Will having children become a privilege in the future?

New research shows that the out-of-pocket cost of having a baby has sky rocketed since 1992. Some Australian parents are paying 1000 percent more to have a baby than they would have 25 years ago. LiveTriber’s what does this mean for our future? Should people be more cautious with having children? Will having children become a privilege in the future? Comment your thoughts below.  

Posted by on 12 Jan 2018

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    Children and privileges. It's my right to have a family. Saying that starting a family and having children should be choices made with a clear healthy honest, body mind and soul

    Posted by Lucrezia on 18 Jan 2018

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    Having kids is older than Moses. If you can't afford them, that is NO reflection on you as a couple. That's a key indicator of a system which is totally & completely in collapse which places NO value on supporting human life, but which seeks, as they have often written, to destroy humanity sufficiently to control us. The 'powers that be' demand world population Must be reduced by means of Austerity, Economic Manipulation, Disease, War, Competition, etc so we stand at less than 1 billion in total, then we will be powerless to resist their 'benevolent rule'. They similarly demand Australians be reduced to 1 million people or less. Your options are to fight it or die out. How? Have children by any means & the support will come. You've all heard the ancient saying that it takes a whole village to raise a child. This should Not have changed. An indefinitely increasing population benefits us all enormously & Yes, our planet can & will support this. Proven.

    Posted by vegandelight on 17 Jan 2018

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    As long as the human race survives there will be children. Having the population we have today, it might come to having one child per family. Who knows?

    Posted by Nancy on 16 Jan 2018

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    Yes I believe it will. With so many young parents and older parents and it being common for large family’s I believe the government will stop tax benefits to parents as well as making a law on how many kids a family can have before the country becomes “over populated”

    Posted by Jacqueline on 16 Jan 2018

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    Probably, it will depend on the resources available.

    Posted by Deb on 15 Jan 2018

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    They are our future!

    Posted by Deb on 15 Jan 2018

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    No as pregnancy isnt regulsted by your bank balance

    Posted by squeekums1 on 14 Jan 2018

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    depends it is important to take care it then will be a privilege

    Posted by Danon on 13 Jan 2018

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    It is a serious and important decision that couples make. People today have less children than before. People should wait till it is right for them. You can be a parent in your twenties, thirties or even forties (if you are lucky). People today are generally waiting longer to have a child than their parents. The most important thing is stability for the child. It is good to wait a while till you have saved some money and worked on your relationship. I had my first child just before I turned 38. I had a good pregnancy.

    Posted by tassiegirl on 13 Jan 2018

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    I Don't Believe Having Children Will Become A Privilege In The Future Unless The Government Makes It That Way For Us. Falling Pregnant & Having A Child In The Future When You Can't Have Children Will Be A Privilege Or A Blessing Anyway

    Posted by Kayles on 12 Jan 2018

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    As soon as people need help, that's when they shouldn't have anymore.

    Posted by Veronica on 12 Jan 2018

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