Why Is Australia’s Sheldon Riley Taking Off His Autistic Mask?

Australian singer Sheldon Riley has described how being autistic has informed his song for the year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. Best known for appearing on The X Factor: Australia and America’s Got Talent, Sheldon performed ‘Not The Same’ in the second semi-final on 12 May and has also performed at the Grand Final on Saturday 14 May. He first performed in a mask on The Voice Australia and it kind of became a part of who he was as an artist. However, in another performance, he takes off his mask to show the world that ‘he’s not so different’. What are your thoughts LiveTribers, why is Australia’s Sheldon Riley taking off his autistic mask?

Posted by on 06 Jun 2022

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    I wouldn't have known he was autistic if i hadn't read about it in here. I always recall my parents telling me about the son of a family friend who was a bit "simple" as was the term decades ago, but these days we'd say on the spectrum. His dad knew that the son wouldnt be academic, but sent him to school and refused to treat him differently. Once he finished school, the dad approached a local company and said give my son a job, even if its just sweeping floors. You dont even have to pay him, i just want him to understand what it means to go to work & not sit around at home. The son stayed on with that business until retirement age. He progressed to other areas of the business, got paid like the other workers & even got his drivers licence. He was never labelled & he just got on with his life & even looked after his parents in their old age, but he never married. We are all different & not all our brains work the same way due to either genetics or birth defects, but I'm not interested in labels or excuses. You cant wrap people in cotton wool & stick a label on them as that further ruins their life as they grow up feeling they are different & some never adjust.

    Posted by T33 on 07 Jun 2022

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    In my view so called Autism is overly diagnosed in Western Societies. It's become the new Coeliac and Fibromyalgia syndrome lining the pockets of so called experts......at ripping off the NDIS and gullible parents. Bit like the Trans industry !!

    Posted by mact on 06 Jun 2022

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    I agree sometimes it is over diagnosed but perhaps it could be put down to the food and chemicals now in our food and air etc. As for celiac disease, this is tested for and it is an anti imune disease. My 3 children all have it and it cannot be faked. Gluten intollerence is another thing altogether. Some people think they are but are not. You can de sensitise yourself to gluten over time aka peanuts and you can be OK. Celiac you cannot cure you just cannot have gluten in any form even using the same toaster with gluten bread in it will bring on an attack. Fibromyalgia is another awful problem where the body just hurts non stop and is quite debilitating. Hard to put on. Not sure what the Trans industry has to do with this though. As for Sheldon he has a good voice and is a bit out there but so are many of todays artists. Lady GAGA was out there for many years for instance.

    Posted by coaster on 07 Jun 2022

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    It could be to convey that a person with autism doesn't look different to anyone else and show that they should be accepted. Otherwise PR said it was a good idea for people to see him and be able to identify with him. Leaving a mask on may have had people questioning exactly what was meant by not being the same, as in was he disfigured, so it has them find out what the song actually means when he does remove the mask. I don't think not taking off a mask for Eurovision would have worked with such an elaborate outfit.

    Posted by Mozziegirl on 06 Jun 2022

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