Would You Divide Your Estate Unequally Between Children?

We all have the right to do whatever we want with our estate. If you want to leave unequal distributions, that is your business. However, experts agree that leaving unequal distributions can lead to more legal challenges to your estate’s distribution as well as to more anguish and conflict between your heirs. Sometimes heirs think that money and assets equal love and admiration. What are your thoughts LiveTribers? Would you divide your estate unequally between children?

Posted by on 14 Nov 2022

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    It seems to me it would be prudent to let family members know what's in your Will. There's nothing like disputes over money to create trouble and family estrangements. Leaving a child out of a Will is possible but can be contested...and is often overturned. Seek legal advice!!

    Posted by Bellxchat on 29 Nov 2022

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    I have 6 children and many grandchildren. Luckily we are able to share our estate equally between our children. One of my daughters has nuilt a home and one of her grandsons lives with her. He is like her right hand. he is supportive and helpful with no thought of reward. Some of her other grandchildren , plus her own children, couldn;'t even be bothered to visit her when she went to their state to visit HER parents. She had to go to THEM. And then it seemed to be a bit of an inconvenience. She wants to leave her home to the lad who lives with her and is there for her always. I see nothing wrong with that but I know there will be an outcry when she is gone.

    Posted by Jeanette on 29 Nov 2022

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    I wouldn’t divide my estate equally between my offspring. They need to make their own way in life. I will help, however they need to appreciate that financial gains is not an easy route to happiness.

    Posted by Anthony on 25 Nov 2022

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    Busy Bee

    I don't have any children. If I do, I would distribute my wealth according to the financial needs of the children but I would discuss it with them first.

    Posted by Busy Bee on 25 Nov 2022

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    I think dividing an estate into unequal amounts in a will for your children is asking for trouble. The children with the least amount will feel unappreciated and overlooked by a parent. All should be divided between children equally

    Posted by Danielle on 15 Nov 2022

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    Lisa V

    Even if the will is divided equally, all it takes is one sibling hassling the other about when is the money coming to cause trouble as well. Unfortunately, the death of a mother doesn't matter, just the money, which they are entitled to, but you can't rush the probate and the sibling seems to think it's instantaneous, even after reminding them of the case.

    Posted by Lisa V on 18 Nov 2022

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    Apparently most contested wills are successful.....soooo.....make sure your Will is fair and equitable regardless of Family spats!

    Posted by mact on 15 Nov 2022

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    It's up to the individual as to who they leave their estate to and what proportion they leave. For various personal reasons I have written my will leaving different proportions to different people. IMO challenges to wills should not be considered if they are legally binding and written while the person is of sound mind and understands what they are doing.

    Posted by ere on 15 Nov 2022

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