don't commute for example and only use my car a couple of times a week). If I was to have to pay for my bike which I use for exercise that is just another expense and in my area we have a footpath which I am not allowed to ride on so have to go on the road. There are shared paths for bikes and walkers which I think is not safe. We cannot put all bike riders in the same basket because we are all different, I only ride for leisure not sport and my bike is not for speed, it is a hybrid and I prefer to ride on tracks but there are not many around unless you go to a specific trail bike riding area which I prefer anyway, so if there were more areas for bike riding it would be better. As for those cyclist who ride for speed on roads, I do not know the answer to that, maybe they need a designated lane where possible. Can't see our Government supporting it, the bike riding associations have been fighting for them for years. Then there is the e-bikes to consider, and motor scooters, I find the electric motor scooters so quiet and you don't even here them approaching if you are walking on the paths that they are on, no policing for them either.

    Posted by musicveg on 19 Jul 2019

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    A. Cina

    I like cycling, I think being a cyclist makes me a better driver because I know how to read the traffic lights, and I am more observant of pedestrians and where the paths come out.

    Posted by A. Cina on 19 Jul 2019

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    Safety is a major concern on the roads nowadays. I am frequently irritated when I am in the left lane, traffic all around me, a tram going in the same direction, cars parked along the kerb and then a cyclist blocking my way. If there were designated bike tracks, away from the traffic, it would be safer for all concerned. The bike tracks that we have now are unsatisfactory because they are too narrow and they share the road with other drivers. Speeding and impatience are a major issue with motorists but so are cyclists who ride side by side and hog the road. A little consideration by both parties is required.

    Posted by Annette on 19 Jul 2019

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    Cyclist are human! People whinge and moan about them but they are the type of people that wouldn't be seen doing anything physically demanding for fitness sake These people deserve to be on the road and you should drive cautiously around them for the same reason people don't run into pedestrians Get a life if you think otherwise!!

    Posted by intrepidarts on 19 Jul 2019

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    My son is a keen cyclist , and very safety aware , bikes should not need to be registered but riders need education

    Posted by DPry on 19 Jul 2019

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    As a regular cyclist (and motorist), I believe we should be able to share the roads with motorists. However, some common sense needs to be shown. If there is a designated bike path available, cyclists should be compelled to use it. This would go some way to alleviating the antagonism that a lot of motorists have towards cyclists. A lot of cyclists are their own worst enemies, especially when riding in a large group on a main road. That is asking for trouble! just ride single file, understand that most motorists are in a hurry & are not interested in waiting for a bike rider doing 25kph or less.

    Posted by hedrek on 19 Jul 2019

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    In my area there are club cycling as well as individuals. The club cyclists are in large groups and do not stay in bike lanes, and group up in numbers which put them in danger of getting hit by vehicles. They ride in the early morning and are harder to see at sunrise. Individual riders do not all have lights on bikes and in the dark are very hard to see until you get close to them. It should be mandatory to have front and rear lights on all riders or on bike itself.

    Posted by Brian on 19 Jul 2019

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    Need more designated paths for cyclists. Cyclists and cars should not be sharing the same road

    Posted by Kwa on 18 Jul 2019

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    I would like to see proper pathways for cyclist similar to footpaths. They should not be treated the same as cars n other motor cycles as they dont have the same level of protection on the road

    Posted by Josie on 18 Jul 2019

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    I would like to see more people cycling but first we need proper infrastructure such as exists in Denmark where cars, cycles and pedestrians are all on different paths at different levels - much safer!

    Posted by Spiderwoman on 18 Jul 2019

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    I respect cyclists and cars drivers I think they should work together on the roads

    Posted by Christine on 18 Jul 2019

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    I respect cyclists need a safe place to ride I do however get nervous when I encounter them on the roads, holding up traffic and then having to go around them where there’s not enough room I’m not sure what the solution is

    Posted by Clare on 18 Jul 2019

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    I love cycling. Unfortunately in Victoria the emphasis is on sport cycling by MAMILS, not using it as a means of transport/recreation by all ! this is causing a lot of angst ! Pity !

