Would You Pay to Sit on Bondi Beach?

Waverly Council is reconsidering a proposal which would section off 2% of Bondi Beach to be transformed into a European style beach club. It would cost $80 for 2 hours and run between November and February each summer but not everyone is happy about it. Should Australia’s most famous beach be home to a beach club? Would you pay for a Bondi beach club? Or should Waverly council reject the proposal?

Posted by on 08 Oct 2020

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    No way. Been to many beaches in my time and never had to pay. Councils will think of all sorts of ways to get money out of people. Been to Bondi many years ago (I don't live in Sydney) and to be honest, although it's ok, there are better places on the planet.

    Posted by Feathers on 28 Oct 2020

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    To be honest I do not see the reason why so many people crowd onto this beach. I live in Queensland on the Gold Coast and we have kilometres of beautiful beaches with free parking etc. I could think of nothing worse than sitting on the beach or swimming with all those people around me. The beach to me is a place of peace and Bondi looks horrendous to me. Of course some people like this type of hype so each to their own. Definitely would not pay $1 to have the privilege though.

    Posted by coaster on 15 Oct 2020

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    No, Australian beaches and river banks are public. This should never have even been bought up before the council.

    Posted by coaster on 15 Oct 2020

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    Go up the road and sit free $80 for 2hrs most people don't earn that

    Posted by Sudsy on 11 Oct 2020

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    I would not pay a cent to sit on any beach

    Posted by Norm on 11 Oct 2020

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    No way - this isn't the French Riviera, it's Australia and we are renowned for having free beaches. Keep the clubs off the beaches!

    Posted by CILLY0 on 11 Oct 2020

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    Is this a joke?? Beach is free, how rude to think they can even considerate charging for sitting on a beach. We are Australians,its our beach no way can this happen.

    Posted by Jannette on 10 Oct 2020

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    no way its a public beach therefore free. for all to enjoy. If they want the seats and tables on the sand visit somewhere else where the beach is privately owned.

    Posted by ml1956 on 10 Oct 2020

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    Public beaches should remain free ....we pay enough for the rip off parking as it is that's a big fee for a day at the beach. Thank God for public transport to most City Beaches! We have to stop making simple pleasures harder for the have nots!

    Posted by mact on 09 Oct 2020

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    Who stands to benefit from privatising a section of an iconic beach that’s always been accessible to everyone? Why should Waverley Council even consider polarising the community and blatantly promote class division? This proposal is not dissimilar to a gated community for the elites and the affluents, that effectively and resoundingly, bar those who do not meet their criteria. This is reminiscent of an outrageously arrogant proposal to turn Wolseley Road in Point Piper into a private road many years ago.

    Posted by Alma on 09 Oct 2020

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    The Beach area and water are for everyone, is it not part of the Queens chain? OR does this not apply in Australia? if yes, then it can NOT be owned, it IS for everyone. $80 for two hours? This project or whatever the council wants to call it needs to be STOPPED! Council needs to respect all visitors, local or otherwise to the FREE beach and do what they always have, enjoyed a beautiful place with their family, friends and loved ones. NO TO PAYING TO ENJOY, PLAY, PHOTOGRAPH OR SIT ON WHAT IS FREE NOW!!!

    Posted by Rosie on 09 Oct 2020

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    Ridiculous, elitist, and not Australian.

    Posted by Ulysses on 08 Oct 2020

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    The most ridiculous proposal i've ever heard !! Whenever someone mentions council and fees , you have a fight on your hands !! The worst part is Bondi is my home town

    Posted by robert on 08 Oct 2020

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    This proposal is going to take up beach space and will only be available for people that can afford it. There are already local business in Bondi that depend on their customers, if this business sets up it will take business away from businesses that have been at Bondi for years local restaurants/cafe's pubs etc that have already been struggling from this current pandemic and are well known by the local community that already serve food and drinks, staff will lose their jobs and they will have to eventually close their doors. The lifeguards will have more work to do worrying about people that have gotten drunk at lunch or under the weather headed for the beach and then headed for the water. Some patrons might request certain people on the beach to move if they have children and they are too noisy etc. There will be less spaces to park. It is hard for people to find parking as it is, so they can go to the beach etc and they have to pay for it already. I believe overtime they will want to occupy more of the beach and so where will that leave the beach goers, surfers, swimmers, sunbathers etc. They will want to do this to all the local beaches including Manly. These beaches already get packed enough and with Coronavirus social restrictions there is less room for people already. They will want to do this for more and more months. Beaches should be free for everyone, you already have to pay for parking, taking the sand space just makes it worse. The beaches are for the public and free for everyone to share and should stay that way. I vote no to this proposal.

    Posted by wendles on 08 Oct 2020

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    Councils have too much power nowadays. They are often corrupt and have lost touch with the residents who live in their areas. How dare Waverly Council even consider taking away a pleasure that costs nothing and handing it out to an elitist group who can afford the exorbitant fees. I hope the residents don't sit back and let this abuse of council power go ahead.

    Posted by ere on 09 Oct 2020

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