Will Tokyo go ahead with Olympics 2021?

The most awaited international sporting event “Olympics 2021” is in news as there is still uncertainty around whether or not the event will go ahead. The Tokyo Olympic organizers have kept the decision under review as more COVID-19 breakout continues. The recent polls by the Japanese broadcaster shows that the game should either be cancelled or postponed; however, the delay is expected to cost in billions. Livetribers, do you think the Olympics 2021 should go ahead? Will fans be allowed to attend the event this year?

Posted by on 10 Feb 2021

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    In view of the new strains of the virus now showing up, I think the games should be cancelled, it would not be the first time it had happened. . I really feel for the athletes who have been in limbo and still training with a hope if competing, but the risks are too great as far as I can see. I also wonder if this is just a case of the IOC and host nation more concerned for financial losses than human lives.

    Posted by Mustang6000 on 11 Feb 2021

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    Maybe not as a group of mutated Covid viruses have turned the efficacy of most vaccines on their heads......back to the drawing board IOC!

    Posted by mact on 10 Feb 2021

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    While a delay may cost Billions the possibility of another major outbreak of Covid 19 due to the number of people attending from all over the world may also cost Billions in lives lost, people hospitalised, and the strain on an already overstretched health system worldwide. The lesser of the 2 evils is to postpone the games for another 12 months minimum and hopefully by then with an effective vaccine and herd immunity it may be safer. As Japan is the host nation they should have the right to have their concerns listened to and taken seriously. After all the world will keep on turning Olympic games or no Olympic games.

    Posted by ere on 10 Feb 2021

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    No. I know the money makers want it to go ahead but it would be criminal especially as it will probably cause huge outbreaks. Look at the Australian Open. Not a huge success with the players etc. whinging about being in lockdown even though it was all spelt out to them pre coming to Australia and now Victoria is going through a very troubling time all due to these players and their entourages bringing in the UK virus. Can you imagine how it would go if 1000's from around the globe were put into lockdown. I know many people do not want to forego it but it is just sport and when lives are on the line - which is more important. Put it off for the 4 years. The next Olympics can then take place in 2028 and so on.

    Posted by coaster on 10 Feb 2021

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    Excellent post coaster :)

    Posted by ere on 10 Feb 2021

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