    Posted by geraldineb on 18 Jul 2019

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    I enjoy cycling from time to time and are needful of cyclists on the road. There are a few who seem to think they are always in the right

    Posted by Colin on 18 Jul 2019

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    Most cyclists I have encountered while driving are disrespectful, they rode close to me then they indicated only seconds before turning

    Posted by Jessie on 18 Jul 2019

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    Registering bike riders would today be near on impossible. Here in Western Australia bikes were registered, but that was back in the days when we had a small population. Not too sure, but it was dropped back in the late 50's early 60's because it just was no longer feasible. The plates were approx. 150 x 40mm and were either fitted into the spokes, hanging off the back of the seat or on the cross bar.

    Posted by Pedro24 on 18 Jul 2019

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    I don't usually have a problem with cyclists when they obey they side of the law. The "Keep a metre clear" rule is an excellent rule, however, many cyclists don't help the situation when riding in the cycle lanes by riding the white line. On a single lane road this becomes rather precarious and presents a danger to both driver and rider.

    Posted by Pedro24 on 18 Jul 2019

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    Twice I've very nearly been cleaned up by cyclists when crossing the street at Pedestrian Crossings. Several people are killed every year in Australia from being hit by cyclists. Many more are severely injured. Who will look after my disabled partner if I'm injured and unable to look after her. You might say the NDIS. But, they will not pay the Mortgage and Bills, do the shopping and cooking , cleaning and daily care needs. Cycles need to be Registered with Third Party Insurance to cover such contingencies in protecting the innocent.

    Posted by Hieme on 18 Jul 2019

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    and those cyclists should have been fined like a driver of a car should be...

    Posted by Karen on 20 Jul 2019

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    There are many cyclists on the road who ride safely and obey the road rules and I am quite happy for cyclists to be on the road. I rode a bicycle for many years myself. I always ensure that I give them a wide berth when I am passing them in my car, so that I do not bother them. However, there are also many cyclists who ride through red lights, speed along the footpath, ride 2 or 3 abreast on a narrow road, ride on the main road or footpath, instead of riding on a dedicated bike path for them, etc. I always check before stepping off a tram in Melbourne because I have nearly been run down a number of times by cyclists who do not stop behind a stationary tram, which is the law. I have also had a number of cyclists nearly run me down when I am crossing with a green light in Melbourne, as they speed through a red light. I wonder who would pay for my injuries if I had just stepped off the tram without looking or stepped off the footpath when I had a green light without looking, as I am sure I would have been seriously injured by these cyclists with the speed they were travelling if I had not been careful. At least make them have some form of ID plate or registration at a low cost, so they can be identified in case of accident or injury to others. Those cyclists who obey the rules should not have any complaint about this.

    Posted by Aussie5 on 18 Jul 2019

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    I think everyone has a right to use roads however it should be the same across all transport for using the roads you should be registered and I like cycling

    Posted by Michelle on 18 Jul 2019

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    If cyclists expect to be accepted on public roads than they should have to be registered & have 3rd party Insurance like everyone else,

    Posted by Terrym42 on 18 Jul 2019

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    I have no problem with cyclists, when the obey the road rules. Single file, stopping in accordance with signs and lights. Its the pack mentality that it goes haywire. But some id tags on the bikes is a great idea.

    Posted by Anjee on 17 Jul 2019

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    Cyclists should ride single file for their own safety and the safety of drivers overtaking them. If riders had to perform a risk assessment prior to taking to the road then this would be the outcome.

    Posted by Lordles on 17 Jul 2019

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    Should be registered

    Posted by Greg on 17 Jul 2019

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    Amazing for fitness, annoying when they drive on busy main roads in sydney. Especially when the main roads go onto a motorway.

    Posted by Herbert on 17 Jul 2019

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    Cycling - good for health & fitness, good for the environment, altho some cyclists should be more road safety aware

    Posted by KAREN on 17 Jul 2019

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    I would be more sympathetic to them if they pain road tax.

    Posted by Tonyporritt on 17 Jul 2019

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    This is the future of transport around suburbs!

    Posted by Wal on 17 Jul 2019

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    I agree with angrymum, they're a disaster waiting to happen.

