Would You Volunteer for a Vaccine Trial?

For every type of vaccine from the HPV vaccine to the MMR vaccine, human volunteers are needed for testing. Some volunteers are medical students, doctors and others are just the average Bob or Karen. During some trials participants are paid and others do it for free. LiveTribers, would you ever volunteer for a vaccine trial? Would you do it for the greater good even if it meant risking your health? Do you think all volunteers should be compensated?

Posted by on 21 Aug 2020

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    Nope, too risky and needle phobia.

    Posted by squeekums1 on 16 Sep 2020

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    No and it seems we all who have said this have been vindicated as the drug our Government has invested millions in is pulled off the testing regime due to severe side affects. I hope those volunteers are OK

    Posted by coaster on 09 Sep 2020

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    Who would be stupid enough! You only have to look at how many die from the flu after receiving the flu vaccination. Which has a lot higher death rate than the rona! WHO & CDC have now come out and admitted that the covin figures were fudged to scare you all! 94% of the deaths world wide are not because of the covin! It was from other ailments too! Which actually brings the death toll down below 10 000! I am dumbfounded how brainwashed people are - they cannot think for themselves and do their own research! More people die from the flu per year than this rona!

    Posted by bobbie2171 on 09 Sep 2020

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    I personally would never volunteer for a vaccine trial. It’s a personal choice. I believe those who create the vaccines should be the first people to volunteer for the trial and all volunteers from the public should be compensated and covered for free for all medical expenses should something go wrong.

    Posted by Jeffrey on 04 Sep 2020

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    Not that brave so no I would not. Rather know they are safe. It always amazes me how people will do things like this for their fellow man. I have a very high regard for them.

    Posted by coaster on 24 Aug 2020

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    Yes i would volunteer and yes I think volunteers should be compensated, if they do it for free they put there life's at risk trying out new medication before it becames available , people get paid to donate there blood sperm etc so yes compensate the volunteers

    Posted by NATALIE on 24 Aug 2020

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    Get your facts right NATALIE. Australian blood donors receive no material compensation money or otherwise for their time or plasma. In Australia, it's illegal to take payment for any human tissue, including sperm. The only payment is reimbursement for expenses such as travel etc.

    Posted by ere on 25 Aug 2020

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    Hasn't everyone seen the movie I am Legend. I'm all for vaccines but lets test them properly before mass production. I personally wouldn't trial a vaccine.

    Posted by Squirrel on 24 Aug 2020

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    Yes I would also love to participate in a vaccine trial, if provided with adequate safety and assurance of compensation. I will do it to discourage animal cruelty, since they cannot speak for themselves. We being human have ability to understand the circumstances better and hence, will do it based on our own consent.

    Posted by Night on 24 Aug 2020

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    I would definitely volunteer for vaccine trial , even if it means risking my health because it is for the greater good of humanity, It should compensated because they can be safe guarded if any thing adverse happen to them...

    Posted by Rani on 24 Aug 2020

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    Never, I don't believe in vaccines and do not want monkey virus pumped into my veins or any other toxic substance.

    Posted by musicveg on 24 Aug 2020

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    Of course, if it’s for a good cause

    Posted by breanna on 23 Aug 2020

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    I might like it. If it benefits every one

    Posted by Haridha on 23 Aug 2020

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    No way! Self testing is the best for those that make these vaccines.

    Posted by John on 23 Aug 2020

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    It would depend on the what the vaccine was for. Without volunteers medicine cannot advance.

    Posted by Amanda on 23 Aug 2020

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    No, I would not volunteer for a vaccine trial because I don't want to risk my health.

    Posted by pilar on 22 Aug 2020

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    No I would not volunteer for some vaccines, not because they are dangerous, because I do not believe in them. As for payments to volunteers, if they volunteer they do not expect payment they volunteer because they wish to help others. You offer payment to encourage people to do it, that's not volunteering.

    Posted by Barbie87 on 22 Aug 2020

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    I would never volunteer for a vaccine trial. My research into these trials has brought about that decision as risking my health isn't worth the cost.

    Posted by cazzle on 22 Aug 2020

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    if i can see what is in it first

    Posted by powerstart on 21 Aug 2020

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