    Posted by Ueby on 17 Jul 2019

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    I'm not one but cyclists have the right to a safe place on the roads whether or not they pay a registration. They reduce traffic and pollution but have the same responsibility to other road users as motorists. They should be recognisable via a small index plate which could be issued at small cost. If you can tag a dog, why not cyclists - or cats?

    Posted by IKBrunel on 17 Jul 2019

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    Our roads are not wide enough to cope with cyclists on them. They are just accidents waiting to happen. Don't mind them on smaller suburban streets but they should not be allowed on major roads as most of them think they are free to do what they wish.

    Posted by angrymum on 17 Jul 2019

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    If at all possible, we should all be riding, it would be so much better for our atmosphere,exercise and not using petrol, our roads are far to clogged with cars, I dont think bikes should be registered and as for being licenced what a joke, more money for the politicians to blow on trips overseas.

    Posted by Tigon on 17 Jul 2019

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    Bikes should be registered to ride on all roads and all riders need to be licenced!

    Posted by David on 17 Jul 2019

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    Bike riders should be able to use the road like everyone else however I think that there should be licencing and testing as there already is for drivers of cars, trucks and motorbikes. We all need to be singing from the one hymn book.

    Posted by Toni on 17 Jul 2019

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    I agree with your comments about testing as some don't even know the road rules and simply cut out in front of traffic. Everyone using our roads should know road rules.

    Posted by angrymum on 17 Jul 2019

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    They have the right to use the road like everyone else and obey traffic rules like everyone else .

    Posted by Ralph on 17 Jul 2019

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    I think that bike riders should be able to share the road. As a motorist I always slow down or more over for them. It doesn’t phase me at all.

    Posted by Rhonda on 17 Jul 2019

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    I love watching the cycling racing and feel that it would be safer for all concerned if cyclists had their own lanes. In doing so, there should be fines for those who don't use these properly, as for drivers.

    Posted by anakiee on 16 Jul 2019

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    Enjoy watching cyclists

    Posted by Raelene on 16 Jul 2019

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    As in life some are good and consider others and others that think that the world revolves around them and are the ones who cause road rage by not considering other road users. They ride two to three abreast then complain when they are abused. Treat all with respect and common sense.

    Posted by dadh01 on 16 Jul 2019

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    I believe yes that they stick to bike paths always and parks. Traffic is interrupted well and truly enough everyday

    Posted by Vicki on 16 Jul 2019

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    When I drove to work at 5:30am in the Brisbane CBD, there would be large groups of cyclists spread out in front of me and they would not move to the side of the road, like they didn't have to because it was so early. Annoying.

    Posted by Deborah on 16 Jul 2019

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    Councils need to get them onto their own bike tracks like the ACT,it is far too dangerous riding next to motor traffic as well as the fumes they can inhale.

    Posted by Four on 16 Jul 2019

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    Most seem ok, I don't mind slowing down for short periods of time for the most part. Others are completely ignorant though and I do get frustrated by them.

    Posted by 8181 on 16 Jul 2019

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    I think they should follow the rules. Yes bike paths, no pavement riding, do not whiz past as you open your car door when you are in the right, scream at you and give you the finger salute. When you are on the walking path at the beach, pass the walker without ringing the bell furiously. Registration might be a good idea if they are using the roads and fine them if they abuse the rulses, like car drivers. Use traffic lights dont creep forward to get away first. Most important is not drive double on motorway or small roads. Safety first for all, politeness and respect for all and everyone should respect the cyclists.

    Posted by Scruples on 16 Jul 2019

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    They should be registered and pay road tax just like every other road user does. The government should stop making roads narrower so the cyclists can have their own lanes they are a nuisance and don’t obey the road rules I have seen them fly though red lights and intersections without stopping or checking for traffic

    Posted by Patricia on 16 Jul 2019

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    I think the bike lane need's to be wider you get so close to the car's it's dangerous

    Posted by Stafsta on 16 Jul 2019

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    I feei that if cyclist did the right thing most of time people would be more understanding, ask yourself, if my children or parents did this would it be acceptable to me and to society in General. Then act accordingly. Also the people who get their goat up when a cyclist appears are often angry with another rider from the past and their dislike/anger is transfered to all riders regardless, if they have not done any wrong... They may say... "well", "it's only a matter of time before they do" in this case ask your self, would I like to be in a car seeing and hearing this being said about your parents or children, then again, act accordingly. It's really not hard to do the right thing you only have to practice a little transference, put your self/children/parents anyone you care for in the situation and think "would I like this to happen to them, and guessed it .. act accordingly, we can't all be saints but we can all at least. practice a very basic principle. DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU. Be a better person and the world would be a beter place.

    Posted by Gilly on 16 Jul 2019

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    My 88 yr old mum still rides with her team once a week doing between 30-50 klms. She is an inspiration to us all . She had ridden thousands of klms in Australia and New Zealand. Nothing better than sharing fresh air and great memories. We could all take some time to do this and see our amazing country

    Posted by Mandy on 15 Jul 2019

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    Wow that is amazing, I only started riding again in my early 50's so it gives me hope that I can still do it in the future, although my riding is much more leisurely.

    Posted by musicveg on 19 Jul 2019

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    Amazing sport as I always do this on my teenage life but now Hardly because of other factors like not enough time, no bicycle and weather conditions

    Posted by Aje on 15 Jul 2019

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    Bike riders should be registered and they should follow safe and basic road rules. They can frequently take up more space than a car, do not follow rules regarding traffic lights

    Posted by Carol on 15 Jul 2019

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    Now that every hard headed selfish driver knows the road rules everyone that has spent large amounts of their hard earnt cash in all forms of transport knows their are penalties for reckless drivers on every road some bikes are worth more than cars ,putting that irrelevant point behind us lives are what matters

    Posted by Perg on 15 Jul 2019

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    I have had occasions where cyclists are riding on inappropriate roads, roads with single lanes and hills where it is impossible to see, let alone pass the cyclists safely and there has been a line of cars behind them. I think they need to have a bit more commonsense. We have several cyclists in our family and drill them in safety on our ever increasingly busy and dangerous roads, whether that be quiet or main roads.

    Posted by pammygirl on 15 Jul 2019

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    The Cyclist didn't bother me

    Posted by 69ner on 15 Jul 2019

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    The Survey is Great

    Posted by 69ner on 15 Jul 2019

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    I think the bike lane need's to be wider just a bit to small for my liking you get pretty close to some car's and there alot of angry driver's out there and if you get hit they just keep driving not good in my opinion.

    Posted by Stafsta on 15 Jul 2019

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    Cycling has become ap popular form of modern exercise and accordingly has created greater traffic on the roads so whilst this is inconvenient for most rod users it is something the motorist should be prepared to accept.

    Posted by Con on 15 Jul 2019

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    Suzanne Day

    I personally don't like cycling but I enjoy seeing others out and about cycling. I think it's great and should be more of it. I think those who don't cycle need to be put in a simulated position and see how we like it when that car rushes by!! I think there should be rules for cyclists to stick to the same way there are road rules for car drivers to stick to but personally I like cyclists.

    Posted by Suzanne Day on 15 Jul 2019

  • [0] [0]

    Like motorists there are those that obey the laws, are courteous and ride sensibly. And then you have the arrogant, self absorbed, don't give a damn about anyone else be it vehicle or pedestrian. Which unfortunately are the ones that make it hard for all the others. For full disclosure I am not a cyclist and don't intend to take it up either.

    Posted by 2Daffy on 15 Jul 2019

  • [0] [2]

    Very fit peoples

    Posted by Jenny on 15 Jul 2019

  • [2] [1]

    They are annoying on the roads when they take up a whole lane so cars have to merge. They should not be allowed on roads and just have dedicated cycleways as they cause alot of accidents.

    Posted by Heather on 15 Jul 2019

  • [2] [0]

    I think they should use designated areas .When there is a crowd of them on the road they can be a danger and an irritant to motorists which can lead to accidents .Perhaps if they had to pay a tax similar to motorists it would make Joe Public less aggrieved

    Posted by Margaret on 15 Jul 2019

  • [4] [0]

    They ignore Red lights, and other traffic signs and pedestrian crossings are also ignored. They want the right to be on the road without making any contributions towards them. All cyclists should have to sit a test and be licenced and their bikes should be registered. Then they will have the right to be on the road with licenced, tax paying motorists.

    Posted by ere on 15 Jul 2019

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